10 New Moon Scenes That Shouldn’t Be Cut

FearNet has a rundown of the 10 most important scenes to New Moon fans.

“We don’t want to miss one minute of the undead goodness. But if we were forced to make a choice about which 10 scenes make it – say someone was holding a stake to our heart- these are the scenes we absolutely, positively think should be included in the film.”

So do their choices match yours?


  1. Noureen Shallwani says:

    YES! If ANY of these scenes were cut out from the movie I think I might’ve died! These were all the important parts and they covered every single one!

    One part that I really want to see on the big screen is the Volturi sort of calling in the humans, since it was soo wierd, idk reading about it?

  2. Totally agree, the vampire voting is my absolute favorite part of the book, i love Emmet’s vote, “Hell yes!”.

  3. Lisi Lobita says:

    I would love to see the scene where Jacob and Bella are in the garage and Quil and Embry come in. When bella leaves they start to tease him… Can they just not cut any scene? I don’t mind watching a 4 hour movie…lol

    • Keri Lynn says:

      Yes! They should totally do that.

      • Lisi Lobita says:

        Even if it’s more than 4 hours i don’t mind watching it

      • Lisi Lobita says:

        I also want to see the Trio date with Bella, Mike, and Jacob. From when they meet up to go and when Jacob drops off bella and he starts feeling sick. You know what i don’t care if it’s a 6 hour movie i will still watch it lol

  4. Keri Lynn says:

    Those sound pretty good, but personally there are a few I would replace. New Moon is my favorite, so there are parts that, for me, have to be in there for it to really seem like New Moon.
    My favorite part being the beginning of Waking Up, the whole “Time passes…” monologue, if that isn’t used as a voice over(as is, no revisions)I will be severely disappointed. In that same chapter is the “Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it’s a hard line to walk.” line that isn’t exactly necessary, but would be amazing to put in.
    And then the 20 or so pages after Bella wakes up after Italy and Edward tries to convince her that he left because he love her, his Meteor speech and her realization of Option three, to me is very important. And the proposal would be a very good thing to add.
    Maybe it’s just me and I’m weird(it’s a definite possibility, I do have all of those parts memorized) but those are the parts that make me love New Moon.
    I have a feeling that I am going to be A LOT more critical of New Moon that I was of Twilight…

    • yeah i think bella and edward need to argue it out in her bedroom about hte precise reason why he left her. i love hte drama of that scene.

    • The scene after she wakes up and The Vote are very important to their relationship. They really need to leave that in the movie. They also need to stay more true to the book.

  5. Haha yeah Lisi that’s a funny part… But if every part makes it to the movie we’ll be watching for more than 4hrs! I sure don’t mind 🙂 I’m looking forward to bella’s bday! can’t wait to see how that come about or when Alice comes back and of course JB and my Edward … Oh and the proposal and the voting scene too!

  6. I think we also want the big Edward apology there at the end along with his demand of marriage before he personally will convert her.

  7. That scene is for sure in the movie Lisi… I know I read about it

  8. Lisi Lobita says:

    Gwen were did you read about it? I want to know. Girl you’ve been slacking on me. Osea, que te pasa? =) You know i love you my fellow twi-hard!

  9. Jane the unquestionable favorite? uh… no. Aro, has that in the bag.

    i have a few changes! because i was a bit peeved at this list! some go without saying (like the Jacob/Bella near-kiss and sudden phonecall, and the Volturi attacking tourist)

    1. Bella’s Bloody Birthday Party
    2. Edward Says Goodbye
    3. Bella and Jacob’s Reunion
    4. Laurent Materializes in the Forest
    5. Bella’s Cliff Diving Catastrophe

    6* Jacob bursts into a werewolf in front of Bella – how are they gonna pull this off?
    7* … i’d say the film should include the meeting of Emily Young after Jacob is too busy fighting Paul to take Bella back to Sam’s house himself. there, Emily’s scars are a physical ramification of having a werewolf for a fiancee. a parallel to Bella’s scars acquired at her birthday party, and the subsequent reason why Edward left…but like Emily and Sam, Edward and Bella end up together again. dangerous love.
    8. Bella and Alice’s Race Against Time
    9* how about Bella, Edward and Alice meets all of the Volturi. then is accosted by Aro to join their squad, but declines and Aro is like “you will pay for this” ‘cept he doesn’t say it in as many words – which becomes Aro’s ulterior motive (suspicions the Cullens could become a mini Volturi) to pursue them in the next books.
    10* the proposal (Bella proving that Edward thinks he does have a soul), the Bella vampire vote, and Jacob bring the motorcycles up to show Charlie… tho they should rewrite Bella’s reaction (blowing up at Jacob), because she deserved the punishment – she was the one who wanted to go do dangerous stunts to hear a voice. and i’d rat her out to if she drops everything to go clear across the world to save a guy who left her in a moment of weakness.

  10. I like how they try to make a funny with the “say someone was holding a stake to our heart” comment and fail to realize that is not how to hurt our vampires.

  11. My bad! I know I haven’t been 100% on my twilight game lol but I got u lobita 😉

  12. I agree on all their scenes – except for the volturi eating the tourists? I don’t think they need it to show their pure evilness. And I think they should add the big Bella and Edward talk scene in her bedroom at the end. I can’t believe they forgot THAT one! And I second that I would not mind watching a 4 hour movie. 😀

  13. VioletSakura says:

    I really hope they make a looooooooooong movie, I REALLY don’t mind watching a veryyyyy looong New Moon Movie!!
    Sooo, first of all, the night after the Volturi, that must be there, Edward’s words of apology are fantastic, I hope they don’t change them!!! Then the proposal!!! The movie CAN’T be without it!!!
    I agree about the tourists, they are not a key part in the movie, they can do better scenes…
    The movies with Jacob and Mike, that would be gorgeous!!! Would be funny, really…
    VOTING will be perfect!!! I love the part, when Emmett and Edward decide to fight with Volturi and then:
    “Emmett laughed, and reached across the table toward his brother, extending a fist.
    “Excellent plan, my brother,” he said with enthusiasm.
    Edward stretched out his arm to smack Emmett’s fist with his own.
    “No,” Rosalie hissed.
    “Absolutely not,” I agreed.
    “Nice.” Jasper’s voice was appreciative.
    “Idiots,” Alice muttered.”

  14. Rachel M. says:

    Out of the 10 things listed, you can’t possibly leave any of it out, except for the part about the Volturi’s snack. It wouldn’t be New Moon, otherwise.

    Besides, now, we know that a lot of the scenes are going to be in it. Kristen talked about how she’d love to do her own stunts for the cliff diving, but they’re not letting her.
    Jackson’s said that he’s been “bringing out his inner monster” for the birthday scene.
    Ashley confirmed that there will be a yellow Porsche, and that there will be a lot of wolves.
    Jane is cast, so what would be the point in casting her if she wasn’t going to be in the movie?
    So, yeah. Those things should be the least of our worries. I’m done now. 🙂

  15. i think they should just not cut out any scene because i really dont mind watching a 3 hour movie.:P

  16. Great list, but the “Grandma” nightmare should be included too as the intro for New Moon and a link to Twilight’s prom scene.

  17. ok so is there anyone butme that realized that in twilight they never said JASPER’s ability?
    yeah that NEEDS to go in there along with all the other stuff listed
    plugi t into the volturi scene when aro talks about the families powers and how he wants them to join
    that would be good so its at least IN there

  18. Thanks for the link Vampfreak101! Told u I had read it somewhere Lisi 🙂

  19. i would like to see is the car sence with Rosaile telling bella that she is sorry with Emmett and Edward in the car.

  20. There really isn’t any part that could be cut. There is nothing wrong with going 2 and half to 3 hours for a movie. If Twilight would have at least gone 30 more minutes it would have been so much better.

    I think they need the part when Bella realizes that Jacob is a wolf. And they meet down at the beach and she fills Jacob in on all the stuff with Victoria. I want to see her crescent shaped scar.

    All the parts already listed of course. The deal about she has to marry him for him to turn her personally is important.

    I also think that the motorcycles should be in it. At least once.

    I could go on and on. Basically if they leave the movie as close to the book as possible they can’t go wrong!

  21. Gwen – You’re welcome!

    Sara – yes i have been moaning to everyone that they don’t mention Jasper’s ability. so they have to include it! Jackson mentions it in interviews so maybe they cut it from the script..

  22. I could definitely miss the tourist/snack scene. We already know how creepy the Italian vamps are. I don’t care about the Bella-meets-Jane scene either, but I bet it will be there. Dakota will have more than her share of screen time.(Not happy about this)

    I want to see the time after Italy in Bella’s bedroom. That whole conversation about Edward explaining the depth of his love, how he can’t live without her, how he won’t leave again, and how sorry he is that he left. That just has to be in there. And when they come back to her bedroom from the Cullen’s house, his proposal. That is huge. He surrenders to the idea of making her a vampire AND asks her to marry him. Two very major story points.

    One scary thought. Even if a particular scene is filmed, that is no guarantee it will be in the final cut of the movie. Think extended/deleted scenes on the Twilight DVD. Painful thoughts indeed.

    For me, it is impossible for the movie to be too long.

    • I totally agree! The scenes that Catherine Hardwick cut only made me more angry at her because it’s like she cut all the good parts that were taken directly from the book and left in all the stupid parts that were mediocre and loose interpretations of the book (spider-monkey).

      Why not show Edward day-dreaming about biting Bella in biology?

      Why not show Bella and Charlie’s conversation about the Cullens?

      Why not show Edward and Bella talking about the fact that she’s a danger magnet???

      Ooh, I’m getting fired up again. I need to stop.

  23. I think the tourist scene could go. Even in the book it seems out of sync with the rest of the story. It’s the one bit on the whole series (even including Breaking Dawn’s birth scene) that really smacks of horror. And I think it’s pretty obvious that Twilight is not a horror story, it’s a romance.

    Also, in the book that scene was horrifying and creepy…in the movie it would either be doubly so (which would be even more out of sync with the story or it would be just plain laughable and b-rated. I think there are better ways to spend the time than creeping out the audience like that. Let’s the proposal instead.

  24. luvkiss1973 says:

    We can see Jasper’s talent. His story comes up in Eclipse, so lets focus on him then. Not that i dont love him too lol. They have got to put her dream in the movie, its the pivotal moment of her deciding when to get changed.

    We know that the Italian vamps are nasty creatures, lets keep the screaming and leave it at that, cause personally I just wanna focus on Bella and Edward getting to have time to see each other after all the “lost” time.

    The morning after when she thinks he’s a dream has to stay as well, its so funny and heartbreaking at the same time.

    As for the rest of ya, hey i’m totally up for a longer movie as well. Twilight was good but could have been so much better.

    And to be honest lol, i was not one of the first people to read the series, more like one of the last. I waited til after the movie came out on dvd, watched it a few times and decided I gotta read that book. Then I finished the whole series in a weekend, and have read it at least 3 times since then.

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out. Please, please, please keep it as long as it must be to stay as true to the book as you can, thats all i’m asking for really, maybe…..

    You also gotta keep the vote and the proposal. Awesome!!!!!!

  25. I think the tourist scene (meal) is important. It is crucial for Bella to
    come face to face with what she is in love with, and willing to become.
    She states “why would anyone want to be that?” Which is Edwards viewpoint as well. One more reason for him to keep her human. Bella
    hasn’t really seen the reality of vampires. Only the vegetarian ones. It is what she (as a newborn) could possibly become. It gives weight to the
    decision to become a vampire.

  26. cullenista says:

    We also need the scene where Edward tells Bella that he will turn her if she marries him first. This is a crucial scene & essential to the set up for the next movie “Eclipse”

  27. I’m not okay with them making any changes to “The End” scene (as Fearnet suggests). Bella has to try and follow him through the woods so that Sam can find her there. That part is so powerful that if it’s cut out, I will be very disappointed.

    New Moon is my favorite book, so I’m really worried. Reeeaalllly worried. Especially after the disaster that was Catherine Hardwick’s abysmal depiction of Twlight onscreen. I still can’t think about it too much without getting angry.

  28. lovetwilightsoverymuch says:

    like soooo many others, I LOVE IT!!i really really dont mind watching for hours. And as culenista had said, i want the scene when edward-sort of-proposed bella, though its conditionally but still..

  29. They could put in the tourist snack scene just don’t go into detail about it.

    • I agree! They should put it there to show how evil the Volturi are (prototype of vampires, I think) but not make a huge deal out of it. Just a short thing in the middle of it all would be nice

  30. shequelia says:

    @ eranin

    i totally agree with u about the grandma scence. this is the first notion that we get about bellas great reluctance of becoming older because she will get all wrinkly and saggy and die and she wont be able to be with edward any more…yes it wouldd be a great way to begin the movie…

  31. My favorite scene or theme is spending time with bella doing dangerous things. the time with jessica when she first hears edwards voice. i hope they don’t compile those times. as much as i love to see edward the most meaty important times is the middle 0f the book where bella is recovering……i hope they don’t drag out the edward scenes because that isn’t how meyers wrote it and that isn’t what we won’t. we fall inlove with a whole diff. story in new moon and they need to stay true to the book!!!!!

  32. personally i dodn’t like the fact that they are doing scenes instead of just voices for when she hears edward. i mean we need to be there experiencing pain and loss with Bella not seeing Edward. i would prefer to just here his voice in those scenes. but oh well i am not the director..

  33. 4-6 hour movie would be great… i mean everyone watched Titanic and it made lots of money. so why not stretch New Moon out to cover all the important and beloved scenes. we would still watch it and love it!!!! please don’t cut too much. i would hate to be deciding what is and isn’t important in new moon because there is so much. i mean Twilight was a short book compared to the other three that only means they will be cutting more and i hate how they compiled edward and bella falling in love in twilight. they mixed the meadow scene with her finding out edward was a vampire and i just hated it.

    • .Crystal says:

      Well said Britt, I was so disappointed about the meadow scene and other parts they left out as well.

      Since the meadow didn’t really have any significance in the Twilight(movie), Is it same to assume that Laurent’s encounter may not be in the meadow then?

      Every part everyone stated and all the parts we know will be in the movie, plus:
      -The Grandma Marie scene:
      “Well, Gran, you might have noticed that my boyfriend glitters. It’s just something he does in the sun. Don’t worry about it….”
      -Bella & Jessica at Port Angeles: flashback to Twilight and 1st of Edward’s voice.
      The funeral (chapter 18):Bella & Jacob’s almost 1st kiss, Edward’s phone call, the start the whole fiasco.
      -The race to Volterra & Volturi: With a great cast of Volturi vamps, I’m pretty sure their going to play it up.
      -The vote: Edwards tantrum.
      -Treaty Renewal: “If anyone bite a human the truce is over. Bite, not kill.”

      Should I just start listing all the chapters?

  34. I’ll love to see more of the end, when Edward convinces her that he left her because of her own good and the voting thing. And I think they should make a real good summary of how horrible Bella is after Edward leaves (Kristen got a real job on that one) I think that part is essential because the rest of the saga is almost built upon her not being able to leave Edward (or reverse.) I really hope that the script is good there, in the beginning and where Edward leaves her + the race against the time, but of course the rest of the movie, also!! Sooo looking forward to seeing new moon!

  35. Lisi Lobita says:

    Thanks Vampfreak 101 for the link

    I would also love to see the part where they just left the Volterra and Alice tells Edward he should slap Bella lol

  36. Minaminx says:

    As long as there isn’t a 5 min long waste of time watching bella and edward talk that they could have fit script into but didn’t (AS IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TO WORK WITH?!) I’ll be happy. I HATED the way they screwed the meadow scene up in the movie, the book had so much depth, anticipation, and really helped us follow how love could happen so quickly between them, the movie meadow gave me none of that, all it gave me was a puppy dog eyed couple who could have been any two teenagers. And they’re so much more! What a waste of space that was. And AGAIN they did it sitting in bella’s room. Poorly done. Let’s not waste space with silent musical interloping. BOOO

    • Lisi Lobita says:

      I agree with you but we have to have in mind that Twilight was a low budget movie and they didn’t have much to work with since they thought it wasn’t going to bea big deal like it was. Good thing they have more money to work with in New Moon and higher expectations to work with. We’ll just have to wait and see until November 20, 09

      • Minaminx says:

        If anything it would of been cheaper to put dialogue in the scene rather than music over it. They had plenty of good dialogue to choose from in the book, it’s just sad and I really hope we don’t have to see it again :-/

  37. All of those scenes are great but in the movie I want them to put the scene when Jacob goes into Bella’s room by the window and forces her to remember the “scary story” he told her. I love that scene so much. I guess it’s the Team Jacob part in me that just loves that scene 🙂 I think to solve all of our stress about what scene to put in is to just put the whole damn book in the movie! 🙂

  38. Twilight Nymph says:

    I agree with all those scenes and Edward’s first proposal. Oh, and Jacob’s “remember the scary story” scene.

  39. I would trade the Volturi’s tasty snack for the blackest blasphemy speech. That is the one thing that if they do not have in the movie, I will be absolutely distraught

  40. Mmmm…Bella and Jacob’s (almost) kiss…werewolves…Jacob…Taylor Lautner…Jacob…. Hahaha, you can see what I’m most looking forward to in New Moon! ;D If they cut out any Bella/Jacob stuff in New Moon, I will be extremely disappointed.

  41. I certainly hope that the New Moon people DO NOT cut out all the scenes where Bella hears Edward’s voice.

    • I agree that those need to be in the movie. They need to stay truer to New Moon than they did to Twilight.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    My picky hopes for the film:
    Gran dream- Bella’s wanting to be like Edward really needs to be driven home; it sort of came out of nowhere in the first film…
    Edward’s leaving- this is obviously going to be in there, but I want them to leave in his line that’s something to this affect, “You’ll be alright. The human memory is but a sieve(sp?). Time heals everything…” That line friggin’ ripped right through me.

    I wouldn’t mind if it was longer than two hours. After all, epic films, superhero movies, biopics, etc., etc., have gone on for practically 3 hours…

  43. Courtney says:

    Definately agree with all of those.

  44. I agree on most everthing above.

    There are so many things that can and WILL be in New Moon but why not a list of what can be cut out that way it makes the list smaller for the movie makers and writers beasue the list of what needs to stay is to big for words.
    I can’t thinking of anything right now i’m pretty sure there are some scences i won’t cry over to much if its gone.

  45. I agree with all of these! Another scene that I really want to see is the part before Bella reunties with Alice, and Jacob realizes one of the Cullens is in her house and Bella is begging Jacob to take her home, and he says “Take yourself back Bella.” Also the whole reunion with Alice, and with Edward, better not be screwed up either. I could go on and on…

    And I personally wouldn’t mind if New Moon became A 4 hour movie, I don’t want anything to be left out!

  46. I agree w/everything listed here. But they really need to have the first proposal that happens after the vote back in Bella’s bedroom. It’s funny and was just so out of the blue, I loved it! Especially when Bella says something like I’m only 18 and then Edward responds I’m almost hundred and ten its time I settle down. It’s great!

  47. Also Bella’s working at the Newton’s store,the hikers and the first references of the grizzly bears that are just Sam,Paul and Jared in their wolf forms.
    I’m terrified of how the wolves will look in the movie…Nothing can cause more damage than that…

    Since the whole book is a nightmare,I’d love to watch Bella’s nightmares throughout the film and maybe we get more of Rob there-the Jacob-becoming-Edward-dream is an interesting thing to show and again THE GRANDMA NIGHGTMARE MUST BE THE INTRO.

    And the ‘la tua cantante’line Aro said and Edward explaining it later.

    Also,please put some Yiruma music,Eros Ramazzoti or Laura Pausini on the film(off-topic,sorry)

  48. crazy4more says:

    I hope it’s going to be a long movie too!

    1. Dream of Grandma, Bella as issues w/getting older
    2. Birthday party disaster; Bella building her scrap book; goodbye that left her lost in the forest
    3. Bella dealing w/her pain, hiding her pain from others, yet doing reckless things to hear Edward’s voice
    4. The meadow w/Laurent, Victoria’s plan for Bella and the wolves first appearance
    5. Relationship btwn Jacob and Bella…HUGE! Bella begged Jacob not to leave (so sad) during his first transformation. Jacob’s promises; Life w/Jacob is FUN FUN FUN, reckless..yes but she would die if it wasn’t for Jacob.
    6. Jacob and the wolves
    7. Cliff Dive that lead to the return of the Cullens!
    8. The rescue including the yellow Porsche, meeting the Volturi;Bella waking up, thought she was dreaming and the following conversations
    9. The Vote, the CONDITION, the reunion w/the Cullens
    10. Bella’s grounded, Jacob returned the bike, Edward thanked Jacob for being there for Bella.

  49. They have to include the part where Edward gives her the ultimatum – that he will change her if she agrees to marry him…

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