MuteMath debuts “Spotlight” Video

MuteMath debuted their video for Spotlight yesterday.  It has a very unique feel to it and fits their musical style well.  You can read the interview we did with them a few weeks back HERE.  Also be on the look out this summer for MuteMath’s new album.
MUTEMATH – Spotlight


  1. hmmm that ended up pretty cool…

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Saw this yesterday, great video

  3. I saw them about three or four times a few years back. They were putting on $10 shows around my campus. They’re such a great band with endless energy. I was so happy to see them on the Twilight Soundtrack.

  4. kinda looks like a video hank green did

    it looks really cool

  5. FilDeCuivre says:

    I love the video! It’s so crazy and happy that it makes me smile 🙂

    Thanks for linking it here or else it would’ve taken a lot time before I’d noticed they’ve even made the video for this song!

  6. hey twifriends!!!I cant take it anymore all these bands that were featured on the twilight c.d are great..I just wish they all went on tour together.It would be so great to pay one price and see them all at once.Honestly i think im going crazy
    Just let me get it out of my system and add the “brit pack”as well to the line up…

  7. What a cool video! This was one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack.

  8. vampbball says:

    Can you imagine being that driver? ;0)

    I love “Spotlight,” and I’m glad the band is as manic as I imagined they’d be. The lead singer reminds me of a dorkier Nick Lachey, though.

  9. Best music video ever!!!!!!!!

  10. twilightxstars says:

    This music video was very good!
    Creative and original
    And all arond plain awesome :p

  11. neat video. lead singer is quite good looking, i never knew 🙂

  12. Twilight Nymph says:

    it’s a pretty nice video. i find it kind of funny with all that movement in an enclosed place. lol

  13. Love it! Must have been fun to film!

  14. Cool MV! Must’ve been interesting filming that vid! I wanna know how they did the effects… It was really cool!

  15. What a fun video. It would be great to see them in concert. Spotlight is one of my favorite songs off the Twilight album. I wish “Spotlight” CD was available in stores but I think you have to to their website and order it or download it from Itunes-too bad. They need to promote themselves more and have their cd’s more available.

  16. Very cool video !!!! love it

  17. That was wicked awesome! Kinda freaky, but still really cool.

  18. NezziLautner says:

    my fave song on the soundtrack!!!

  19. Video is really cute, reminded me of the credit report website commercial.
    In the movie, it’s my favorite Edward scene. When he (Robert doing the James Dean swagger)and Bella arrive to school together. He opens the door for her and puts his arm around her shoulder as they walk to campus with the school watching. Now, without a care in the world, he says something along the lines “Since I’m going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly.”
    Or maybe it’s my favorite Robert part….no difference, I guess.

  20. Omigosh, I love it!!
    Just the right amount of chaos.
    Perfect perfect for the song.
    (which just so happens to be my favorite on the soundtrack.)
    I think I want to look into more Mutemath now.

  21. B Cullen24 says:

    They are so great! They had one of the best songs on the album and all around, they are just an incredible band 😉 Cute lead singer too haha

  22. cakeladyt says:

    Brilliant!! They are awesome!! That video had to be so much fun to do!

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