Entertainment Tonight New Moon Preview Number 2

You thought the last video was good? This one is better.


  1. glad you got it!

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      OMTL!! ijust watched it again and i notice taylor didn’t say anything after she asked if he was single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      im dying here PLEASE pretty PLEASE with taylor lautner on top, PLEASE put this online so i can watch it over and over and over and over again so i can watch his facial expressions and body language while he answers all her questions!!!!

      Im Begging Thee!!!!!!!

      • Yeah Taylor and Kristen Stewart are dating..
        It was on E entertainment…
        Sorry =[

        But Robert well that sexy man is single ahh what i would do to meet that man lmao =D

        • oh my gosh.. kristen is dating michael! they have been dating for 4 years now!! lay off her back, and stop with the rumors of her being with rob, taylor, rob, taylor.


  2. WAAAHH! I hope you guys can post it somehow after it’s aired. I have class during this. πŸ™

    …and, is that a tattoo on Taylor’s arm?

  3. Two words: HOLY. CRAP.

    Four more words: Jacob. Has. A. TATTOO!!!!!!!!


    Any word on Larry Carroll?? New Moon Mondays?? I seriously miss The Larry and his epic amazingness. πŸ™

  4. OMJB, does Taylor have a tattoo on his left upper arm? That scene where he’s on the porch before he jumps over, it looks like he has a tattoo! Love that movie scene! Where’s Mike Welch?! LOL!
    UUUGHHH I cannot wait for next Thursday!!!!

    • He does have a tattoo on his arm but I think it is for the movie because when I saw the picture release of the “Wolf Pack” it said they all have the same tattoo that is supposed to represent the Quieleutte tribe! He is so hot! and so is Robert Pattinson!!! I can’t wait for New Moon to come out!

  5. What? A tattoo? I missed it. I’m going to have to look again. Awesome preview.

    BTW i also miss Larry Carroll. But i bet you anything if they are doing New Moon mondays they probably wont release anything until shooting is over, which could be kind of cool. I’m crossing my fingers that i’m right.

  6. I just watched it again and it does look like Jacob has a tattoo on his shoulder. That would be kind of a cool little extra thing they did. Maybe all of the wolves get a tattoo symbolising what they are? That would be an awesome little tidbit.


  8. I was thinking the same thing. Once they become wolves they get tattooed! Like the Quileute’s version of the Cullen crest!

  9. im like hyperventilating!
    rob looks flawless, taylor looks sooo sexy, and kristen looks beautiful.
    damn, this movie = eye candy for sure.

  10. Booksrcrazy says:

    Awesome πŸ˜€

  11. … and i hope that is a tat. makes jake seem even older! and all the shirtless boys with tattoos? delicious!

  12. Dangg, Taylor is looking hott!!

  13. HowlingJuanjo says:

    Wowowowow! I’m so ready 4 this! Can’t wait!

  14. i thought bella was going to look more … deppressed? lol in the book they always said how bad she looked .. not in an ugly way just sad. idk the video doesnt show that much, so i’m probably wrong. i hope they do everything right in this movie.

    • i totally agree with you i really hope they follow the book this time, it would be such a deception if they change ANYTHING, but i have a question how did tayler get to look so BIG in such breve timing?….

  15. Oh my! That was better. And if you pause at :12 you can see the tattoo on his left arm. I did not see that before. WOW!

    Do you think it’s a little extra to the wolf cult/pack? Maybe they added that little detail of some ‘sign’ of wolves as the Cullen’s have a crest sign. This is just a hypothetically question?
    Or… is that taylor’s tattoo for real?! AHHH! πŸ™‚

    Taylor looks so much older at :12. He has changed so much in the last year it’s crazy.
    Crazy sexy. πŸ™‚
    I can see how they will make him taller that I’m less worried about how the movie will turn out now.

    Only six more days left.

  16. A tattoo? Missed it. But that WOULD be incredible. It would definitely give off the ‘cult vibe’ in the beginning.

    Man, I love the way they cut these previews. “For the record, ARE you single?” The way she says it and the way they make his response look is SO INTENSE, it’s like it’s a life or death scenario. xD

  17. Can. not. wait!

  18. jizz in pants. that is all.

  19. Twilight Nymph says:

    This is totally awesome. I’m loving this more every minute.

  20. shortstuff says:

    “sexified mountain man”.. haha, i love it!

    taylor looks GOOOOOD.. goddammit, why is that kid only 17?! i feel so very wrong…

  21. Loved it!!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait until Thur!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  22. It is a tattoo. fake or real its a tattoo! probably for the movie.

  23. one word: SSWWEEEETT!!

  24. twiggee78 says:

    … sigh… taylor is drop dead handsome. jacob fan from the very beginning. i can’t wait to see him SHIRTLESS!!! ;o)

  25. elsie_1994 says:

    Looks so cool!
    Does anybody know if it’s coming to the UK?

  26. Its not a real tattoo
    I believe it’s something everyone from the wolf pack will have.

    Its a wolf thang’

  27. April 23rd is my boyfriend and I’s anniversary!! πŸ˜€ Just thought I’d say.

    • oh how sweet. Congrautaltions! πŸ™‚
      Now you have two things to get excited about for thursday. πŸ™‚

  28. Argh how can i watch it on thursday when i live in england? will they show it on their website as a missed episode or something????

  29. SweetImpakt says:

    Ah It’s so stupid that I don’t live in america πŸ™
    But if all the wolves would have a tattoo it would be awesome !

  30. Someone HAS to put this on YouTube on Thursday!!!!! I hate living in England πŸ™

  31. For everybody who lives outside the us im sure that they will post everythig on lexicon or you can probably go to ets site,they wont let you down…Cant wait 2 see the movie love the tatt.Honestly why do they have 2 ask all the actors if they are dating?its none of our business,i hope they ask them more questions about the movie.Thats what im interested in im gonna see the movie despite who ever thier dating……

    • .Insomnia says:

      I totally agree with you ljcaro.
      Instead of Gossip, I hope they can manage to stay focused on New Moon. Stirring up personal questions is getting quite old.

    • Hell yeah!!!! I totally agree with u. I’m tired to hear the same question over and over again… Now I think Taylor is going to be F####ing Amazing. He’s so, so damn hot. Pitiful he’s not legal Lol!!!!

  32. “Sexy hunks” . . . are you kidding me. I feel really bad saying this but Taylor is one ugly kid . . . however Rob on the other hand, yup she got that right.

    Ahhh, ROBERT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to see him in the movie.

    • finally, someone with eyes! taylor is not so cute.. he does have a nice body though. but i would take rob any day!

  33. Squee-tastic πŸ™‚ <3

  34. HAHAHAHAHA Robert, talking about girlfriends
    “You know, I had them before, too” πŸ™‚

  35. wow you guys ctach everything.

    i think the TATTOO will be like the Cullen coat of arms. all of the Wolf Pack will have a tat like all of the Cullens have something to tie them together.

  36. OK. Totally feel like a craddle robber, but I gotta say Taylor is looking fine!

    • Know what you mean. I’m serving some serious time (in my head) Let the punishment fit the crime πŸ˜‰

      Tah-dow! Taylor is bringing my mental picture of Jake to life…..breathe woman breathe!


  37. mrs. rathbone says:

    wow jacob does have a tatoo!!! i wonder if it’s real

  38. Me likey. πŸ™‚

  39. I don’t think this was better than the last… pretty much the same. A couple diff questions is all.

  40. itis pretty much the same, therefore i can’t say i like it more i just like it the same
    i was dissapointed that it was so much the same=(


  42. LOVE Rob!! Finally some Rob! He looks so great.

    Sorry but Taylor just annoys me. His voice is fake and he still looks too young.

    What’s with the frilly dress on Kristen? And, “triangle”? New Moon is SO not about a triangle.

    • o i know! that will make me so mad if they make it into a love triangle. bella doesn’t even think about jacob romantically in new moon. that comes later in eclipse. jacob’s role is a friend who likes her who helps her out a little bit but can never fix her broken heart. i hope it’s not portrayed like “oh bella has jacob now so she doesn’t need edward!” because that is totally off base. i’m pretty worried about that….

      • Emily, I have the same worry. If they try to make this a lame “triangle” movie, it will ruin the whole thing for me.

        Bella is never romantically torn until the end of Eclipse and that’s only for about 8 pages.

        • at some point i agree with both of you but it is not true that bella is not in love with jake until the last part of eclipse… stephenie even said that people tend to believe that bella falls in love with jake in eclipse but she falls for jake since new moon!!… just wanted to make that clear

          anyway i cant wait to watch the movie, it looks amazing and even though i prefer rob over taylor… i think that he also looks pretty good (if you havent notice by now im team switzerland :p)

  43. I’m wondering who is the sexified mountain man? is it supposed to be Jacob, or that hunky Edward LoL? Just Kidding!!!! I know that jacob is the wolf- I just never heard him referred to as a sexified mountain man. Well it is all good!!! Bye Twi-friends!!!! Growllllll!

  44. Wait I forgot my one comment about jaimie bower- Buy Pierillis Miracle Elixir- It will do the tricks Sir!!! Yes Sir, Yes Sir!!!!! Ha!!!!! We love It!!!!! Bye!!!!

  45. AnnieCullen says:

    I’m so excited I almost cried lol. I cannot wait for New Moon to come out, and ET is filling my void and tending to my withdraw lol. Cannot wait!

  46. alpalswim says:

    Does anyone know what time it airs? There is no WAY I’m missing this.

  47. Sexified Mountain men?


  48. loving the tattoo on taylor’s arm…wow, that guy is gorgeous. Confirms why I am team jake, baby!!

    PLEASE, LEXICON, PLEASE post this ET special on your website for us poor unfortunate IRISH people (and other non americans) like myself with no american tv!!! For the love of all that is holy….

    hehe this is all so exciting! if it wasn’t for the fact that it would be just a tad undignified, i would squeal my arse off….

  49. what a horrible time for my parents to cut back on costs- they totally yoinked out our cable. *sobs uncontrollably* do you suppose they’ll post this on the web somewhere?

  50. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I can’t wait to see this!!!!!!!

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