Robert Pattinson: OK’s Most Elligible Man

Robert Pattison haas been named “Most Elligible Man” by the UK based OK Magazine.

Others on the list in the runner up positions include Slumdog Millionaire break-out star Dev Patel (currently co-starring with Jackson Rathbone in the Last Airbender), Jamie Foxx, and Chace Crawford.


  1. Of course he is!!!
    He needs to be the sexiest man on PEOPLE mag this year too!!!

  2. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Okay i love Robert Pattinson, but in my taste I think Chase Crawford is to fine!!!!!!!! He is better then Robert all the way, for me. 🙂

    • I 100% agree Chase is better also. But it’s not about hotness some much and the hottest most popular guys winning and Robert is one of the most popular guys out there.

  3. He’s funny, talented and so handsome! I whole- heartedly agree with him being number 1! Definitely!

  4. well duh. despite of what the haters say, he IS the most eligible bachelor guy right now (always for me:) )

  5. Twilight Nymph says:

    I totally agree, he deserves that spot. He has all the qualities one would look in a guy. In my opinion anyway.

  6. Chase is too girly for to me. I’m glad Rob got the top spot.I think he deserves it!

  7. In my opinion its not only his looks that makes him “the most wanted” guy, but how sincere, natural and shy he is when actually he could be the most selfish and self absorved person ever…

  8. runswiththewolves says:

    You spelled “eligible” wrong.

  9. .Insomnia says:

    Jamie Foxx? Are we speaking of the same Jamie Foxx? Jamie Foxx that is in the Soloist, Miami Vice and Ray? He’s a great actor, comedian and singer but …
    How can you even compare Robert to Jamie?…eww! The only person I could personally compare to Robert would be Leonardo. These other people have no chance against Robert.

  10. I do think Robert is the most eligible bachelor, not only is he handsome, humble, sexy, charming, and he has inter beauty, he is also talented.

  11. Impressive, this remind me of 3 years ago or so, when they decided to give Edward’s role to Robert… remember that? I did, very clearly. The comment was something like: “He’s so ugly, this will ruin the movie” or ” He looks like a gargoile”, now he is the most wanted and bla, bla… Lol. He deserves all that good things, not only for his looks, but the way he conquered us all, by his simplicity and talent. Way to go Rob, enjoy this moment it’s all yours. You deserve more than anybody else!!!!!!!

  12. Issela says:

    That’s cool for an obsessively charming kind of guy to be one of the most elligible. He really reminded me of my crush! 🙂

  13. Issela says:

    Congratulations, Rob. You deserve it.

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