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Ever wonder what it was like to be a fan of someone before they were cast in a Twilight Saga movie, and then to find out that the person you know is going to be up there on the big screen?  Well, Naomi of the Team Taycob website knows a little about just that when it comes to actress Tinsel Korey, AKA Emily Young. Here is Naomi’s interview with us:

1. How did you and Tinsel meet?
Actually, I have never met Tinsel. I only met her through MySpace. My sister Marlena was the one that found her MySpace page and told me all about her. (So credit goes to my sister.) When I first saw Tinsel’s picture, I thought she would be the perfect Leah Clearwater. I remember seeing “Into the West” where she was in it. So I friend requested her, leaving a comment about the Twilight series, and how I thought she would be good for the role of Leah. She then left me a comment (on December 16th, 2008) saying, “Thanks for the tip lady… will pass that info on.” A couple of weeks later, she started posting bulletins about the New Moon open casting and a blogged about it. I asked her if she was looking into the role of Leah, and she replied back saying that she will look out for the role. Next thing I know, she’s cast as Emily Young.

2. If you could describe Tinsel in three words, what would those three words be?
Beautiful, talented, and determined.

3. Obviously you’re a Twilight fan. What’s your favorite Twilight book and why?
My favorite Twilight book is Eclipse. I love this book because it’s the book that made me a proud member of Team Jacob. Eclipse also elaborates more on the other characters like Jasper, Rosalie, and Leah. It’s the book were the wolf pack and Cullens come together and work as one. Which is cool because werewolves and vampires have always been enemies. To read about how these enemies came together was awesome. Plus, I love the role of Leah Clearwater, and I totally relate to her. So it was nice to read about some of her bitterness in Eclipse.

4. How did you hook Tinsel on the books? Did you do this with anyone else?
I’m not sure if I got her “hooked” on the books. I’ve tried asking her, but she wont say anything about it…LOL! But I’m pretty sure she has read it. She has Twilight down on her book section on MySpace.

5. How did you find out about Tinsel getting cast?
I found out like everyone else. I went on and they had the list posted from Lainey Gossip. I was totally freaking out. A lot of people on Lexicon knows how I have been going on and on about Tinsel playing Leah. My fellow Team Taycob ladies kept saying, “look naf Tinsel’s on the list.” But when Summit came out with the official list, Tinsel wasn’t on it. So, the ladies at the Team Taycob website did some digging around, and found that Tinsel was indeed playing Emily Young from the paragraph posted on her MySpace page.

6. What are the best qualities that Tinsel has that you think she is going to bring to the role?

Well, I just recently watched a movie called “The Lookout” where Tinsel was in. (I didn’t even know she was in it until I watched the movie.) There was a scene where Tinsel’s character is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her group of friends. I thought it was ironic because that is totally something the character of Emily Young does for the wolf pack. Later on in a different scene, Tinsel’s character is talking on a phone with, I believe, her son. In that little conversation, Tinsel presents a “motherly” trait. I thought it was cool since in Twilight, Bella sees Emily as a “mother figure” to the wolf pack.
I’m confident that Tinsel will bring these traits and much more to the role of Emily Young in New Moon. I’m excited to see the character come to life through her. Also, Tinsel’s a musician, and I’m a fan of her music. I would love to hear some of her songs make it on the New Moon soundtrack.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I’m not sure if I am the one that is truly responsible for Tinsel Korey knowing about the Twilight Saga. What I am going off on is what I know, and what I know is that I left her a comment about the Twilight Saga, a brief summary about it, a description about the role of Leah Clearwater, and how I thought she was prefect for the role. And then, of course, Tinsel replying back about the tip and her other comments about looking into the role. So, that’s all I know.
Also, I would like to give a shout out to the ladies at the Team Taycob website especially to Cye and Chloe who have been working extremely hard in getting the site up and running. You are the best!! Team Taycob has recently moved sites and changed our name from “Obsessed” to “Team Taycob”.  So feel free to visit our site anytime, and join our forums.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Twilight Lexicon for this opportunity. I am honored to be interview by you all. Plus, if it wasn’t for Lex, I would have never met the ladies of Team Taycob, and we would have never been inspired to create our own website. Again, thank you Lex.  Go Twilight!! And I’ll see everyone else in the theaters on November 20th for New Moon. TEAM TAYCOB!!

Catch Tinsel’s Demo Reel below:


  1. NuttyNetty says:

    wow. intersting! i think that comment had something to do with Tinsel getting into New Moon =]

  2. The Link to Team Taycob isn’t working?

  3. nmv…the top link works, the link in question #7 doesn’t…

  4. HAHAHAHA! Seriously?

  5. GenevieveCullen says:

    Tinsel a beautiful woman and I’m sure she’ll be an excellent Emily.

    (Naomi, I’m a big Leah fan too and Eclipse is my favourite as well :D)

  6. Hey naf, thank for the shout out, you are a huge contributor to Team Taycob and the site so don’t be modest. I’m so happy to see your interview with the Lex is finally blogged!!

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Naomi. : )
    But we all have been working extremely hard, I know it’s taken me hours at a time to finish it. It has all of us. Thanks!

  8. Amber Pederson says:

    Good going, Naomi! 😀 And Chloe and Cye are right — ALL of you guys worked really hard for this!

  9. switzgal says:

    Amber, we miss you babe!! Come back and be a part of the new site!!

    Please everyone check it out and join!!!

  10. Hahaha… Thanks everyone!! I’m happy it’s up too. And thanks to Lex.

    NuttyNetty: I like to think my comment got her into New Moon as well=)

    GenevieveCullen: I totally know what you are talking about. I love the character of Leah, and since Tinsel will not be playing it. I hope they cast someone good.

    • GenevieveCullen says:

      Yeah I hope so too. Leah needs a tough as nails actress with that underlaying vulnerability. I’d say Michelle Rodriguez but I haven’t seen many of her films. Gawd help us if they cast Vanessa Hudgens though….

  11. I would LOVE Michelle Rodriguez as Leah. Ever since the first the fast and the furious movie I liked her, but with reading eclipse and meeting Leah(lol in bookland) she is perfect! A little bit old for the role but I think she could pull it off. Anyways, Tinsel Korey will be a great Emily. 🙂

  12. Tinsel would’ve been a wonderful Leah.But I think she’ll make a pretty good Emily too.


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