Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz To Attend Conference

According to the Collage Ministries website, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are scheduled to appear at the group’s October “Flatline Conference”.

According the the group’s MySpace they are “a GENERATIONAL women’s ministry. That believes in bridging the gaps between the generations. Encouraging and taking an everyday interest by investing in everyday lives! By reaching back towards the generations behind us and pulling them up alongside. As we exchange brokenness to restoration, value, and glory that only God can do. Our heart is to continue to shed light on the truth while being sensitive to where every young lady is in her spiritual walk. Through our ministry we have seen many lives changed for the better.”

For more information, see the group’s website.


  1. Devon061381 says:

    I am very impressed. I knew Kellan was a Christian but I was unaware of Ashley. I think that is awesome they are taking time to do this, and I sincerely hope that they never let Hollywood corrupt their faith. I will certainly be saying a prayer for them! 😀

  2. wow i think this is really cool. it’s good to know that there are celebrities who aren’t afraid to show their faith. What great role models. I am proud that they got their big start with twilight =)

  3. Bella_Cristina says:

    i think it’s totaly cool.they are my role models:)

  4. That’s really cool! 🙂 Go Kellan and Ashley!

  5. Good to hear that they’re doing something so positive!

  6. persephone says:

    wow! That’s so awesome to hear! I had no idea they were believers. I’m glad they have chosen to be a part of something like this to let others know what they believe. It’s appearances like this that give other young people the courage to be open about their beliefs! Kudos to Ashley and Kellan. I am very proud of you!!

  7. Just a heads up that anyone that wants to go on a cruise with Kellan and Ashley and do a ton of fun activities there is a cruise with them on it… its with Cruisescruisescruises… just google twilight fan cruise… should be a ton of fun!

  8. That’s so great…I’m really happy that they are so open about their beliefs, and that they are getting their big break with Twilight =D

  9. Hi,
    Im Alexandra Hutchenson, from Collage Ministries. Yes, it is TRUE that they are coming and HOSTING our upcoming coed conference FLATLINE…. here in Austin Tx. You can buy a ticket online for $30bucks on the Collage Ministry website or myspace. At the conference we will also have a concert by the band…. FIREFLIGHT. The tickets are selling out fast as you can imagine….. so if you are a fan of them make sure you pick one up! If anybody has any questions….. please feel free to contact me on our website-


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