Jamie Campbell Bower Wigs Out

We give a real tip of the hat to the following bloggers who scooped out this one. It was really a joint effort with different people putting together the pieces. Looks like Jamie enjoys the wig and the contact lenses just as much as the rest of the cast does. He’s been twittering about the experience.

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  1. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says:

    i cant c the pic! i wanna c it!

  2. foundmyjasper says:

    Picture doesn’t work 🙁

  3. he kinda looks like a girl haha

  4. re: Misty… it’s called “effeminate characteristics” and i love it. he looks like so many classic-ish rock stars (he even played one) IMO

    how do we know this is a wig fitting for New Moon?

    on another tandem: i can’t wait for pics of him and Micheal Sheen in full Volturi garb… i think the Volturi will be my favorite part in the movie…

  5. who is he or she?

  6. He’s the actor that is playing Caius in New Moon.

  7. He is a British actor, someone you might recognize from “Sweeney Todd.”

    Go here to see his filmography and pics:

  8. runswiththewolves says:

    looks like he’s gonna suffocate… 🙁

  9. Where is the picture?

  10. he’ll be a great Ciaus !

  11. NezziLautner says:

    I didn’t actually believe it when he was cast… i guess it was true. Well, i just hope he does a good job as Caius because i really, really hate Caius!!

  12. Well one things for sure there will be a huge age difference between Caius and Aro…ah well.

  13. katie/jaspers#1fan says:

    this guy cracks me up and when i saw him in sweeny todd I COULDNT STOP LAPHING AT HIS STALKERISHNESS!!!! and now he is in NEW MOON and i am soooo flipping THRILLED!!!!!yeppppppp

  14. Gosh Darn I won’t be able to keep a straight face when I see him in new moon. All I’ll be thinking inside my head is freakin “JOANNA!….JOANNA!…” -__-

  15. Laura Cullen says:

    does he have syrran wrap around his head? and where is his wig?

  16. wow that’s a nice look lol ahh i can’t wait for new moon!!!

  17. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Why does he plastic stuff over his head??

  18. Vampangel says:

    I wonder how the Volturi will look like together? Frankly, I’m not liking who they’re picking for the Volturi . . . more cast that don’t look like the characters that much. Sigh.

    He looks so young, is Caius that young looking?

  19. Hmmm, he’s a cutie, but in my mind, he looks more like a recently-fed Alec than a grumpy Caius.

    I thought Aro, Caius and Marcus were older. They don’t necessarily have to be wizened old men, but they should appear to be freaky-frightening.

    We’ll just have to see when we see, I guess.

  20. Haha, my first thought when I saw this?

    (Criminal Minds anyone?)

    Can’t wait to see what his wig looks like.
    And what he and Sheen look like all decked out.

  21. “Amanda got to him first!” You don’t know how hard I laughed at that. xD
    Yeah, I am a little upset at him being cast as Caius, but then again the Volturi were never described as being frozen at an elderly age right? They were just the oldest living vampires.
    JCB will have to grow on me, but I love the fact that Sheen was cast. After seeing him as Lucian in Underworld, I see he can play a really gritty character well.

  22. ohhh now all the cast are coming together..just makes it more exciting. can’t wait! i am guessing they want to take a different approach at the age gap…who knoes? or they will make him look older/with the paper-thin white skin…ohh can’t wait!

  23. IF HE’S BALD I’LL DIE!!!! that better just be a cover or something cause him without hair is a disaster!

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