The Buying Power of Twilight

In the last week we’ve had more stories about how even though we are in economic hard times, Twilight related items are going strong.

  • Bella’s jacket that was re-released, is now on back order due to demand.
  • Hot Topic is going strong because more mainstream teens are visiting their store for Twilight merchandise. (Now if they’d just cut their clothes larger!)
  • The Twilight movie, just opened in Japan and Turkey last weekend has raised its foreign box office to a staggering $188,447,533 foreign total. That’s nearly half of the movie’s total box office income of $191,465,414.

Now this one is really staggering. USA Today doesn’t, like the New York Times or Publishers Weekly, subcategorize the books in its bestseller list. In other words everyone is lumped in together. So, you get a really good picture of overall what is selling and what isn’t.

For a little bit of trivia the NY Times used to do this to with a distinction only for ficition, non-fiction, hardback, and paperback until Harry Potter sat at the top of their list for two years and people complained and now they have at least 20 categories and subcategories. In our opinion, the fact that the NY Times list is now so subdivided is the largest reason why it took the major media so long to catch on to what Twilight was doing.

So, according to USA Today Stephenie Meyer is responsible for 16% of all books sold in the USA in the first quarter this year. Now, if you were to add in The Twilight Companion Movie Guide and the Twilight Director’s Notebook, which obviously Stephenie didn’t write, but without her work would be impossible to have, that number floats even higher.

Here’s where those books ranked:

1. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
2. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
3. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
4. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
14. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

currently 122 The Movie companion
currently 16 The Director’s Notebook


  1. I wonder how many more shiny silver volvo’s were sold after the book and film came out ? (:

    • Sterling Snow says

      Someone should seriously see how many silver Volvos have been sold in the last few years. I’m interested to see how much of an increase there’s been.

      • I’d love to see how many silver volvos were sold after the movie as well. Should be pretty interesting 🙂

  2. I love Bella’s jacket. The one that Kristen wears in the movie. Does anyone know much it is? the site wasn’t very clear. It is soooo pretty <333

  3. SuperVixen says

    Thats awesome. Its amazing how many people the Twilight universe has touched. Those numbers say A LOT. Way to go Stephenie!

  4. The last sentence about the total box office profit is incorrect “That’s nearly half of the movie’s total box office income of $191,465,414.” The total box office amount is $379,912,947. The $191 million is just the gross domestic profit.

    Sorry the scientist in me had to make sure the right number was quoted. At the end of the day who cares as long as they keep making the movies? 🙂 The movie rocks and I’m definitely addicted to anything Twilight-related! 🙂

  5. I’m curious how the Stephenie Meyer impact ripples out.

    Blue October released its new album a few weeks ago. How many sales were due to the collobaration they did last year.

    Or such things as Hunger Games sales after Stephenie recommended it. (Still need to check that one out.)

  6. the jacket is 64$…i luv the jacket but i don’t think its worth THAT much. plus im broke:)

  7. A little correction; Twilight released in Turkey at 16 January 2009 not last weekend.
    But first 3 books at top of the bestseller charts atm.And 4th book just came out this week.Little lat but its ok.I’m reading it right now. 😛

  8. Oh I know its there I brought a car and decked it out n Twilight, not the Volvo, I was more interested in A Mercedes Guardian but since that was fictitious I made my own not a Mercedes though, a little out of my budget ok well a lot really especially since I have over 100 S. Meyers books now and picked up 13 exclusive only DVDs for the various midnight release parties.(The good stuff- Barns and Nobles DVD/Plus Cell Phone Skin, Borders/ Exclusive Black Case, Costco-Exclusive Jewelry Case loaded with goodies, Hastings/Collectors Watch, Hot Topic-Film Reel cell, Sam Goodies/Tote Bag and Cards, Target 3 disk Exclusive and Blue Ray, Wal Mart-Twilight party Pack and others…) I can’t stop buying everything Twilight form Hot Topic, Borders, B&N twilight Tees and many others its become like my own personal brand of Heroine I’ve got to have the clothes, the Jewels, the pins, the bags, the key chains the book marks, the games, what ever they think up, even though my husband doesn’t seem to think its cute (like Edward toward Bella) but he has his cigarettes and now I have my own vise,& I won’t give it up so I just pray I don’t loose my jobs so I can support my habit- I mean there’s still the New Moon and the rest of the series stuff, Team Switzerland will make bank because not every fan is just an Edward or a Jacob fan we love both our men the Boyfriend and the BFF, and the convention gear “Oh my land”, I did the Book babe Event how perfect was that, no wonder I work two jobs & if I have to I might get a third!

  9. yaytwihard says

    that’s crazy. twilight really is a “full-blown phenomenom.” i mean everything related twilight turns into money.

  10. Sarah Brady says

    Hot Topic has a sister store called Torrid that sells clothes for bigger girls! Yeah us! Here’s a link to their site:
    They have quite a variety of Twilight stuff. I’ve shopped there for 5 years and love their stuff. If they don’t have a store near you, you can order online. Happy shopping!

  11. Way to go, Stephenie 🙂

  12. Has anyone read “The Host”? What did you think of it? I need a few book to read for trip.

  13. fire and ice ice baby says

    just wondering if someone has any ideas on some good books i could really use one now that i have read all the twilight and harry potter series so any ideas anyone?

  14. superiorcullen says

    New Moon first? Wow alot of my friends and I think thats our least favorite book out of the Twilight series. That was a serious shocker (to me, of course.)

  15. foundmyjasper says

    You guys forgot to mention that so far this year, Stephenie’s book have made up of 12% of all book sales so far this year;)

  16. Alu Rathbone says

    In response to the Hot Topic thing… Torrid (the plus size all girl store) is owned by Hot Topic. We should get the owners to make more larger sizes available at Torrid and the reason why Torrid isn’t doing well in selling the Twilight Merch is due to the Lexicon’s lack of showing what Torrid has… so it’s not all Hot Topics part… I believe the LExicon does help in the advertising!

    Torrid has Twilight Pajammas. Edward is on the Tank top.

  17. CONGRATS STEPHENIE ! I love those books and she deserves all this !!!


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