Jackson Rathbone: Criminal Minds Wrap Up

Now if you didn’t see the episode, assume that the comments will have tons of spoilers. You can currently catch a clip of it here. The episode eventually will be available here.

Without giving away the details of the plot, Jackson definitely showed us that he is a versatile actor who can play various parts. If you caught the episode, what did you think?


  1. Envy loves Wrath says

    Wow. I saw it last night, and i think it proved to me his talent a lot more than Twilight did. In Twilight, he basically had to be awkward. But in that episode… He was two different people engaged in a whole battle who just happened to be the same person. Creepy…Yet beautifully portrayed. I think that’s a good think to have on your resume, because he really showed hoe incredibly versatile he is as an actor.

  2. AnjieNet says

    I second the “WOW”! I hadn’t ever seen Jackson before Twilight and wasn’t all that impressed with him in the movie (not that he was given much to work with) but I’m quite the fan after seeing him last night. He plays tortured quite well. Too bad he wasn’t allowed to show what he could do with Jasper in Twilight, but now I’m higly anticipating the Papercut scene in New Moon. And he really can be quite pretty…

  3. I’m not a huge fan of Criminal Minds, but Jackson’s acting was very good. I’d have to say he was the best actor on the show last night. πŸ™‚

  4. I think he is an awesome actor. I remember seeing Jackson in the OC and Beautiful People and was interested in what he could do with an “adult” role. He definitely has range and this proves that he’s more than just a pretty face. It was better than I had expected.

  5. oleander says

    I had never watched the show before and was curious to see Jackson. Dude blew my mind! He really nailed the part of Adam and it was so what I was not expecting. He really does play the tortured/angsty role so well. His versatility really showed and I really hope that someone will offer him some meatier roles in the future.

  6. While I absolutly adore anything with Jackson in it (Team Jasper all the way baby) I couldnt help but laugh during most of the episode. Of course as usual his work is flawless, he’s so brilliant and so ready to drop his comfort zone and do something completely off the wall. Case in point: “My name is Amanda,” had me rolling. All I could hear was Jasper Whitlock Hale performing a skit with Emment and a la “Gone With the Wind.” Maybe my mind is just as messed up as Adam Jackson (another reason I laughed) but that’s ok, I’ll take it.

    • Hahaha I laughed too. It was just to funny! Jackson is awesome!

    • Sammantha says

      Maaaaaaaan! I totally agree with you. I am for Jackson through and through. Team Jasper too. I have O.J.D. [obsessive Jackson disorder]. As usual, his acting was flawless.

  7. If you are not a Jackson fan,you will be!

    I too had never watched this show and only did because of him,thank you DVR! Will I watch the show again,probably not only because there are so many “criminal” shows on right now! That and “Life” has my heart!
    Jackson was so damn amazing! I only wished we would have seen even 20% of that in “Twilight”! I hope and pray we get to see his awesome talent in “New Moon”.
    The begining,I knew that he was “Amanda” because of his hands and his lips! So I figured right off he was suffering from DID! He made a beautiful woman though! I was just so damn impressed with him.
    I am seriously intrigued about how the rating for this epsiode will differ from just a regular episode? How did the Twilight fandom help the ratings??

  8. YourFavoriteAries says

    All I can just say is as a HUGE Criminal Minds fan (I’ve seen every episode literally. In most cases more then once) and also a HUGE Jackson fan I was completely in love with this episode in every way shape and form.

    It’s definitely one of my favorites. (and it ironically had a connection to one of my other favorite epi’s but there’s no need for me to get into that right now.)Not just because of the Jackson, and the Jackson/Reid but the plot was amazing. And the acting was amazing.

    I find it ironic since Spencer Reid is my favorite CM character I would have loved this episode anyway because it was centric to him but the involvement of Jackson and the interaction between them was fabulous (and double stare down yay. Talk about Jackpots!!) for my little fan girl heart…and the general viewing public of course.

    But the most amazing thing was definitely Jackson’s acting. Not that I doubted him but WOW, he was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I remember watching his audition video for a different show, beautiful people online and going wow he can act but this was OMG HE CAN ACT AMAZINGLY…

    When he changed and you could see it through his entire body especially his eyes. They just, glowed with a different passion… I can’t talk about it enough. I could go on for hours.

    Two different characters that were both completely different from him. Amazing, can’t wait to see not just New Moon (squee, paper cut) but all his other work!


    • therealmrswhitlock says

      Reid’s my favorite, too! Matthew Gray Gubler is way sexy! And Jackson was so pretty as a woman–but I’d already guessed he could pull it off. This was amazing! P.S. way to copy and paste between here and the forum!

  9. twilightgeek says

    I watch the show all the time. Jackson was very believable in his role and he made a beautiful woman too!

  10. I never thought much about him, but after I saw him play Adam/Amanda. I will be looking forward to viewing more of his work.

  11. Jackson did an amazing job….but then I knew he would. I just found it funny that his character’s altered personality was named a Amanda….lol. I give him props for notting being afrqid to go there.

    LUV YA,

  12. I’ve seen Criminal Minds off and on, not something I follow. Mostly I just watch for Spencer Reid (the youngest guy on the team) because I think he’s awesome (and adorable) but watching last night’s episode was different. I was sucked into Jackson’s performance. He did an excellent job! and your eyes were just drawn to him (or maybe thats just me). In the scenes where Jackson’s character Adam was in the same room as Spencer Reid it was so strange, because there were times when Jackson was outacting Matthew (Reid) (and just in my opinion)!

    Did anyone notice that Adam’s last name was Jackson? xD

    Agreeing with Twilightgeek (#8), he does make a beautiful woman! And he would have to too, xD to attract those alpha males.

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Jackson in his recent film work (Avatar:Airbender potentially excluded…)

  13. I have to say I was blown away by his performance and I couldn’t help but exclaim “dang” at the big reveal at the end. I’ve always thought he was a handsome man, but he is one hot woman.

  14. He was amazing! Wow, he did such a great job he did with that part.

  15. Jackson was amazing and I do wish he was a regular on Criminal Minds..I could easily watch anything he is performing in…Thanks Jackson for letting your fans love you..

  16. Amazing! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to laugh or cry. I was absolutely enraptured by his roles and how well he played them.

  17. Nymphadora_Cullen says

    OMG!!! Or should I say, OME!!! Maybe OMJ would be better… Yeah…


    The first time I saw Jackson in Criminal Minds, I FREAKED!!!! Jasper is one of my favorite Cullens (along with Alice, Emmett, Edward, Esme and Carlisle), and seeing him in this episode just blew me away!! Like everyone else, I wish we could’ve seen more of what he produced in Criminal Minds as part of Jasper’s character in Twilight… but I guess we’ll have to wait for New Moon and the papercut scene, which I’m already looking forward to, after having seen the preview of what will probably happen last night!

    I was honestly impressed with how Jackson pulled off the Adam/Amanda switchoff(“My name is Amanda.” really got me; I nearly dropped my chips n’ salsa, because I just WASN’T expecting that. At. All.), and I love how there seemed to be a bit of a guy-bond between Adam and Dr. Reid, nothing really special happening, just a friendly “I need a friend” bond (Reid’s body build reminds me of Jasper, and makes me love them (Reid and Jackson) even more).

    Overall, the “of two minds” thing was a BRILLIANT twist; I wasn’t expecting it for one, and, despite the fact that it made Jackson’s character a victim in the end, it threw me head over heels!! I have to admit, I LOVED this episode!!! I look forward to seeing more of Jackson, both in future Twilight Saga installments, and other productions!!! πŸ˜€

    • Nymph.
      Thank you for making me giggle out loud!
      Loved your reaction to the episode and most especially glad you didn’t drop the chips and salsa- NOTHING ruins a night faster!
      Based on the majority of responses posted, Jackson must have been at the top of his/her game. I didn’t catch the episode but will definitely watch now based solely on your response.

      Have a great day πŸ˜‰

      • Watched a small clip and found it to be impressive. Truly convincing and quite disturbing, nice job.
        If that’s what Jackson brings to the table then I say serve it up fresh and keep it hot for New Moon.
        Watch out Bella ’cause I believe that Jasper’s gonna bring it.

    • i love criminal minds along with Reid and Jackson and totally agree with u on the bodybuild thing but if their hair was the same they could be brothers

      also i think Jackson was gr8 in criminal minds put those two together and u have ur self a phenomenon im goin on line 2 watch it again

  18. I was amazed at how talented an actor Jackson really is. He certainly showed us many sides of Jackson Rathbone. Did anyone else think this, but he made a beautiful woman.

  19. I rarely watch Criminal Minds, but I made a point to watch it last night because Jackson was in it. I must say that I was definitely impressed by his acting. I had never seen him act outside of Twilight and i’m glad I watched CM last night because I loved it! He is such a great actor and he can really take a role and make it his own. I must admit though that I laughed so hard during the last bit where you find out that his split personality is a woman named Amanda. I rofl! Now Jackson is a really sexy guy, but I must say that he makes one hell of a woman too! I really wished I would have taped this episode so I could see it whenever I want, it was so great! πŸ˜€

  20. Well I was very impressed! My hubby watches Criminal Minds every week and I watch on occasion. He was fantastic, definitly a memorable “unsub”.

    And also, so pretty!! haha

    Great job!

  21. emmett4life says

    omg! Jackson was amazing last night!!

  22. I was in tears from laughing so hard towards the end. I was actually hoping it would be him as the killer… but not that way. I was surprised, definitely my favorite criminal minds ep. Ever! He makes for a good girl too. He can pull that part off. haha.

  23. I saw Jackson on Criminal Minds last night and almost wet my pants. I wasn’t aware he was going to be on. He was phenomenal! What a wide acting range.

    Favorite part: “Uh, I have migraines!”

  24. i loved jackson before, but after criminal minds…i love him so much more. he is a great actor and has a very successful career ahead of him!
    i had no idea he was the woman talking in the dark, and when he started using “amanda’s” voice…i was blown away… he can pull off any role.
    he’s really talented, and i have to admit, a gorgeous woman! lol…
    i wish i would’ve taped this episode so i can watch it over and over again….

    • therealmrswhitlock says

      Exactly! He doesn’t sound like a man trying to do a woman’s voice–he sounds like a woman!

  25. OMG, At first I was like “HE SPEAKS” lol it was so sad πŸ™ Damn Amanda won over poor Adam’s body. He makes a hot woman lmao!

  26. Oh my goodness. Jackson was so DANG GOOD last night in Criminal Minds! It’s one of my favorite shows & was excited when I heard he was going to be on it & he did not disappoint. He really showed what an AWESOME actor he is & that he can do ANYTHING! I think he has an amazing career in front of him.

    I gotta say it was hard to see Jasper be a creepy, crazy, psycho, serial killer though! And then at the end when he was dressed as a woman, Amanda, he looked so different & acutally kind of good looking as a woman it was scary!Awesome job Jackson! (Did anyone else notice that his character Adam’s last name was Jackson? I thought it was funny/ironic.)

  27. Like everyone else i made sure i watched last nights episode with jackson..WooooWEEEE move over VICTORIA theres a new bad girl in town and her name is AMANDA(LOL)..He had me scared killin all those people..He was great!!

  28. Catherine says

    Absolutely amazing!! Jackson is so talented…and dare I say, pretty…lol. He does these demanding role’s so well. I’m so proud that he’s part of this series. And was it just me or did anyone see Jasper in that one scene where he was very..um..scary.

    Oh…and I don’t know if its weird of me or not, but his last line made me totally think of Eclipse…

  29. Jackson was amazing! I didn’t see that alter ego coming and when it did, I was blown away. Jackson is a great actor.

    • therealmrswhitlock says

      Well, I sorta figured it out at the beginning when they said he has a partner, I said, “Or it’s a transvestite.” So I was almost right!

  30. Jackson did a great job!! He’s showing that he’s a very versatile actor and he’s also is very striking as a woman. Who would have thought?!!

  31. I love Jackson and just watching himlast night, was well wow, he is an awesom actor and his guest role just proved that fact, it was a totally diffrent side of him than what he does as Jasper, i just hop he can bring some of it out during New Moon.

  32. Jackson was great in Criminal Minds last night. I watch the show often, but I was really excited to see Jackson on it, and it was brilliant. I loved seeing him play different characters than the one he played in Twilight. Last night just goes to show that he is such an amazing actor. And I have to say, he looked pretty good as a woman. And the staring thing – super creepy, but awesome! I really want to see him in other things now, I want to see what else he can do.

  33. I watched it last night and was amazed at the depth Jackson brought to Adam.

    At the beginning, I found myself wanting to pack Adam up and bring him home. By the end… well… I was disturbed. In a good way.

    During the confrontation at Adam’s step-dad’s with the knife, I gasped and said “Don’t do it!!” LOL

    I hope Jackson gets to use more of his obvious talent to his role as Jasper. Especially that staring thing he does (I know exactly what you mean Ezzie). The “Papercut Scene” is gonna rock!!

  34. Jackson is my fav vampire but after last night I think he’s a serious contender for award-winning roles coming his way. He can play vulnerable to crazy extremely well and being able to switch like he did almost had me believing there were 2 of him! Wow!

  35. Jackson was absolutely incredible as a man with dissociative identity disorder. I was so convinced that there were two people not one person…then that twist at the end was “BAM” wow Jackson playing the character Adam who becomes Amanda…the switch from one person to another was sooooo creepy. And like everyone said they didn’t give Jackson enough to do in Twilight but then again besides Rob Pattinson most of the Cullens were not given much to do.

  36. Brittiany says

    My mom and I watched the episode last night and it was great! I was very shocked at the end, I couldn’t believe it was him. I thought to myself man that girls eyes look familiar and then I said to my mom omg its him! It was really good. I thought it was funny when the episode took place in Texas his home state and his last name was Jackson. I loved that episoded. I plan to watch it again somehere online. WAY TO GO JACKSON!

  37. individiual says

    i caught the last 10 minutes of it. I havent seen jackson rathbone in anything other than Twilight and i was really surprised. He did a great job. Haha even though i was extremely confused about what was going on, i finally caught the drift of it. He was incredible. Kinda creepy, but it was really good.

  38. I really liked it. I watch Criminal Minds every week ( I have a cruch on Reid. I can’t help it I love nerds.) AnyWay, I just would like to say Jackson makes a good psycho and a very pretty girl, who know. It’s those green eyes, you know.

    • Yeah I have a crush on Reid as well — but also on Jackson! So I was like damnnnnn!!! My mom said that with their haircuts they could have been brothers!

      • heather_jane says

        My brother walked in at the interrogation scene and asked all repugnantly “What… now he’s got a brother?”

      • i agree with ur mom they could be brothers and with u i have a HUGE crush on Reid (hes cute as a nerd) AND Jackson! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • therealmrswhitlock says

      OMJ I love Reid too! And Jackson was so pretty?

  39. I’m watching the show again because I wasn’t paying attention to the beginning last night. I still can’t believe that was Jackson, he did such an amazing job. I’ve never seen him in anything but Twilight but it just goes to show you what a great actor he is. And don’t forget Mike Welch will be on CSI on Thursday, April 16th.

  40. Samantha says

    I almost didn’t even recognize him in the very end of the episode. He managed to do the whole female character without it seeming awkward and strange. He did an amazing job!! GO JACKSON!!!

  41. misslelie says

    AMAZING!!! He was such a fantastic girl!!!LOL. The way they made him look liek a girl!!!! He was a veryyyyy pretty girl!!LOLOLOL<3 He is such a versatile actor, what a fantastic job Jackson!!! They had his characters name as Adam JACKSON!! Creative guys!!! I heard that i wus like OMG, soooo funny<3!

  42. I love Criminal Minds and never miss an episode. I also am a huge Twilight fan, so I was excited to see last nights episode. But I was not expecting the awesome acting Jackson did, I have a new respect for him. Way to go Jackson. Hopefully he gets a chance to show us more of his talent in the upcoming twilight saga movies.

  43. JessakaMitz says

    I didn’t know he was such a great actor til last night on Criminal Minds. He didn’t say much in the first Twilight movie so I had no clue what kind of actor he was. Definitely excited to see him during the lesson on killing young vampires later on…

    & yeah, he did make a pretty girl…scary! lolz.

  44. Brittany says

    Wow! I never watch Criminal Minds. I honestly just tuned in for Jackson and I’m thrilled that I did. He blew me away with his versatility. And when he smirks! *SWOON* He really showed off his unbelievable talent in that episode. He’s nothing less than amazing!

  45. I was pleasantly surprised at how creepy Jackson can be. I started watching with the episode with my husband, and he looked at me and said, “Oh, your Twilight guy! I now see why we are watching the show.” (While I love all of the Cullen men, it is a given in my house that Jasper is the best.) By the end we were both fully creeped out by Adam/ Amanda. I definitely shivered when he looked at the FBI guy with those aggressive eyes, and the last look he gave the camera at the end. For me to be this creeped out, Jackson must be super talented. I also completely forgot that I was watching “Jasper,” so I think Jackson will have a successful career ahead of him, even after the last Twilight Saga scene is shot.

  46. I had never seen Criminal minds before yesterday, but I made sure to watch it once I knew he was going to be in it, and wow! I wasn’t let down at all! Jackson is an amazingly verstile actor and I’m sure he has a great career ahead of him.

    He can pull the angst off really well, too. He almost had me crying when he was talking to Reid. “How long before you can close your eyes without it being there?”

    And I was definitely not expecting his alter to be a female. That “My name is AMANDA.” bit creeped me out. And that stare!

    Also, was it just me, or did anyone else find the “I’m afraid you’ll have to be waiting a very long time.” line ironic? (eclipse, anyone?) Along with the fact that his last name was jackson, hah. He did an amazing job, though. I can’t wait to see him in dread! And New Moon of course. (this episode gives new meaning to the papercut scene, hm? Papercut by Linkin Park, anyone? About voices in your head. (; )

  47. I love Criminal Minds and when I found out that Jackson was going to be on it, I flipped out!!! I had been waiting over two months for last night’s episode and I loved every bit of it!!! He was so adorable in it — and doesn’t make a bad looking girl either, though I much rather him stay male! Even my mom said so.

    He did a great job though out the show and I was greatly impressed by his versatility — I mean come on he goes from macho vampire to a cross dresser with a split personality. There were several scenes that I busted out laughing during, such as the screen were Reid was watching what had happened at the pool. When Jackson’s character attacked that guy, I was like ‘OMG! It’s Jasper going after blood!’

    But yeah…like I said, I loved it and I cannot wait for Dread to come out!!!

  48. It was freakin’ CREEPY!! Kudos to Jackson for a job well done!! Through out the whole episode me and my best friend were trying to figure out the plot. I so figured it out (somewhat) that he was the killer and didn’t know it. But then him ending up being “Amanda” too was CRAZY hahah. Makes me like Jackson even more =)

  49. First off…Those eyes!!! He scares me..LOL…I would not want to come across that in a dark alley!! OMG He can definately play the rolls and pull it off well..very versatile!!! It’s rolls like these when we need to really pay attention to Jackson and the others and see that there is alot more there and not all this hype around Rob!! I think these guys are all alot more receiving of it all too!!

  50. hahahaha says

    Was anyone else laughing at how ugly he was as a woman?? His acting as Adam was phenomenal but when “Amanda” came out I almost peed myself laughing so hard.

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