The Twilight Saga:Escapism At Its Best

According to the New York Times part to of why the Twilight Saga is such a success has to do with the economic climate.  And here we thought the last three years were all about a dead sexy vampire vs. werewolf and imagining yourself….(maybe somethings are better left unsaid). According to the Times:

“In a recession, what people want is a happy ending. At a time when booksellers are struggling to lure readers, sales of romance novels are outstripping most other categories of books and giving some buoyancy to an otherwise sluggish market.”

The Times goes on to state that fantasy romance is particularly hot:

“Such escapist urges are also fueling sales of science fiction and fantasy, said Bob Wietrak, a vice president for merchandising at Barnes & Noble. Mr. Wietrak said sales of novels with vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and other paranormal creatures were “exploding,” whether they were found in the romance, fantasy or young-adult aisles, where Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series continues to dominate…”

They also mention fellow vampire authors PC and Kristen Cast and J. R. Ward as further examples of the genre.  If you are into the YA genre check out the Casts, and if you are an adult who likes racy check out J.R. Ward (not that the entire admin team is plotting to attend a J.R. Ward signing or anything like that.)