The Twilight Saga:Escapism At Its Best

According to the New York Times part to of why the Twilight Saga is such a success has to do with the economic climate.  And here we thought the last three years were all about a dead sexy vampire vs. werewolf and imagining yourself….(maybe somethings are better left unsaid). According to the Times:

“In a recession, what people want is a happy ending. At a time when booksellers are struggling to lure readers, sales of romance novels are outstripping most other categories of books and giving some buoyancy to an otherwise sluggish market.”

The Times goes on to state that fantasy romance is particularly hot:

“Such escapist urges are also fueling sales of science fiction and fantasy, said Bob Wietrak, a vice president for merchandising at Barnes & Noble. Mr. Wietrak said sales of novels with vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and other paranormal creatures were “exploding,” whether they were found in the romance, fantasy or young-adult aisles, where Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series continues to dominate…”

They also mention fellow vampire authors PC and Kristen Cast and J. R. Ward as further examples of the genre.  If you are into the YA genre check out the Casts, and if you are an adult who likes racy check out J.R. Ward (not that the entire admin team is plotting to attend a J.R. Ward signing or anything like that.)


  1. Mmm…interesting.

    Well, I can say for certain that the recession/depression had nothing to do with my purchasing/reading the Twilight Saga. For me it was most definitely the “dead sexy vampire vs werewolf”…and the imagining =) Hehe jk…maybe

  2. Well I won’t say the hype was due to the economy downfall or the simple fact that people search for a good ending. I believe its more about sexy vampire vs. werewolf, but either way its definitely a time to escape. Can you find your Edward?

  3. So I read the first three books in a weekend and was at a midnight release party for Breaking Dawn because of the economy? Uh, no. It was because it’s one helluva great story and some dead sexy vampires! I have to go now, I have to reread New Moon, for the fifth time, – the economy said so!

  4. It’s true in a way, though it won’t be due to the global recession. It’s an escape for most people.

  5. Eryn E. says:

    Ug. These ‘over-analysts’ are so irritating! What is it about a REALLY awesome story don’t they understand? The economy…LMAO…

  6. The economy???? I bought the books because they are are fantastic!!!!! The analysts must be really bored if they are coming up with this sort of garbage. I guess they need to be seen to be doing something in order to keep their jobs.

  7. rebecca says:

    i agree with Eryn E.

    if anyone wants some yummy adult vampy action look up sherrilyn kenyon!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I bought it on a whim!

    Students kept handing me work with character names like ‘Edward’ and ‘Bella’ and it made no sense (it was a task about Australian Aboriginal Mythology).

    I have Harry Potter merit stickers and they kept asking for Cedric Diggory ones…which do not exist.

    I didn’t even like it the first time I read it. It was New Moon that suckered me in… the story in New Moon is so compelling, so heart-breaking, so well written…you feel what Bella feels and it breaks your heart.

    But no, nothing to do with the recession. Sorry NYT.

  9. JoubertCG says:

    …. bought the books before the decline, and only because I love vampire stories and it intrigued me.

    I’d assume that they’ve never read the Twilight Saga. Perhaps then they could understand that it’s well written and easy to relate to … not just some escape from reality.

  10. I know I have a co-worker who’s daughter is tearing through the books because she’d seen the movie after the DVD release. I handed her my newly printed Borders coupon so she could get Breaking Dawn and a copy of Twilight. (Her daughter had borrowed the first book.) It had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with escaping from economic hardships, she just fell in love with the books.

    I think a true sign of tough economic times would be the increase number of people in libraries, not bookstores.

    Then again, I read a NYT article about the boost in candy sales and Spam in recent months. Anything they can put a spin on.

  11. Defiitely check out the JR Ward Black Brotherhood series! They’re really good and entertaining. A little more mature than the Twilight books, but definitely worth a read.

  12. Rachel A. says:

    I think most people regardless of the economy (whether it’s doing well or not) need to escape reality once in a while. Harry Potter was very successful and that came out during the good times. Twilight was successful before the recession started.

    Good point #9 (about libraries over bookstores).

  13. Heather says:

    I always love a happy ending not just when the economy is down.

  14. I’m so glad the P.C and Kristen Cast are getting some more press coverage! Their books are amazing. Like a mixture of Twilight and charmed… Even if their characters do tend to fall love with a couple of people at the same time. =] Their books were actually on the shelf with all the new twilight merchandise in the only UK store that sells Twilight merc at the only UK DVD midnight release on Sunday/Monday. My ‘House of night’ obsessive sister was amazingly hyper about that…
    I read twilight long before it could possibly have had anything to do with the recession (I was a bit of a late bloomer. I only discovered twilight in 2006.) I think it’s good that twilight is getting more coverage but the fact that these people think it is only due to the recession that so many people are reading twilight are mistaken. People read twilight for the drama, the romance and the tantalizing descriptions that Stephenie Meyer employs throughout. And a lot probably read it for Edward. =]

  15. hmm, thats not necessarily true for some people. I started reading Twilight a month after New Moon came out(2006) and we weren’t doing bad economically then.

  16. I love the Warden’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Although, I don’t think they are as racy as this article makes them out to be. They are for a little maturer audience because theyare romance novels, but they are definitely worth the read. I can’t wait until Rehvenge’s book comes out in a few weeks. And her new series about The Fallen Angles comes out in Oct. I hope it’s as good as the BDB.

  17. I see Twilight saga as an adventure book written for girls. If they write it off as ONLY romance they will not be able to build on Twilight’s success.

  18. I have read all Of the Twilight books and P.C. and Kristen Casts “House of Night ” series and J.R. Wards “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series!! They’re all GREAT!! But it’s true the HON series is for the younger ages but not too young! And the BDB series is s total 18+ book….but woooaaahhh it’s sooooo good!!

  19. I sooo agrees with you about Rev’s book “Kim”…she’s doing an online book singing too!!

  20. IndigoMisfit says:

    I agree with the article, but I think it may apply to general fans of the series, not the die-hard twilight fans who go on these websites everyday (like me). I know a lot of people who have read the books, but only a few are the hard-core fans. The hard-core fans would have read the books, recession or no recession. But the recession may have attracted some people who wouldn’t have read them if they weren’t looking for an escape from the stress of these rough times.

  21. nmadison says:

    Yes, my family has hit hard times due to the economy. My husband is self employed- sometimes we have electricity sometimes we don’t. I didn’t pick up my son’s Twilight series to read because we’re poor every so often. I picked it up to escape my 4 children!!!!!! LOL! Everyone needs a break, right?

    Reading the Twilight Saga is a world of its own. What’s better than reading about beautiful vampires and werewolves by candle light?!

    And don’t tell my son it’s a series for Girls! Shhhh!

  22. NuttyNetty says:

    ummm what? the recession is influencing me to excape into a happy ending book??? NO it’s not >_< I love the story. I don’t feel that life is getting so crappy that i have to escape from reality. geeez who comes up with these articles???

    • arazcal says:

      Ditto Nutty Netty!
      Silly humans! Don’t we realize that life is so boring that to just get by during our sheeplike, ordinary, humdrum existence that reading is our only chance of escape?! Please!

      The economy? Yeah, let’s try that avenue as an explantion.
      This article shows me just how much/or just how little people understand the magic of a good book series. I can only hope that one day they find a book or series that stikes a chord, fires them up and does it for them.

  23. kehacakes says:

    Next thing, they’ll be blaming Twilight for the poor economy, Since we have all given up shopping and travel to stay home and read about our sexy vampires and werewolves over and over again. Oh,I better not give them any ideas! lol. I swear, nothing I hear surprises me anymore.

    • No that is funny and probably true. Any reason to blame this economy other than probably the real reason will work for these people.

      I for one was a very late bloomer…I hadn’t even heard of Twilight till the movie, and I pretty much only went to that because I like Kristen Stewart. I watched the movie and enjoyed it more than I expected since I’ve never been into the vampire thing and my hubby bought the book so I read it and well since Nov 21st I haven’t stopped reading. I read all 4 books and boy am I glad they were all out, I don’t know how you people waited for the books. I’m dying waiting for the movies. Now I’m a definite Twilighter. I have not read anything since that, I just keep reading the books over and over and every time I finish I’m like, “Am I seriously going to start over…..Yep!” I’ve gotten into some fanfiction lately and some of it is really amazing. I just have to get some kind of fix. But, I go to the websites looking for updates every day too. Hey it’s definitely a distraction but it’s a nice one. And I doubt seriously if the economy had anything to do with it. Especially since, well I have bought more Twilight merchandise than I’ve ever bought for any other book or movie. In fact, when I tell my husband we don’t have money for something, his response now is, “Oh you can go see Twilight 30 times at the theater and own 4 different copies of the DVD and all this Twilight stuff, and I can’t buy 4 boxes of Ramen Noodles.” Whoops I guess he has a point. LOL.

  24. I bought a lot books during the summer because I wanted to read & I love fantasy books. Not because the economy sucks.

  25. EdgeofTwilight says:


    This is not why I read Twilight or the rest of them. I’m pretty sure it was because I took my little brother to the movie (I am quite a bit older than he is) and felt like I had missed a whole lot, so I bought the book. Recession/depression never ever crossed my mind here, as I am sure that the teens the books were marketed for never thought once about it either. Who are these people at the time!!

  26. somethingblue says:

    First, I have to say, JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books are quite racy and not for the faint of heart, but very, very good. And I can’t WAIT to see the WARDen again – woohoooo!!!

    Signed, the smut dealer 😉

  27. I don’t think recession has anything to do with it and when did people ever NOT want a happy ending? I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon only a month ago because my roommate happened to have it and I was bored. Now they are my favorite books and it takes a very good book for me to even be interested let alone finish it and the Twilight series has got me searching for more of what I love about Stephenie’s books….Stephenie has created a magical the world that everyone longs to be a part of.


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