Kristen Stewart Talks About Fan Recepetion

Kristen Stewart talks to USA Today about her movie Adventureland and what it’s been like living under the Twilight microscope this past year:

On her awkwardness in interviews:

Really, I’m incredibly disjointed and not candid,” she says. “Just in general, my thoughts tend to come out in little spurts that don’t necessarily connect. If you hang around long enough, you can find, like, the linear path. But it will take a second. That’s why these interviews never go well for me.”

On fans:

“More than three girls of that certain age — run away,” she says, laughing as the threat settles in a distant part of the patio. “Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the (crap) out of me.”

She says Pattinson gets it worse. “They covet him. I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me,” she jokes.


  1. Th interview was sooo well written!!!

  2. i can’t seem to get my thoughts straight like she does too.

    i like the new layout! purdy purple.

  3. hahahahah….she got the right word…covet.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Large groups of fan girls are the ones that keep her rolling in money. She should be asking for their autographs.

  5. I love her interviews lately. I think she is getting better at it. I can understand how large groups of girls would scare her! Especially large groups of screaming girls.

  6. Twifanatic Amanda says

    She’s a very diverse actress, I’m doing a research project on her and this inteview will definitely be in it.

  7. Well at least she acknowledges that she’s horrible at interviews, because its the truth lol. However, she should consider trying to improve in that area rather then continue on in the same pattern. Plus I dont really think fans are jealous of her. Sure they may envy the fact that she gets to be his love interest in Twilight, but I wouldnt go and call it jealousy. If thats what she thinks then good for her, I mean she does have the right to an opinion.

  8. Okay, I’m not buying her reason for giving bad interviews. She complains they ask her the same old questions all the time so by now she should be able to answer those repeated questions. Also, Kristen…I’m definitely not jealous of you. You really need to grow up and stop acting like the fans have ruined your life. Rob faces his fears and that’s one of the reason the fans love him.

  9. They would scare the crap out of me, too!
    I don’t even want to imagine what she’s going trough.
    Because it appears that a remarcable part of the fandom hate her. I don’t know why, jelousy, annoyed of her, don’t like her.. IDK
    but anyway. I think she’s getting better and trying to do the best
    Love how she says “They COVET him” definitely most of us do.

  10. I knew some people would take this the wrong way!
    Davida, she said “half” and she said it jokingly. No, she isn’t good at interviews, so what? I’m sure there are things your not good at so can we give her a break already? She’s right! I definitely covet Rob! lol.

    I think she is doing better in interviews progressively and I love her candid answers.:)

  11. =[
    no point reasoning with kristen haters.
    everything she does is wrong, isn’t it?
    so she’s not good at intervies.
    SO WHAT. we’re all human.
    get a real reason for hating her.
    in everyy interview, she’s so dedicated to the fans, the book and the movie.
    find me one that she says that she doesn’t.
    when the words come out of her mouth – not just twisted by a twat like perez, THEN you’ll have a reason to hate her.

  12. Thank you Mandy. 🙂
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  13. diannekay says

    Oh well.. I’ve read the whole article earlier and I think it goes well.. So much better than the other interviews she’s been.. It’s like the interviewer connects to her in a way.. Great job!

  14. heatherh says

    i’d probably be scared of the fans in her case too. seriously, picture it… you’re walking through this huge crowd, everyone’s screaming, pushing and shoving trying to get at you. yikes. that would freak me out. and rob has admitted it freaks him out too, so you can’t blame kristen for feeling that way either.

  15. Great interview! I love her honesty. You don’t find much of that these days. And yes, I would be freaked out too if a mob of young, screaming girls were coming at me. She has every right to be scared of them. Kristen rocks! You go girl!!!

  16. One more thing-I love this picture of Kristen. Beautiful hair color. She looks gorgeous.

  17. I love her fresh, young, honesty. I cannot even imagine what it’s like to do interviews constantly and be asked personal questions in front of a camera or knowing it’ll be in print. This is all new to her and I think she’s doing great. I have a teenager myself. When just a few of them get together it scares the (crap) out of ME! I can’t imagine hundreds or thousands of them squeeing at once.

    She clearly meant jealous that she gets to work with Rob, not jealous of her fame or anything else. She’s really quite humble if you listen.

  18. Bella Renne says

    Hahhaha..Wow..Well, Honeslty she dosent make me jealous! I love her, and not just ecause she’s in Twilight, but her movies are great! Kristen Stewart is the person I look up to in Hollywood, she has a good head on her shoulders! All the interviews I have heard, with her in them, are actually funny, and i enjoy them. Hahhaa..yeah large groups of girls scare me too Kristen!! lol..

  19. I don’t understand why some people look into her every word and tear her apart for it. I think this interview just about says it all. She is an actress, not an spokesperson. Yes, interviews play a part in it, but she’s new to this big spotlight so we need to give her time to improve. Also, I definitely agree that a big group of teenage twilight fanatics are scary when you play the main character! I love how she always says what’s on her mind and doesn’t try to sugar coat things. Some things she says may be taken in the wrong way, but wouldn’t we also scrutinize her if everything she said was perfect and fake? I mean come on, give her a break. She is a great actress and deserves just as much credit as Rob does.

  20. They don’t hate her because she covets Rob. (Okay, maybe some 14-year-olds do.)

    They hate her because she has a sucky, conceited attitude and the fact that she simply is just not a great actress.

  21. Ha! I love Kristen AND always have. She’s a normal eighteen year old! I love that she’s still herself. “Covet” poor boy…

    The link isn’t really working for me, but I found it here in case anyone else is having issues too

  22. Rachel A. says

    I am no KS fan but I don’t blame her for being scared of some of the Twilight fans. You can say one thing that they dont like and they will tear your apart (read the responses from the MTV interview with the Hills chick, Whitney, if you want proof). Plus, after I saw one of the videos from the Tokyo release I can definately say that the fan reactions scare me as well. Some people need to show a little dignity, self-control, and respect to famous people. They are people just like we are.

  23. I read this article yesterday.Poor Kristen.Girls should give her a better impression.

  24. I love her, but I feel so bad for her. Definitely not jealous. Christ, if I knew that every little thing that I said in an interview would be dissected and scutinized by crazy teenagers the next day, I wouldn’t come out of the house! People really need to chill the hell out. It’s fine if you don’t like her, but if you’re going to comment on why, have a valid reason.

  25. Poor Kristen. It seems that her being quite shy and having disjointed, candid answers in interviews, allows her to be hated. Is it her job to give interviews? No. It may be PART of her job, but definitely not the part that’s important. Can she act well? Can she give us what we ask for in the movies that she plays in? Yes. So LEAVE HER ALOOOONEEEE.

  26. Dark Brown Pools says

    I am definitely one of the most jealous fans out there (Why, oh, why, does she get Rob, while I’m stuck here alone?), but I don’t hate her. I would absolutely love to meet her.

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