Alex Meraz

Celebuzz has a feature on Alex Meraz who will be playing Paul in New Moon. Alex friend Raoul Trujillo talks about the rising star.

“Nabbing the key role in Twilight was no fluke for the young actor. “If there’s anyone I have known in my life that deserves this, it’s Alex,” says Trujillo. “He’s worked his ass off in the time I have known him. He never lets up.”

Beyond staying in top physical shape, the actor-student works hard on honing his craft, including his New Moon audition. “Alex drove from Phoenix to my ranch in New Mexico on his birthday weekend so I could help him with his audition,” says Trujillo. “It’s about 8 hours each way. But he knew he needed to get this done.”

“He’s humble,” says Trujillo. “And he always showed that he was willing to listen and learn.”


  1. Alex MERAZ !

  2. yes….not too shabby on the eyes…

  3. I agree, not to shabby indeed. I did picture Paul to be a bit bulkier in the arms, but hey that’s nothing a few lifts couldn’t cure. He get’s a thumbs up from me. Goodluck Alex!

  4. I thought his name was Alex Meraz, not Merez XD
    Anyway, i like him as Paul 🙂

  5. Twilight Nymph says

    Alyeli his is Alex Meraz, it’s mispelled on the news blog. Wow! He is one hot guy. His wife must be some lucky girl. LOL

  6. lirael cullen says

    Yeah definitely. His wife is extremely lucky! XD Wish the best for you Alex!

  7. He’s making me look forward to watching the wolfpack 😉

  8. GenevieveCullen says

    He’s married!?
    My fangirl dreams have just crumbled into dust T_T

  9. Danielle says

    Noooo, he cant be married!!!! D:
    I think i might cryyyyyy.

  10. I know that in the book, Paul and Jacob fight as wolves and we really don’t see it, but here’s to hoping that in the movie, they’ll fight as humans for a while before they phase, and that they actually show it. Alex and Taylor, two ripped martial arts champions, going at it? Worth the ticket price right there.

  11. …Yeah. I can seem him as Paul. So long as he keeps his shirt off the entire movie, I will be fine. 😛

  12. He looks too young to be married.

  13. he has a kid toooo….a little baby

  14. Ohhhh hotnessss aboundssss.

    Loving him already, this movie will be great.


  15. what? he’s married?

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  17. i think hes better than Edward Cullen & Jacob :L
    but i lied
    team jacob 😀