Time Is Running Out

If you haven’t taken a guess at our first birthday giveaway, make sure you do. We’ll be announcing the lucky winner tomorrow! Anyone who has guessed correctly will have their names thrown in a hat, and then we will pick a random winner from that group.

And then we’ll move on to giveaway number 2! Which is another autograph…wonder whose it is 🙂 ?


  1. i’m so excited!
    i hope i got it right so i can be in the running!

    maybe the next autography will be robert pattinson; that would be pretty amazing. :]

  2. Can’t wait to know who’ll be the lucky winner!

  3. Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black is coming to the midnight dvd release party at Hot Topic!!!!

  4. which hot topic? i am thinking about going i have an invite, but no friends to go with… no one wants to pay the 25 $ for the dvd….

  5. Fun fun fun!!!

  6. Hey guys, sorry for the VERY random comment, but I was scanning youtube(out of boredom) and found a video that mentions Rob Pattinson. He gets mentioned around 3:44… just thought I’d share.

  7. Emmett_Cullen says

    How do you get an invite?

  8. xxtwilight4everxx says

    I hope I got it right, that would sooo awsome!!!! I love Twilight. I hope the next one is of Rob, or any of the Cullen Boys 🙂

  9. xxtwilight4everxx says

    oops, would be Sooo, My-bad 🙁

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