Lexicon Birthday Giveaway Number 1

As we noted earlier this month, the Lexicon opened three years ago.  In honor of the Lexicon’s third birthday month(because it took us a full month to get it all together), we are going to hold three contests over the next three weeks where one Lexiconer a week will win autographed Twilight related merchandise.

All you have to do is answer the questions by replying to the post here on the blog.  We will pick a winner by random from the people who answered correctly.  You must be a registered user on the blog with a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you about your prize. We will ship it to you anywhere in the world.

All questions will be related to the Lexicon history in some way.  This isn’t “Twilight” trivia!  We really tried to think of difficult questions so that the winners will have to have paid attention to the site over the years!

And be careful!  Just because someone posts a good answer doesn’t mean it is the right answer.  Only someone with the right answer can will the prize.  We tested out the questions on our moderators and managed to stump quite a few of them, so be warned!  Even the most seasoned Lexiconer isn’t certain to answer correctly.

So make sure you have a registered account here on the blog before you post.  Then answer the question the best you can.  You have until Wednesday  at 12:01am Eastern Time to enter this week’s contest. Only one answer per person, please (so think before you post)!  We’ll announce our winner on Wednesday night.

This week’s prize is a Shopping With Alice tote bag from the Lexicon shop autographed by Alice Cullen herself.

This week’s question is:

Alphie and Pel met through the message boards of another fandom.  What fandom was it?  At what event related to that fandom did they first meet face to face?

Good luck!


  1. was it harry potter?

  2. Harry Potter fandom/message boards

    midnight showing

  3. Well, I know it was HP…they both share (my) love of REMUS (**sigh**) but meeting face to face? Hmmm…was it Witching Hour? Lumos? I know it wasn’t Nimbus…

  4. Definitely the Harry Potter fandom!

  5. MariposaAlice says:

    Harry Potter was the fandom. And! I’m just going to take a guess. Probably the Witching Hour (Gosh, that seems like I stole it from Twilightgeek, but I didn’t. That’s just the only HP thing I know xD).

  6. Harry Potter, Lumos

  7. therealmrswhitlock85 says:

    Okay, complete guess…the Harry Potter fandom? And you met face to face at the Witching Hour.

  8. idreamofedward says:

    You met through a mutual love of Harry Potter! And you first met face to face at Lumos?

  9. Harry Potter and the first face to face was at the opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

  10. girlvampsfan says:

    Just for the record I already knew the fandom but I had to call my friend (at 1:50 am) to find out the rest and she wasn’t very happy LOL. The fandom was Harry Potter and the first time you guys met face to face was at Lumos. (If I got the place wrong oh well I was depending on a very tired and cranky preteen/teen)

  11. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Alphie & Pel ”met” in 2003 on a Harry Potter site devoted to Remus Lupin and they officially met at Lumos.

  12. paige t. says:

    Harry Potter fandom and then face to face at Luomos

  13. Harry Potter, Werewolf Registry. (“Drool factor!”)

    November 2005, Nashville… something before O of P.

  14. twilightfinatic says:

    Alphie and Pel meet through a Harry Potter fandom!! Oh how we love our Harry Potterness! Go Hp!! And Twilight of course!! And they met face to face i believe at Lumos! Im not totally sure! Its been so long!! Love you guys!!

  15. For the record I just made it back from a fun outting with friends (3:23 am.) and instead to go Zzz here I am in Lexicon! HP was the aweosome event and u guys met face to face at lumus (spell check pls its 3:30 am)

  16. Harry Potter, Lumos

  17. Harry Potter fandom (Remus Lupin site), first met properly at Lumos.

  18. lil_voice1 says:

    through Werewolf Registry and then when they both went to the release of the new Harry Potter book at the time!

  19. Of course Harry Potter =)
    and… I can only guess… you first met at Lumos… but I don’t know that for sure…
    *keeping my fingers crossed*

  20. Harry Potter message boards; Lumos

    *crosses fingers*

  21. Cendrillon says:

    Harry Potter, Lumos

  22. A Harry Potter message board devoted to Remus Lupin.


  23. Harry potter, face to face @ Lumos

  24. twifan444513 says:

    the fandom was harry potter ,met face to face at Lumos

  25. the Harry Potter fandom( do we all love harry potter!?)

    and you met face to face at Lumos

    racked my brain for that one! cool contest!

  26. Harry Potter fandom, Lumos

  27. harry potter fansite having to do with lupin

    face to face at Lumos?

  28. i_am_Siobhan says:

    I would have to say Harry Potter and Lumos

  29. harry potter fansite for remus lupin

    officially met at lumos

  30. Alphie and Pel met online on a ‘Harry Potter site devoted to the character of Remus Lupin’. Face to face at Lumos would be my guess too…

  31. Iwantjasper says:

    What is Harry Potter Boards at Lumos

  32. You met thought a Harry Potter message board and then at Lumos.

  33. Harry Potter, at a midnight showing?

  34. Met on Mugglenet I believe…and face to face was at Lumos. 🙂

  35. samihalovestwilight says:

    Ok, so you met at a Harry Potter fandom and face to face at lumos.

  36. Andrea S. says:

    Met online through the Harry Potter fandom, and in person at Lumos.

  37. Harry Potter Fandom and Lumos

  38. twilightsagaaddict says:

    Harry Potter, and I believe you met at Lumos…

  39. Harry Potter fandom, Lumos

  40. you met on the harry potter fansite dedicated to remus lupin, therefore it was the harry potter fandom.
    then you guys met face to face at lumus 🙂

  41. harry potter


  42. ** lumos

    sorry for my typos 😛

  43. I just know the first.. Harry Potter, Remus Lupin i think.. 🙂

  44. I tryed this an hour ago and it said error
    so i am trying again
    I am thinking Harry Potter
    and Lumos

  45. NezziLautner says:

    I think it was the harry potter one for remus lupin and at Lumos right?

  46. Harry Potter fandom and you met face-to-face for the first time at Lumos.

  47. Harry Potter’s Remus Lupin fandom, I *think* it was Lumos, but it might’ve been The Witching Hour?? I’ll go with Lumos.

  48. forevermagik says:

    Harry Potter. Something to do with Remus Lupin, almost positive.

  49. stupidlamb_lostinthewood says:

    HP fandom/ I think it was Lumos (yikes, crossing my fingers)

  50. Harry Potter! And you met at Lumos!

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