Lexicon Birthday Giveaway Number 1

As we noted earlier this month, the Lexicon opened three years ago.  In honor of the Lexicon’s third birthday month(because it took us a full month to get it all together), we are going to hold three contests over the next three weeks where one Lexiconer a week will win autographed Twilight related merchandise.

All you have to do is answer the questions by replying to the post here on the blog.  We will pick a winner by random from the people who answered correctly.  You must be a registered user on the blog with a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you about your prize. We will ship it to you anywhere in the world.

All questions will be related to the Lexicon history in some way.  This isn’t “Twilight” trivia!  We really tried to think of difficult questions so that the winners will have to have paid attention to the site over the years!

And be careful!  Just because someone posts a good answer doesn’t mean it is the right answer.  Only someone with the right answer can will the prize.  We tested out the questions on our moderators and managed to stump quite a few of them, so be warned!  Even the most seasoned Lexiconer isn’t certain to answer correctly.

So make sure you have a registered account here on the blog before you post.  Then answer the question the best you can.  You have until Wednesday  at 12:01am Eastern Time to enter this week’s contest. Only one answer per person, please (so think before you post)!  We’ll announce our winner on Wednesday night.

This week’s prize is a Shopping With Alice tote bag from the Lexicon shop autographed by Alice Cullen herself.

This week’s question is:

Alphie and Pel met through the message boards of another fandom.  What fandom was it?  At what event related to that fandom did they first meet face to face?

Good luck!