Solomon Trimble Interview

It’s no secret that Solomon Trimble who played Sam Uley in the Twilight movie would like to reprise his role in the upcoming New Moon.

Since the Lexicon broke the story yesterday that Bronson Pelletier has been cast in presumably a Quiluete pack member role( see our comment to FearNet here ), lots of people have been wondering if Solomon will be getting a call to take part in the production.

Solomon’s interview is candid, funny, and down-to-earth. So Lexiconers, what’s your opinion? Do you want him back as Sam?

Also make sure you stop by FearNet and let them know what you think of to Bronson being cast.


  1. he isn’t how i pictured sam, but i love his dedication to the role. i think he could do great things in that role, so i wouldn’t mind seeing him again πŸ™‚

  2. he wasn’t what i first pictured either, but i hope he comes back because he actually looks indian!

  3. i agree with carly, he wasn’t how i imagined sam, but i wouldn’t mind him playing sam again (maybe because i don’t like them switching actors in a series) but i think he should buff up because sam is suppose to be bigger than jacob at first right?

  4. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Omg, the most PERFECT Sam out there, I mean it. and if they kick him out, us fan girls are going to cause A LOT of trouble!!!!
    I don’t personally like the character of Sam, but since he played him, I like sam a lot more now.
    Since Sam has a big role in New Moon, we NEED someone with his dedication to do his part.
    YES! YES! YES! Love you Solomon!!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. YES! definitely. he’s the perfect sam.

  6. Not Tellin says:

    I think they should keep him since I was always for him when I first heard of him..i just loved the personality i saw in those vids…anyway i also believe he makes a great sam and…i hate it when they change actors but thats not the most important reason its the fact that he makes a great sam for some of us Twilight fans so…why get rid of him? O_o..i say they should keep him…and now im done…i think XD

  7. last2right says:

    It wasnt even made clear that he WAS Sam in Twilight… and I also don’t think he looks like he is in his 20s. Plus, Jacob didnt really like Sam until he became a wolf, so I couldnt picture them hanging out on the beach when they ran into Bella and her friends that day…

    But I wouldnt mind it if he were Sam, since apparently thats who he was in the first movie…

  8. He definitely needs to reprise his role as Sam. I’ll be extremely disappointed if Summit drops him, but the fact that he hasn’t been confirmed as of today … Not a good sign. πŸ™

  9. He had BETTER be Sam again. He’s also not how I first pictured Sam, but he worked very hard to get into that role and I think he deserves to be Sam for the rest of the movies. That would only be fair.

  10. ashley_119882004 says:

    Ugh I really hope he is Sam. Hes the best out there. I really hope to see him in New Moon.

  11. YES! I think that he makes the most perfect Sam ever! I would be so sad if they didn’t have him be Sam again, you can tell he really enjoyed playing him, and he did really really good!

  12. This is what I find interesting…in the movie the characters of Sam and Embry were not actually introduced or addressed by their names in their one scene at the beach. Of course fans like us who were on top of every tiny detail during the casting/filming process already KNEW that Sam and Krys were those two characters, but not everyone would know that so if they cast someone different for either role only us die-hards would actually notice. I do hope they keep them both regardless.

  13. Soloman should continue to play Sam. He’s seems so dedicated. Does anyone know to get into contact with Chris Weitz? We got Taylor to continue playing Jacob, I think we should do the same for Soloman.

  14. i think solomon should still play sam and let bronson play one of the other teenage quilaute people like jared or who ever else like quil or someone he the right age for it.

  15. I love Solomon! And that fan story is absolutely hilarious! I really hope he is in New Moon!

  16. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    I agree with anyone who said yes…for his one line, he didn’t do bad!!!! Plus, I HATE it when actors are switched out mid series…how would you feel if someone other than Rob played Edward for the rest of the movies…even if you hate Rob, you can’t just want him switched out!

  17. TeamRobert says:

    I think they should keep him. I mean, i dont like the idea of swtiching an actor half way in between a series. He did a great job in twilight, and i hope he will be in new moon.

  18. lirael cullen says:

    YES! I love Solomon. He should be allowed to continue to be Sam. He is Sam. Through and through and if they replace him… don’t know, a riot would break out. We have to keep Solomon in! I agree with Tieste, we should do the same for him as we did for Taylor.
    You have my support Solomon!!

  19. They should let him continue playing his part. What sense would that make to totally change the actor who has already been in the first movie. How unfair would that be to Solomon because even though he had only one line, he should still be able to play the role that he was cast in. I hope they let him continue to be Sam.

  20. New SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Good interview. I always like how Solomon comes across in interviews–he seems like a smart guy who shares the values of the character he plays. He gets my vote!

  22. what software do i need to download to be able to read it???
    please answer!

  23. I think he should be in the movie, but not as Sam. I don’t think he looks old enough, or is big enough to be Sam. I think he is a great guy, but I really think they need to get a big burly guy for the role of Sam.

  24. solomon damn well better be back. he’s amazing.

  25. he’s not hot enough to be sam…. he is just as young looking as taylor (yea team taylor πŸ™‚ ) he is supposed to be older! i feel bad because he is dedicated to the role (WHICH I LOV!) but unfortunately i think i might be happier if they replace him sry ;-(

  26. i agree with marie πŸ™‚ good compromise πŸ™‚

  27. Solomon is fantastico! Such a great guy! It is absolutely inexcusable that Weitz and Co. have not contacted him. What’s he supposed to do, clear his schedule and wait around and then possibly not get the part?! It’s freaking less than a month before shooting starts, AND the cast is going up to Vancouver for prep work. GET SOLOMON HIS SCRIPT, HE DESERVES IT!!!

  28. YES! we didnt see a lot of him in the first film. and i think he can do a really good job being sam! CANT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!

  29. i didnt really think he did that great of job in twilight….he just doesnt seem like sam to me…well i dont really care if them keep him or if they get someone new, it doesnt really matter

  30. I want both Solomon and Krys back. Give some new actors their big break! There are plenty of parts to go around and these two are authentic.

  31. I didn’t think he was Sam. I thought the two with him at the beach were Quil and Embry???

    Why would he be hanging out with Sam? Sam was dealing with becoming a vampire by then – he was all angry and confused…don’t think he was Sam… then again I don’t have the credits to go by.

  32. Cynthia — In the book, Jacob *does* go to the beach with Sam; in fact, Sam is the only other Quileute boy named in that chapter. πŸ™‚

  33. I don’t think he should be Sam nor do I think Summit intended him to be Sam considering we were never introduced to him as Sam in the movie. He may bne dedicated but he’s just not Same. Sam is MUCH taller, older, wiser and bigger than Solomon. NEW SAM!!

  34. Love him! =) He needs to be back for the rest of the series.

  35. Solomon is exactly how I pictured Sam, and his approach to the role is respectful and accurate. He looks so much like the Native American boys I grew up with – young, with the ancient eyes of a people with a strong culture and stories older than the white culture that overtook theirs. Don’t replace him!

  36. Devon061381 says:

    I will be EXTREMELY upset if Summit doesn’t have Solomon reprise his role as Sam. I hope they’re reading this! I just cannot stand actors being replaced for whatever stupid reason. I’m nervous though because obviously he has no script and the Cullen actors seem to have theirs already…

  37. Of course I want him back!

  38. he is freaking hilarious!
    mutant teddy bear uprising!
    hahaha!but seriously he rocks
    he HAS to be Sam for the rest!!

  39. I wonder if Summit realise how much attention Solomon gets from sites like this full of fans? I mean, they know he had his teeny tiny role… do they see past that at all? He seems so dedicated. I’ve not seen any hint of anyone getting so into their role, really, to a point where they match him. I hope he keeps his role, he seems like such a nice guy, I want to keep hearing about him πŸ™‚

  40. I admire his dedication, and would like to see him continue as Sam. Whether he was named in the scene or not, Sam is the one who said that the Cullens didn’t come to the beach. He was saying Sam’s lines, so he’s Sam to fans of the books. The more continuity the movies have, the better, especially since they’re filming them all so close together.

  41. Not to be mean, he is a great actor. But sam is 18. Solomon Trimble just does not look 18. I would love to see him as one of the other pack members, just not Sam. Also i picture Sam as bigger and more buff.

  42. It seems a bit cruel to keep encouraging poor Solomon with these interviews when he most likely has not been recast.

  43. Solomon Trimble is definitely not Sam. I think they’ve made enough casting mistakes. Please don’t make another!

  44. i really hope soloman stays!!

    also, they just mentioned twilight and rob on american idol!!! i squealed like you cannot believe LOL

  45. Solomon Trimble is perfect for the role of Sam!!! We have to get a petition to Summit so they understand that Sam’s character should not be recast. Let Solomon play Sam in the rest of the Twilight movies!!!

  46. Haha. That story about his most memorable fan encounter was funny. Lucky girl.

  47. You are a class act, Solomon, no matter what. I am proud of your effort and attitude regarding the books and movie we all love.

  48. He’s… alright.

  49. I want Solomon to stay Sam. πŸ™‚

    On a COMPLETELY different note, ROBERT PATTINSON was mentioned on American Idol tonight!! Randy said that the last singer had some “Robert Pattinson from Twilight” in him. THEN, when Ryan Seacrest got on stage, he was like “So, Randy thinks you have some Edward Cullen in ya.” It was SO great! Especially because Seacrest likes Twilight. It was all so awesome. And even though he was just mentioned, it TOTALLY made my night. πŸ™‚

    And…sorry for the randomness of this comment. Had to get that out of my system. πŸ™‚


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