Bronson Pelletier Confirmed in New Moon Cast

TY to Lexiconer Sarah for the heads up on this one.

Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier’s agency has confirmed that he has landed a “major role” in New Moon. The question of the hour of course is which one.  His resume includes a stint on Discovery kids DinoSapien where he was 19 when he gave this interview.

Canadians will recognize him from the series Renegadepress where he played the role of Jack Sinclair.

According to Wikipedia (which we realize isn’t always accurate) Bronson is a Native American First Nations(Apparently the right term for the majority of indigenous people from Canada. We stand corrected.)  member of the Plains Cree tribe.

So, Lexiconers, let the speculation begin. Given his age and background, who do you think he is going to play?

TY to Lisette who tracked down video. You can see Bronson in the first 15 seconds or so.


  1. Quill or Jared?

  2. Quil? Embry? Haha idk. But cool, I guess.

  3. cool news!

  4. Jared. He looks like a Jared. 🙂

  5. Could he possibly be playing sam?

  6. Sethhhh!
    lol i dunno, he is a bit old, but he looks younger than he is. I guess if not seth, quil or embry.

  7. I’m 100% sure he will be Seth — what a cutie!!

  8. Hey Ashaleighhh
    I think Sam is taken, no?
    I guess it hasnt been officially confirmed that hes reprising his role, but i guess so.

  9. littleyellowporsche says

    is he Quil? Was Seth in New Moon? maybe jared. I am waiting for Paul and Quil and I dont really see him as Quil. Quil is a pretty big role in New Moon

  10. Tanya.

  11. soozabooza54 says

    i’m just going to put it out there – 1)i’m totally pumped to hear all the casting decisions, but 2)doesn’t this thing start filming in, like, three weeks? seriously, why don’t we know the cast yet?

    aka i am impatient! 🙂

    oh – and this kid is a total quil. can’t you just see little claire smacking him on the head… “i want dat wock!”

  12. Paul or Quil?

    Could pass for a Seth though…

  13. ooo he would be an awesome quil!! possible seth

  14. He looks too old to be Seth, but maybe Quil or Embry. He better not be Sam though because I want the same guy to come back that was in Twilight.

    I pictured Seth a lot younger then how Bronson looks, but who knows.

  15. hmmmm u know what i think he shud be paul

  16. It’ll most likely be Quill or Jared–that is if Sam and Embry are going to be played by the same actors. And since it says “major role” then I’m going to take a big guess and narrow it down to Quill! 🙂

  17. Seth is in new mooon. when bella has dinner at the black’s, seth is there and bella says he hangs off of jacobs every word.

  18. I would have said Seth. He looks young and would make a cute shape shifter. BUT, since he is going to be in New Moon, I would guess Paul.

  19. At
    you can see a few shots of him in like the first 15 seconds, and hear his voice too. 🙂

  20. All I can say is NOT SETH!!!
    He’s waaaay too old. Other than Jacob, Embry, and Sam though, he could be anyone.

  21. I think this is an interesting tidbit, he might be seth but seth isn’t prominent in new moon…maybe quill

  22. i’d say quil or embry.

  23. it’s not embry or jared. embry was in twilight and jared is already to be confirmed to be Brandon Michael Vayda. if its seth im gonna cry.
    seth needs to be someone boyish and really lovable. i think it might be paul

  24. Ms.EdWaRd CuLlEn says

    any of the shapeshifters( the wolves) except jacob and sam

  25. thanks for this news, iv added it in my new moon news

  26. I think he would make a great Jane.

  27. Oooh I found a better video of him:

  28. Oh please not Seth. I imagined him much younger, and, uh, cuter. Heh! That guy looks funny with his pout, not that I’m being mean. He could be Quil, or Embry, or Paul, or Jared. Just not Seth, I’ll be disappointed.

    @Piss- Hahahahahaha!

  29. I know that everyone thinks that he is going to be one of the wolves but I kinda think that he might not be…his management site does say

    “Congratulations to BRONSON who scores a lead role in the highly anticipated “Twilight” feature film sequel “New Moon”. It’s rumored he will be co-staring with Dakota Fanning.”

    Thank makes me think he might be a vampire actually…any thoughts?

  30. lol i’m going to say quil 🙂 ahhh, this is so excitingggg

  31. @ Lissete-After seeing that second clip I’m thinking Quil. He’s too “nice guy” to be a Paul…

    @ sooza-“No poopooh.”

  32. I think jared.
    He looks like a jared to mee

  33. Hmm, personally, I don’t think any of the wolves have a “major” role in New Moon aside form Jacob, they’re just in a few chapters.

    Quil and Embry are in the scene with Jacob looking at the motorcycle the first time, the Quil again when he tries to follow Jacob. The pack is seen on the cliff when they go to ride the motorcycles for the first time, but that’s from a distance. The there’s the one chapter where all of the wolves are together at Emily’s, but the rest of their appearances are just glanced over, like them sitting in the truck waiting for Jacob to leave Bella’s.
    None of those seem “major” to me. The wolf with the biggest role, aside from Jacob, would probably be Embry, but I think Bronson looks more like a Paul.
    Hadn’t they already picked Embry for Twilight? Krys something? He’s not even listed as in Twilight on IMDB and was credited as “Jacob’s friend” in the credits, that made me sad, I think he makes a good Embry.

  34. Lynn, yes, this is why I’ve been thinking Quil too! 🙂

    Bneff, both wikipedia and IMDB say that he is in a Native American tribe. You could be right, but that’s why everyone thinks he’ll be a werewolf.

  35. Sakura-Miaka says

    I think he looks like an Embry to me or Quil…. Either of the two…

  36. Bneff has a point, a vampire would make more sense if it’s a major role. Perhaps Demetri or Felix, then?

  37. Keri Lynn, you’re right, Krys should have actually been acknowledged as Embry. I love Embry! It’s too bad…hmm now I’m having second thoughts. I thought they wouldn’t consider the new guy as Embry because I thought Embry was already taken by Krys. But since Krys didn’t seem that important, it’s possible that they may replace him! :O

  38. I’d say he’s either Quil, Paul or Jared.

  39. why wouldn’t they cast him as a werewolf?
    he IS native american after all!
    he just doesn’t look like a vampire to me. he looks like a snugly warm temperamental puppy dog
    I’m thinking either Quil or Jared.
    he doesn’t look quite like a paul to me. not fierce enough.
    come on, look at that face! that face would not attack Bella.
    yeah. he’s gotta be Quil. maybe Jared.

  40. im going with jared or paul…

  41. Oh I’ve found an interview here:
    It’s from you just click on his video on the sidebar.
    Haha okay I think I’m done searching for more stuff about him now. ^__^;

  42. Hmmm, he looks like a Quil to me.

  43. lol…and just because he IS native american doesn’t mean he will automatically play a wolf,

    Personally I’m going with a vampire…if you actually read a description of Felix or several other vampires they are still described as having darker skin but being pale

  44. Native Girl says

    I know that no one on this site really cares but it matters to me. He is a native canadian from the Plain Cree Tribe and Askinootow First Nation in Canada. He is not a native american. Screw you Summit!

    We mean Native American in the sense of North America being a continent and his heritage (according to reports) being linked to the indigenous people who settled here on this continent who in our experience their ancestors were nomadic and didn’t recognize Canadian, USA, Mexican, and Central American borderlines. The term “Native American” is applied here given this understanding.

  45. I think he’s Quil. He looks like a Quil.

  46. I am thinking Seth. Just because in my opinion Seth is one of the biggest werewolf roles. If not Seth, than hopefully Quil. He looks like a good fit for either I guess.

  47. I think he is going to be Embry or Quil. He is too old to be Seth and too young to be Sam. I honestly doubt they will put all the werewolves in the movies. probably just Sam, Quil, Embry, Paul, maybe Jared Seth and Leah is my guess.

  48. oh and Jacob of course!

  49. Hmm… I automatically thought a werewolf. But I agree, he could be a vampire. When I thought werewolf – I immediately thought Seth, for some reason as soon as I saw his picture, he looked like how I always pictured Seth. But agreed, Seth doesn’t have a “major” role in New Moon – but maybe they plan on casting him for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn too where Seth’s character is more visible? Perhaps. If not, my vote is for Quil. Now, with the little information we’ve been given, being cast as a vampire isn’t totally out – most of us assumed with his Native American background, he’d automatically be cast as a werewolf. But if they turn the tables and cast him as a vampire, my vote totally goes to the role of Alec. He’s not big enough to be cast as Felix or Demetri, but Alec could work.


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