Hot Topic Guessing Game, Hint Number 2

Last week we announced that Hot Topic will be giving away a prize to someone who can guess what their clues are leading up to. We’ll be selecting a random winner from someone who has played along by commenting each week, and who gets the answer when the final hint comes out.

In case you missed last week’s entry and the full explanation of exactly what we are talking about, you can catch up here.

Now on to this week’s clue, what do yo think it means?

“Twilighters, we hope you are still thinking about last week’s hint…because this week’s hint is “Prom.”  Not sure yet?  Keep thinking!

There is a super cool surprise in store for you on the day of the launch party!  Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order your very own copy of Twilight on DVD!”


  1. Im so thinking the new neckalce on hot topics website. The heart one that says jacob on one side and edward on the either side, it has an arrow so you can spin it and choose your favorite. They both heart bella and were at the prom. Thats my guess.

  2. from that clue, i’d go with the prom dress kristen wore in the movie, but that doesn’t really go alond with the first clue.

    maybe some kind of piece of jewelry?

    this is hard.
    hopefully the final clue will be a little easier to put all the clues together

  3. Is this offer just for the readers of the twilight lexicon blog, because if it isn’t, I might have to scale down my crazy ideas to something a bit more realistic. Tee Hee Hee. Maybe it will be a still shot from the movie signed by edward and bella….hmmmmm

  4. um i have would have to say probably bella’s braclete that she got from jacob because he hearts bella and there is a heart on that braclete but its from edward. or i would have to say maybe even bella’s engagment ring possibly so i think either one guess i will just have to wait till the next clue

  5. I think that one of the guys who hearts Bella might take the winner to a twilight prom at one of the conventions, I still think that the I heart Bella is a t-shirt though.

  6. well, wut comes to my mind is Iron & Wine Flightless Bird, American Mouth
    idk y, it just does

  7. ummm…. Well maybe it is a Bella doll Because it
    say “I heart Bella” and “Prom” so maybe it is Bella in her prom dress or something.

  8. Hmm, Prom, well, since the last hint was “I Heart Bella”, I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with her dress that she wore to Prom in the movie… interesting

  9. Maybe Jacob action figure dressed in the prom getup??? That would be sooo awesome…Twilight guys are the best! I wonder if that could be it because he does “heart Bella” too??

  10. Im still thinking the bracelet with the heart and wolf, because jake showed up at her prom, so the second clue would represent jake.

  11. In looking at last week’s hint, I wonder if it’s got something to do with Alice dressing up Bella for Prom, whom Edward is taking, and later Jacob will be at the prom to give Bella a warning..

  12. It say “I …..” and I think that means they are talking about us.

  13. Not jacob

  14. But I am still think it is a a Doll of Bella in her prom dress

  15. How many hints will there be??????

  16. ok i think it could be the prom dress that kristen wore in the movie

  17. I thought it might be her dress. Guess I’m not the only one. Or even better, A TRIP TO SEE ROBERT PATTINSON ONLY TO GET THE CHANCE TO RE-ENACT THE PROM SCENE WITH HIM AS BELLA!
    AHHHH!! THAT sounds so awesome right now 😀

  18. Okay… prom… I heart Bella… okay.

    I still think it has something to do with some piece of jewelry. It’s the sweetest thing when a guy gives you something before the prom. So maybe it’s some sort of necklace with a replica of the corsage that Kristen wore?

  19. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    I’m gonna say either Bella’s prom corsage or maybe you can take like a prom picture with an Edward stand-up thingy…IDK

  20. Hmmmm…. I think that the film cell they give away might be from the prom scene. Or there’s a prom deleted scene that they’re going to show. I don’t think it’s the bracelet or the conversation hearts anymore though so my guess last week is out. 🙁

  21. I think it’s going to be an autographed copy of their (Edward and Bella’s) Prom picture.

  22. probably…some kind of jewelry item. probably a bracelet.

  23. maybe its like a makeover or something, cuz i love bella=alice and prom, alice gives bella a makeover.
    hmm or something to do with mike, but i dont know what that would be

  24. Cliffdiver10 says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I know what it is! It’s our very own walking cast…
    maybe not…

  25. Maritza R. says:

    I think it has to do with Alice, Edward, or Jacob.
    Alice, because she loves Bella and she picked out Bella’s dress.
    Edward, beacause, obviously, he loves her and went to prom with her.
    Jacob, because he loves her and he went to prom(because of his fathr).
    I think it could be the Cullen’s Jewlery or Bella’s charm braclet.

  26. Probably their DVD release party will be prom themed. Or some sort of prize package where they arrange all your prom stuff, including Bella’s dress and shrug and jewelery and all that. 🙂

  27. Cliffdiver10 says:

    Wait a minute…Maybe it’ll be the release of the Alice action figure. Weren’t they releasing that sometime soon?

  28. I think it is something to do with a I heart bella themed prom!! well…sucky answer, yesh, but it’s all ive got!!

  29. Still maybe the bracelet, signed autograph picture of the prom……I need more hints!!!!!!

  30. is it maybe one of the two heart necklace at hot topic of of them haveing an arrow with Edward AND Jacob on it and the other one says i dream about being with you forever. or a pin that says nothing will be the same…those are what i think.

  31. maybe its…the prom dress from the movie!!!!or..i dont know..but that would be kinda cool!!!!!!!

  32. katie Cullen says:

    Is it the twilight prom they had in forks around valentines day…..cause the ” I heart bella” could have to do with the sweethearts conversation hearts that they have 4 twilight now….. Hmmmmm did u get it right??????:F

  33. I think that it has to do with Edward and Alice because they both love Bella and Alice got her ready for prom and Edward took her to prom.
    Maybe it can be a picture aurographed, from the prom, of all three!!!

  34. i’m not good at these I say extended prom scene.

  35. Maybe it is the bracelet that Bella wore to prom. Or some related merchandise.

  36. I think its because Jacob said that bella looked pretty and he”hearted” her in the dress

  37. ok so im guessing it the scene at prom were edward is about to bite bella and he say i love u … or there making a bumper sticker w/the prom the background and the words i <3 bella…. thats my guess ill be back later to guess something else thats all i got for now.

  38. i think it has to do with edward and jacob during prom cuz they both “i heart bella”

  39. Her prom dress maybe??? I don’t know! The first was “I HEART BELLA.” This one is “PROM”. Both Edward and Jacob are at the prom and love Bella. Definitely need more hints! LOL.

  40. probably scenes from prom where all of the cullens are there, because im pretty sure they shot that and it just didnt make it into the movie

  41. I’m guessing, since it’s something at the stores, that there will be life-sized cutouts of Jacob and Edward in prom wear to have your picture taken with.

  42. Chloe Cullen says:

    Hmm.. Well, I’m pretty sure they said the prize was for everyone, or at least it will be at every store, so I’d say that has to rule out movie props/cast appearances. Maybe the release party will be prom-themed? Or something with Edward and/or Jacob… New merch?

  43. I Heart Bella + Prom – I think it has to do with a signed poster or replica leg cast by the cast of Twilight.. Since, Edward loved Bella so much to save her life and then took his love to Prom even though she wore the awkward cast!

  44. Maybe you win bella’s prom dress and the bracelet Edward gave her…

  45. hmmmmm
    maybe dancing? or maybe bella’s flowers she wore… a corsage? idk gersh

  46. okay so the first clue was “i heart bella” heart like a beating hart? and then “prom”… so like probably a heart in a prom dress.

  47. I still think it has something to do with Edward (bc he loves Bella) and for this weeks hint I it has something to do with them at Prom…

  48. Maybe its an Edward doll in his prom tux? Grrr…So confusing!

  49. Maybe its a Jacob doll in his white shirt and loose tie from the Prom scene! But yea, the idea that they’re going to release the Alice doll then seems like a logical idea.

  50. i know that everyone was asking bella to the prom and they all ‘hearted’ her. i think it has to do with all of the people who like bella.

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