Hot Topic Guessing Game, Hint Number 2

Last week we announced that Hot Topic will be giving away a prize to someone who can guess what their clues are leading up to. We’ll be selecting a random winner from someone who has played along by commenting each week, and who gets the answer when the final hint comes out.

In case you missed last week’s entry and the full explanation of exactly what we are talking about, you can catch up here.

Now on to this week’s clue, what do yo think it means?

“Twilighters, we hope you are still thinking about last week’s hint…because this week’s hint is “Prom.”  Not sure yet?  Keep thinking!

There is a super cool surprise in store for you on the day of the launch party!  Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order your very own copy of Twilight on DVD!”


  1. I think it has to do with edward and jacob, like and autograhp (autogpah by robert pattinson or taylor lanuter) picture of when they were at the prom. Since they both heart bella and this week’s hint is prom,then that’s what i think!:)

  2. A ticket to one of the Twilight conventions! Lol that’s a suck-ish guess.


    Bella’s prom dress?
    That doesn’t match “I heart Bella,” though.
    At first I thought it was those Sweetheart candies. But that doesn’t seem to be it.

  3. First comment!

  4. Brandi Grant says:

    Okay so Jacob “hearts” Bella and Billy bribes him to go to Bella’s prom with $20. So maybe the prize is a $20 gift card to HT?

  5. i agree that it has something to do woth edward and jacob

  6. I guess that Eric–Justin Chong will be spinning tracks at the party–doing a satellite welcome/video conference or something.

  7. bella’s prom dress? jacob hearted her in it.

  8. Honestly i think its going to be like a bracelet or something? or a dress, or like Brandi Grant said a $20 gift card to Hot topic!! imma keep guessing.

  9. Last weeks hint was I heart Bella and this one is prom. Somehow I think that it has something with Alice (she would say I heart Bella and a pic of the doll has been shown) and the dress that Bella wore at the prom. Maybe they are giving away the exact dress that Kristen Stewart as Bella wore on the prom in the movie. I don’t know or it could be something else like what sharley says, Hopefully the next hint will help more.

  10. okay I heart Bella + Prom
    So someone that went to prom that hearts bella
    either Edward or Jacob.
    Even Eric or Mike would work but they dont heart Bella, they lust her.

  11. Dang, I thought I had first comment. Lol

    I think that each hot topic will have a prom or have one of the actual outfits from prom on display. Or maybe even an extended prom scene viewing at each store!

  12. Cendrillon says:

    I still guess Necco’s Twilight Sweethearts.

  13. last2right says:

    I am still confused about whether the hints have something to do with the book or the movie since the prom scenes are so different! But since it is the movie release, I guess that maybe it is the dress the Bella wears to prom in the movie…. maybe…? We need a really good third hint!!

  14. i have no idea so i’m going to just stick to my first guess which was the sweetheart candy

  15. Hm, hm…

    I’m going to say some Twilight corsage or something. Or maybe, some new songs from Edward to Bella! 🙂 That would be nice…

  16. I heart Bella,….and Prom……hmmm

    I still say that it has to do with the products produced.

    So I’m gonna guess that it’s a prize pack with movie memorabilia from Prom scene and the Twilight Candy hearts

  17. hmmm, okay I’m revising my answer.

    It’s got something to with Robert AND Taylor!!!

  18. OOOHHHH!!!


  19. I am sticking to my guess and saying maybe they are giving away Bella’s bracelet at each party.

  20. bella’s bracelet? because on it is the two people that REALLY love bella

  21. I think there will be some new footage of Kristen and Robert during the Prom scene. And then the I love Bella part…maybe Edward does something that shows his love for her? I have no idea…

  22. I stll think it is the NECA heart necklace that says, “I dream about being with you forever.”

  23. I am still going with Merchandise, but at this point, I can’t be more specific. There are not enough clues, and the last one could put a whole new spin on everything. They already put out two prom t-shirts, so I doubt it is that.

  24. Maybe there is an extended prom scene included on the DVD?

  25. emmettslover says:

    well tyler hearts bella and he wanted to take her to the prom….so….

  26. Mollie Kate says:

    to emmettslover:



  27. Maybe they will be showing exclusive deleted scene/s?

    Haha. Hottopic is really driving me crazy. I hate riddles! ;D

  28. I still believe it will be a new piece of merchandise that Hot Topic will be selling. Maybe a poster collage or their version of Bella’s dress, or the bracelet. I’m really interested to find out what these clues lead up to..

  29. Maybe a Bella themed prom or prom item for your high school Prom,

  30. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    Well, then it’s more than likely something like a signed poster of the prom scene, like, when they’re dancing and stuff…

  31. i still think its jacob or edward
    or a piece or jewlery

  32. Hhhhmmm… I guessed an edward doll last week but I think I am going to change that this week. Maybe they are having a chance to win a date with Robert Pattinson. Like he would go to prom with whoever wins? I still need the other clues, but this is what I’m gonna guess this week.

  33. Jacob!!! He showed up at Prom!!! Plus, in week one the hint was: I heart Bella (or something) and he *hearts* Bella!!! Plus, he’s less obvious than Edward.

  34. “I (heart) Bella” = Jacob, Edward, Mike, Eric, etc.
    “Prom” = $20, dress, photo (remember when Edward & Bella took their photo under the arch?)

    So…maybe they will have a pic of the prom scene with Edward or Jacob or BOTH…

  35. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says:

    i agree with stephenie

  36. Individual says:

    hmmm…maybe the person who guesses right gets to meet tayler lautner or robert pattinson. Both Jacob and Edward ‘hearts’ bella and they were both at prom…haha hard guess!

  37. I still guess Necco’s Twilight Sweethearts. Maybe the Converse she wears to the prom. Idk I need more clues!

  38. Haley Pattinson says:

    it’s the Edward doll wearing his tux from the prom! we’ll have to see if I’m right. Edward loves bella and if he wears his outfit from prom then it would match the clues.

  39. I think it could be something she was wearing during prom. some sort of jewelry? a necklace from the movie or something?

  40. Malia Cullen says:

    Ok…last week I said Bella’s bracelet with the heart charm. This week I am going to switch to the necklace (sold by Hot Topic) that is in the shape of a heart and says, ”I dream about being with you forever”.

  41. oh it’s a Jacob black doll – dress in the clothes he wore to see Bella at prom!

  42. i dont think its her bracelet
    because it has nothing to do with prom
    my guesses are really not that good
    but it has too do with edward and jacob because they both went to prom and love bella…

  43. I think it has to do with Jacob because Edward would be the obvious one and Jacob loves Bella and he visited her at the prom.

  44. Hmmm… well it might have something to do with the candy conversation hearts. I could see both of those words being on them. Or maybe some Bella merchandise? Since there’s tons of Edward and Jacob merch, maybe they’ll be getting in Bella merchandise. Otherwise, I just don’t know. But I’ll keep guessing!

  45. I think maybe this means they’ll be having a prom theme going on. Maybe like the Eclipse Proms only now with the movie merchandise involved. Like that maybe the store will be decked out for Twilight prom with prom decorations and cardboard Edward’s galore. Unless it’s an item and so maybe the item is cardboard Edward all dressed for prom or something.

  46. Is it the film cell you receive from Hot Topic when you purchase your DVD there? According to HT’s website, you get 1 of 250 different film cells taken directly from the movie when you buy the DVD from them. Maybe thats what this is all leading up to. An autographed film cell to be given away, perhaps?

  47. it photocards?

  48. “Prom” and “I heart Bella”. I still think it has to do with Edward or Jacob. Both love Bella and both were at Prom. But, I’m not really sure what it has to do with them yet. Maybe, autographed DVD’s.

  49. Necco sweethearts don’t go with the prom, so that’s out. Bella’s bracelet seems like a logical choice and so does the “dream” quote necklace, but i have a feeling it’s something not so simple and maybe not quite so tangible. it’s pretty out there but a prom appearance by either Rob or Taylor WOULD fit the clues.

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