Hot Topic DVD Release Party Surprise, Hint Number 1

This just in from the folks at Hot Topic, take a guess at what the hint means in the comments. (We’re currently asking for clarification from Hot Topic, but there might be a prize involved for whoever guesses right.):

Twilighters, are you ready for some awesome news? Good, because Hot Topic wants you to hang out with us and celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD! What sounds better than hanging out with fellow fans and being a part of the phenomenon that is Twilight? Nothing, so don’t miss out!

We also have a surprise in store for you on the day of the launch party! Hold on – we can’t tell you yet. But we’re going to give you a new hint each week. Will you be able to figure it out?

Hint: “I Heart Bella!”

Edit: We now have clarification from Hot Topic. I’m going to quote them directly (actually our questions and their answers) because I so don’t want to mess up the wording here:

LEXICON STAFF: You’re giving out a hint a week and this week’s hint is “I Heart Bella”.  So people need to guess this week by responding to our post what that hint means and a random whoever guesses it right gets a prize?

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: I will be sending a hint out every week.  Today’s hint is I Heart Bella.  People need to ponder and guess what it means and you guys can decide by the fourth hint who ever guessed it right, let me know, and they get some Twilight stuff : )

LEXICON STAFF: OK, so let me get this straight, so after four weeks of hints, whatever the hints are leading up to is a cool something or other and after week 4 we pick someone as a winner who we think guessed it right?  Sorry to be dense but I’m going to get flooded by emails and comments from users.

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: It’s something really cool for everyone (meaning something to do with something surrounding the Twilight DVD and Hot Topic that everyone who visits a Hot Topic can appreciate, not that every single person who guesses will get a prize***)  but who ever guessed it gets Twi Merch.

So here is what the Lexicon is going to do to be as fair as we can be.
If you want to be eligible to win, you have to play along and comment on each week’s hint thread. Then when it comes to the final hint, we’ll pick a random winner from the commenters.

***This info in parenthesis is a Lexicon clarification, not Hot Topic’s words.


  1. AriLovesEdward says:

    I heart Bella? i have no clue

  2. guest perhaps?

    someone who loves bella.

    thats alot of possible people

  3. A necklace?!?!

  4. maybe it’s not a person…but an object….maybe it is the heart charm edward gives bella? they are giving those away??? hmmmm…..

  5. I would assume that means the raffles that have been rumored to be being held will include A necklace .. perhaps the heart shaped one most recently released or a new one… I would assume as well from Rumor that it is perhaps the Edward dolls which I heard they may be including int he gift bags they are going ot be handing out.

  6. Maybe they got some of those candy hearts early on?


  7. Mayyyybe there’s an Edward-look-a-like at every party?

  8. My first thought would be a heart necklace…
    Yeah, that’s all I got. x)

  9. I was thinking maybe they would be giving away Edward Cullen dolls. Since Edward hearts Bella. lol.

  10. bet it’s robert pattinson

  11. what if robert pattinson is coming to one of the release parties? im sure EVERYBODY would appreciate that

  12. Maybe Bella’s Bracelet with the heart charm…
    <3 JACOB <3

  13. Yea, I’m thinking the heart necklace or maybe Bella’s engagement ring or something along those lines…

  14. Well it does say that it will be something that everyone can appreciate.. so.. I leaning toward a person. And there are quite a few people who “heart” Bella. Perhaps they will be having certain people at the parties like they did at the listening parties.. hmm..

  15. Ok…I’m gonna guess that they’re going to have Cast members/Steph do a live satelite visit w/ all the stores. Like there will be a big TV in every store hooked up w/ a live feed of the stars, and they’ll be chatting w/ everyone.

  16. A Bella Doll

  17. I Heart Bella- sounds like a bumpersticker to me! 😉

  18. The only thing that I can come up with at this point is Bella’s bracelet. The one she got from Jacob with the wood carving and the heart shaped diamond Edward gave her as the hand-me-down from his mom.??? Other than that I am clueless.

  19. I was going to say essentially what Laura said.
    I was thinking Rob and/or Taylor live via satellite.

  20. ouuuu! a cast member broadcast around the world would be cool, and her bracelet would be awesome but it doesn’t happen till later – not in Twilight. So my guess is:

    a heart shaped sticker of Bella and Edward. 🙂

  21. bellas bracelet

  22. are we guessing a person that loves bella, or a hot topic merchandise? im confused; i give up.

  23. Laura Rosenberg says:

    “I Heart Bella!” – Edward, of course! So something Edward related – sticker, keychain, action figure, etc.

  24. I’m saying Edward. He did jab his venom into her heart. I’m taking the literal approach

    Ummmm has anyone got the right answer yet, Lex?

  25. I definetley think its the bracelet that Jacob gave bella with the carved wolf on it with the heart charm that Edward gave her later on. Thats my best guess until we get another hint =/

  26. I believe its probably something like the bracelet with the diamond heart on it.

  27. I’m going to guess a satellite broadcast or even a cast member present at the stores. I don’t know! 🙂

  28. NewMillenium says:

    Heart is another way of saying love. Edward loves Bella, but they used the word heart instead of love for some reason. Then again didn’t Edward give Bella a heart to show his love? Riddle=Edwards glass/diamond heart charm.

    lol. that’s the best I could come up with XD Or maybe it’s just a candy heart that says Bella on it 😉 Do we have to put all of the hints together to get it? Or can it be solved with just one?

  29. hannichick says:

    I also think it is Bella’s bracelet…

  30. Well, there are so many answers already and they all seem right to me. I’m not sure if I’m geting this right, but here’s what I think.
    If it’s about who will be present at the release party, I think it could refer to Jacob. Or Alice. I don’t think Edward would say it like that. Another person that would say that in my opinion is Tyler Crowley ^_^’
    It could be a place, too. Somewhere Bella fans could gather at the release.
    Or, if it’s an object, none comes to my mind but the diamond heart Edward gives her, so it might be a hint of the prise.
    I think I could come up with at least 50 more explanations, but I’ll leave it to that.
    Good Luck!

  31. Hmmm… Maybe it’s a life-size Edward cutout. Because he loves Bella.

  32. Either the Twilight-themed conversation candy hearts that were mentioned a while back, or some sort of jewelry. 😀

  33. Maybe a piece of jewelry with Bella’s name on it and hearts? Or some shirt with Edward and Bella with a heart on it somewhere? I don’t knwo. THis one is kind of vague.

  34. theoretically, all you guys that seem convinced it’s the bracelet could be right. but think about it – would they really skip ahead to another book for a contest involving the movie based soully on the first book?! how much sense does that really make? basically none, in my opinion.

  35. I think that it is a shirt…like the I heart NY shirts it will be a I “heart” Bella shirt

  36. I’m thinking something to do with either Edward or Jacob….Jewlery or hmmm dolls? I’m dieing to know!!!

  37. I think it’s someone who loves Bella…something to do with Edward maybe

  38. Yeah; all i got is the diamond bracelet. But I don’t see how they can give those to everyone :\

  39. I have the I “heart” boys who sparkle shirt…maybe it’s something like that?

  40. Cody Wompus says:

    So, I think that by saying “I Heart Bella” maybe they’re planning on giving away a bunch of Bella related things. I know that when I “Heart” someone, I try to take on their style. Maybe “I Heart Bella” is just the theme.

  41. my first thought was the bracelet, so i’m going with that. let’s just hope the wolf charm comes with it… ;D

  42. Amber Pederson says:

    My guess is the heart charm that Edward gave to Bella. 😛 It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

  43. AriLovesEdward says:

    the bracelet does make sense….hmm I dont know its too soon to guess

  44. uhhmm… ii think its the bracelet Edward gives Bella!! because the hint is “I Heart Bella!”and the word heart is clearly written if it was love then it would have been different..

  45. it has something to do with the Team Edward / Team Jacob debate…

  46. I bet it’s a T-shirt like the ones that say ” I <3 New York”
    Instead it would be like I <3 bella

  47. I agree w/ moremoi. Think about it guys…this is a TWILIGHT party, so why would anything that has to do w/ New Moon be involved? Besides HT would never give away the bracelet, they need that for their collection of 56,589 things for NM merch. LOL I think I’m right and they’ll have Kristen, Rob and Taylor do a live meet and greet. LOL

  48. I do think that the bracelet is a valid answer for the first hint, as well as the idea of it being a theme or a shirt. But what if its like a gift bag of merchandise from each of the cullens and Jacob, because they all love Bella, just in different ways than Edward.

  49. **correction EC merch. 😉

  50. Morgan Cullen says:

    Im not sure what the product or event will be, but I’m guessing that the message “I heart Bella” is from either Edward or Jacob’s perspective. I don’t think this new product will be a piece of clothing since they already have sooooo many shirts/sweaters out. The crystal heart charm Edward gives Bella, or some kind of crystal heart perhaps?

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