The Vancouver Sun has an article about yesterday’s casting call.

TV Guide has an interview with Sarah Clarke.  She talks about her new show Trust Me, 24 and Twilight, of course.


  1. Cool the casting calls sounded awesome!
    I am excited to figure who everyone is gonna be. I am on the last 45 pages of Breaking Dawn, and I am dieing to know the full cast of the Vultri.

  2. Jess Cullen says:

    Where is Vancouver at? And the casting call was for what character(s)?

  3. Oh crud… glad I wasn’t one of those people. Can you imagine driving/flying from Florida and then getting turned away? 🙁

  4. Jess Cullen- Vancouver is in Canada. :]

    That would HORRIBLE being turned away, like that! I have to feel pretty bad for those people.

  5. Wait, what conversation between Bella and Embry was the article talking about?

  6. amie (vampwolf) says:

    HEY, where did all the lexicon shop stuff go? I remember there being alot more.

  7. lirael cullen says:

    yup! it is a proud moment for Native Americans around!!! *yells war cry* hahah jk… man though i feel bad for the people that were turned down.. hope the firefighter guy gets it or is at least considered.. 😀 it rocks though!!

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