Red Carpet Photos

Here is a small collection of photos that were taken from our red carpet coverage.  At 53 seconds the person is Perry Farrel who contributed to the sound track. 


Some things to note now that I have had time to process it all.  The actors are all incredibly kind and took the time to stop and talk with us even though they were supposed to be heading inside for the premiere.  Kellan Lutz has the most amazing presence and pictures do not due him justice.  Simply mentioning the word Twilight among the crowd that had gathered could induce ear shattering screams (Kaleb tested out this theory).  I am sure there will be more as my brain decompresses and I actually get sleep.  Enjoy the pictures!!  


  1. ah i love this thanks!

  2. Michelle R. says:

    Thanks so much for the video! I’m counting down the days until I get to watch Twilight. The cast looks amazing! What a bunch of good looking people! Especially Rathbone… what a cutie!

  3. lirael cullen says:

    Nice video!! hahah see!! i told you Solomon was there!!! ^_^ woohoo all right “savage” way to take a step in the spotlight!!

    *Oh just take the fall
    You’re one of us
    The spotlight is on
    (Ahh ahh)
    Oh the spotlight is on, yeah it’s on*

  4. “Savage”???? Where’s the respect Lirael?

  5. Love it!

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