Premiere Day!!!!

OK here is your premiere update directly from LA.  I just went to drive by the theater so that when I have to arrive for press coverage I can be prepared.  The scene is crazy.  The four blocks around the 2 theaters, where the premiere will be held, are over flowing with people.  Literally there are lines around all 4 of them with hundreds maybe thousands in each.  Fans of all ages and even guys have lined up to try to gain entry into the fan watch area.  Below are some pictures of them setting up the red carpet and the fans waiting.

I will be heading out shortly to get my place on the carpet and hopefully a few interviews.  Yesterdays podcast was amazing!!!!  The actors were incredibly nice and Peter, even though he had to leave, went down the signing line to make sure everyone got an autograph that was supposed to.  That footage should be up soon.

More to come from premiere day later!!!



  1. OOOOMMMMMEEE I would give ANYTHING to be there!!!!!

  2. I can’t even read this. Learn to type, honestly.

    Two typos on something she posted largely using her Blackberry, I’m thinking she’s doing pretty well.

  3. thanks a lottttt
    i wanna be there so muchhhhh

  4. If I was getting ready for the Twilight premiere correct spelling and typos would be the last thing on my mind. My hands would be shaking so bad.

  5. Joanne Maria says:

    Guys, have a great time…wish I was there with you!!!

  6. mollie kate says:

    Okay, what I really want to know is…. what about school for these people? I mean there is going to be at least a good majority of teenagers in the lines, so seriously, why aren’t they in school?

    >> I might just be nit-picking because I’m like, really jealous. nolie.

    D: nothing ever came here to Georgia. at all.

  7. To all the twilight fans that go visit oceanup from time time. Oceanup has been writing stuff about kristen stewart lately ; I just want to know if what they are telling about her is true or not because i’m seriously freaking out over here !

  8. Wow, I got excited from just looking at that red carpet….FINALLY!

  9. Jenn: It’s not that bad….

    Tangent: my brother told me that AIM was showing Twilight advertisements now. I didn’t see it, and by the time I got to his computer it was an ad for Netflix… but that’s what he said.

  10. lirael cullen says:

    Aha!! It’s finally here!! Wow i wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ahhhh i wish i could be there!!i love robert so much he is so frickin hot!!!

  12. mollie kate says:

    I just read some of the stuff, and it sounds really iffy to me. Like, really, Kstew can be a bit blunt…but what they are saying is kind of over the top. I’m wondering how much they twisted her words to make her sound like a bitch.

  13. OMC! I would so love to be there! I wish i lived in Hollywood. I hope you guys will be able to get an interview with Taylor Lautner. =]

  14. omg i wish i was there…. i am gunna have to wait till friday to see it!!!

  15. this is just making me so jealous!!!!!!! I want more spoilers!!!!! haha I am dying to see the movie!

  16. ok i know i probly sound reallllyy stupid..but the movie premiere is tonight in la for the cast and celebs and there is limited viewing for regular pple? im sry, i think i totally missed something with wen the premier was.

  17. THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! can you guys believe that we can say we get to see it on Friday not a week from friday or in a month or something!! It’s this week!! I’m sooo excited. I know I am!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jordana: What are you asking??? I’m confused

  19. Is anybody on here in Salem???????
    And If you are, are you going to the midnight showing at either of the local theaters?

  20. Edwards Singer: ok so theres this premiere TONIGHT? there will be a showing TONIGHT? or not tongiht..idk. nvm..i will figure it outt !

  21. […]Obzirom da je prosla ponoc i da je vec 18. novembar, za par sati u Los Angelesu pocinje veliki dogadjaj. Naime, u 6,30 pm po lokalnom vremenu, sto je oko 3,30 h ujutru po nasem vremenu, pocece Twilight Movie Premiere Day. Radi se o, kako je navedeno, “red carpet event”, odnosno prvom zvanicnom okupljanju glumaca i ekipe, koja je radila film. Kako su tekle pripreme mozete pogledati na:
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  22. I just had to post this, because I’m amazed.
    I’m from Canada, and I live in a fairly small city-type place of maaaybe 100,000. In a year of living here I have yet to see

  23. ugh! cursed computer. sorry about the spliced comment**

    I have yet to see any movie OTHER than Twilight to be sold out on premiere day at the Theatre here a week in advance to showtime.
    Even The Dark Knight had tickets available right up to showtime…
    Go Twilight!!

    Oh and they’re even doing a 10pm release party preview thing on Thursday night, and I didn’t even think this theatre would do that. Yay!

  24. Showing for the stars and people who worked on the movie!

  25. XvampireloverX says:

    *tears* i wanna be there!!! *throws tantrum* oh well, i guess ill just have wait till the midnight premiere….*thinks of robs face on the imax screen*
    **DROOLS** XD

  26. Devon061381 says:

    Jordana – movies have a “premiere” in that they are shown in LA/Hollywood the week they come out in the theaters, celebrities go to see the movie premiere, paparazzi are out in full force, the cast walk the red carpet, etc. That’s the “real” premiere. But they also refer to the first day Twilight is in theaters as “premiering” – it’s a little confusing.

    It’s about 7 pm on the East Coast, and already I’m watching some live coverage – no interviews yet, the video is just streaming views of all the fans waiting and screaming outside and photographers getting set up and taking pics of the fans. YAY!!! 🙂

  27. Live feed is working.

  28. thank you!
    you’re so lucky!

  29. I want 2 go! says:

    I live like an hour away from there! There were a bunch of people who weren’t at school today, I wonder if they were there. I know like 1 or 2 people who went….. i wish i did!


    does anybody know if the premiere is going to be broadcasted on any TV channels?


  31. lol so many ppl viewed the images that photobucket said bandwidth exceed 🙁


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