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Yahoo movies has a special Holiday Movie Guide especially for Twilight.  They have great information about the book to film adaptation as well as exclusive comments from Catherine hardwicke.

In advance of the premiere of Twilight, the highly-anticipated movie based on the wildly popular teen vampire book series, ReelzChannel – "TV About Movies," will feed the frenzy of enthusiastic fans with "Twilight Week," November 17-23. All week, ReelzChannel will devote all of its original programming to the eagerly anticipated first movie adaptation of the phenomenally successful book series by Stephenie Meyer. The novel, Twilight, has been on The New York Times bestseller list for 65 weeks.  You can read the entire article here.

Twilight’ Stars, Director Give ‘Spoilers’ On Johnny Depp, Tree Climbing, Vampire Baseball And More.  Check out MTV’s first hand account of what went down!


Instyle has a whole section dedicated to Twilight.  Be sure to check in with them tomorrow when they reveal their Twilight Photoshoot.



  1. lirael cullen says:

    Aha… MTV pulls it off again.. awesome interview! i loved how jackson taunted the crowd as he kissed his “wife” and everyone just rocks! They’re like one huge family and it makes me happy with relief and everything!! They’re thankful for the fame and always remind everyone that it doesn’t change who they are!! Ahhhhhh.. love you guys!! Can’t wait for the movie!!

  2. First!

    That looked so fun…the MTV spoiler! Loved the cast and Cathrine….all so nice!

  3. well I guess second! LOL!

  4. That on Yahoo Movies is so great! Like a short ID of all characters from Twilight Saga. It`s really great and very useful.

  5. Alu Rathbone says:

    New Moon + Johnny Depp = A MUCH BIGGER FANDOM!!!!

    I hope they cast him and he’s cast as ARO!

    Johnny would make a fantabulous Aro!!!!

  6. lirael cullen says:

    Alu that would be awesome if they got Johnny Depp. He’s done a lot of awesome roles and i’m sure he’ll pull it off again..

  7. genuinesmile says:

    Johnny Depp would be a quite interesting choice…wouldn’t have thought of that myself. MTV definitely gets awesome interviews…i love the chemistry they seem to share…like a family bond. Taylor is super adorable…the whole being james and finishing it off was such a ‘Jacob’ answer it made me laugh. I’m so freakin’ excited!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. That was so great! I loved to see the the chemistry between them all and I thought Jacob was so great! Still an Edward fan, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Can someone put the mtv spoilers video on youtube please?

  10. MSN Has a “Lost Twilight Script” feature that I thought people might be interested in:


  11. StinaCullen says:

    Not really sure if this has been posted, and I’m just a moron… but Vanity Fair put up 13 new pictures from there photoshoot with cast…. ADORABLE one’s with Rob and Kristen ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. StinaCullen says:

    Maranda — OME!!!!! I laughed my butt off the entire time reading that!!!!!!! That was the funniest thing ever!!!! They made “Edward” HILARIOUS with all the ” Volvo” Comments!!!!!


  13. whooho Instyle! finally.

  14. Freakin Loon says:

    Maranda –

    Thanks for the link! Hilarious.

    Favorite: LAURENT: How is it that I am the only single vampire here? Everyone’s seen my abs, right?

  15. haha that was hilarious XD. everyone should go and read it ๐Ÿ™‚ http://movies.msn.com/movies/galleryfeature/lost-twilight-script/?photoidx=1

  16. Taterbuggy says:

    Yeah go read the msn lost twilight scripts. they are hilarious

  17. hahaha naomi and Maranda-

    oly lord it was FREAKING HILARIOUS! i laughed the whole time.

  18. haha yeah, I loved the volvo comments and when bella says about her dad and handcuffs XD

  19. MiharuSkii says:

    Johnny for Aro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. bumblebee33 says:

    wait. is this what’s going to be on tomorrow night on MTV or just an interview?

  21. Edward'sLamb says:

    are ashley greene and jackson dating in real life? They would be cute:)

  22. Youtube it, someone? :'(

  23. I wonder if Jackson has a crush in Ashley…

  24. I just watched the MTV Spoilers Q&A, can I just say Jackson Rathbourne sounds like ELVIS!

  25. Dano ~ I thought the same thing about him sounding just like Elvis!!!
    He’s so cute with Ashley, “my wife”



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