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We have just updated the following pages:


Werewolf Mythology:
Appearance (minor addition)
Strength (minor changes)
Becoming a Werewolf

We also have brand new items courtesy of Silly Bella that are not to be missed Charts on Genealogy.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the charts.



  1. Yay! Thanks for the updates! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2008 is gona be great!

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    Thanks for the charts, Silly Bella!
    That must have been a lot of work.

  5. Those charts are amazing! Thanks Silly Bella!

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  6. yay, finally some info on the wolves (thanks silly bella)

    however, i found a little mistake in the appreances part of the werewolf mythology. it is said that the colour of the wolves fur is radom, but didn’t it say in eclipse that it had to do with the man they are inside?
    pg 251: ” ‘that’s why sam is all black,’ quil muttered under his breath, grinning. ‘Black heart, black fur.’ “

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  15. Billy isnt mentioned under Jacobs family?

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    this is amazing! repeditive but still true.
    sadly, i found an error. in Jacob’s bio it said that he was 6’5″ based on NM, but in EC (i think it’s chapter 3) it says that he is 6’7″

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    This is why I love the Lex. 😀

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    By the way, Tainted Tea did the artwork on the current pack genealogy. She did a wonderful job (and so quickly — I had it back in less than twenty-four hours!) She did an amazing job, so don’t leave her out when it comes to praise. Her artwork is spectacular!

    Also, a note about the picture itself. I found a picture of a Quileute ceremonial wolf mask and Tainted Tea used that as basis, so the depiction of the wolf and the markings on the human face are authentic Quileute design.

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