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Stephenie posted the following on MySpace. Our admin team here has the same feeling (see the post from two days ago). Give the person a chance, and if you are going to critique someone, critique them on their acting not because they are a quarter inch too tall or their eyes are blue.

Also, yes there are a million rumors circulating right now as to whom Edward might be. No one (as of this posting) has signed on the dotted line yet. When it’s a 100% certain deal, (just like was the case with Kristen) we’ll let you know.


For anyone who’s visited my site, this is not really news. After reading through your comments, though, I felt the need to reiterate a few things:

1) I did not choose Kristen Stewart to play Bella. Summit films choose her. I’m happy with their choice, but it was never up to me.

2) Similarly, I have no choice in the matter of who will play Edward, Alice, or any of the other characters. I have made suggestions, but no one at Summit is obligated to listen to my suggestions. They’re nice enough to let me bug them, but even that is more than I contractually have the right to expect.

3) Begging me to choose a good Edward is a waste of your typing time.

But since we’re on the subject of Edward, I’d like to give you all a little advice (the same advice I’m giving myself). To my knowledge, no one has been cast for the role yet, but here are some things for us to repeat to ourselves daily as we wait for the news:

1) Do not expect the actor who plays Edward to fit your preconceived notions of the character. No one is that perfect; that’s why he’s fictional.

2) DO expect that the actor won’t "look like Edward" to you. Try to be open-minded about that. Headshots lack the magic of makeup and lighting; they aren’t going to convey what the actor might look like on the set.

3) Do not expect a name you’re familiar with; do not expect the guy in your lexicon banner (who is probably too old, not a good enough actor, or not interested anyway).

4) No human actor is pretty enough to really pull off a vampire. What we are hoping for here is that magical element of screen charisma that makes all the difference in the world. Example: Pirates of the Carribean. Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn’t. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner. Some actors can own any scene they’re in. Let’s not focus so much on the perfect face (which no one is going to be happy with regardless); let’s hope for an inebriated pirate. I.e. someone who can own a scene like Johnny or Joaquin or Jonathan Rhys, someone who will make us forget he’s not quite pretty enough to be a vampire.

Here’s my wish: that, after we find out who is going to play Edward, my comments page is not awash with "I can’t believe they picked HIM!"-s and "John Doe is the real Edward and no one else can do it!"-s and "I hate him! I want him to die!"-s. Can we give him a chance to become Edward? Can we let him try to convince us? I’m keeping my mind open. I hope I can keep my comments page open, too 🙂


  1. i like bein open minded but i dunno what to expect..i think i might have set my expectations a little to high for my on good on who would play Edward,well now i know to see it in a different way..i just hope they don’t take the best scences out of the movie!! xD LoL..GO TWILIGHT!!YOU ROCK STEPHENIE!!much love to you..LoL

  2. im ashamed and kinda disgusted to believe ppl would leave such immature comments on Stephanie’s myspace. but w/e.

    i hope she does Bella justice. XD.

  3. October-Minded says:

    I’m with Stephenie on this one. At first I found myself disappointed with Kristen, but then I thought about it and she is a great choice for the roll. I think we all just need to calm down. It’s impossible to please everyone, so we might as well be open-minded about the whole thing. 🙂

  4. stephenie you rock and now that i read twilight, new moon, & eclipse i cant wait for the fourth in the series…no rush or any thing but I`ve already read them 2 times and im on my third

  5. Well, I am rather fond of whom the chose to play as Bella. She has played in many goo, no great films in the past and can prove herself. It isn’t like Summit is choosing the actors from one person… they are working hard and trying their best. Everyone sees Isabella Swan differently. I mean when I read the book she looked nothing like Kristen Stewart in my mind. Everyone! saw Bella in a different way. Personally I think she will be a great Bella… that is my opinion and honestly I think everyone should think that because she has acted as Bella yet and no one knows, but it is better to see things in a good way first thought. Especially if you loved the book as much as I did.
    Stop with all the nonsence of saying she isn’t good enough. I think she will do fine.
    Plus, it is not like she can’t act, it is not like they can’t change the color of her eyes, and the height oh well, it isn’t the end of the world. Seesh. Just be as happy as I am. =D Stop all the harsh talking and disagreeing please.

  6. broken_soul says:

    I can’t describe the excitement I have for this movie! I am worried about Edward just like everyone else, but I think Open-minded is a really good way to go. Lets all try to be mature while we express our obsessions :p
    Stephenie Meyer is my hero… next to Edward of course (jk;)

    I agree about Alice too. Rachel Leigh Cook is a great actress and I really thin she could pull Alice off. But I trust the crew to make the right choices for the actresses and actors.
    It’d be nice to fastforward to the release date…. *dreaming…* I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t own the first three~(maybe I could try getting out of Forks.. ;)…………..nah! Its way too fun there.

  7. broken_soul says:

    please excuse my wonderful typing skills :p

  8. Ok, I totally agree with that! People totally need to be cool about the whole thing because we don’t know how it is going to turn out, but I think Kristen will be fabulous! But see, that is just my opinion. We have to count our chickens AFTER the hatch!!!

    Also, just one little random thing, does anyone know about a Colton Haynes? I guess he was in CSI, but does anybody know what else he’s been in? He is SO geourgus! This is what Edward looks like to me! Here’s a link:,%20Colton

    does anyone agree?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Anyway, he is georgus, but I won’t cry and bawl if he doesn’t get picked. 🙂

  9. I totally agree with Stephenie. No one will ever be prefect for any part. But I think who they choose for Bella is great. Kristen Stewart is a great actress and they wouldn’t have choosen her if she wasn’t good. Now I am not saying that I didn’t think other actress would have done a good job. But Kristen was one of one’s I had hope to be Bella so I am happy. And so who ever they choose to be Edward or Alice, I will be happy. Even if it’s not one of the people I want to play the part. I am still going to give them a chanse. Some of you people just take this stuff to seriously.It is a really good book being made into a movie. Ya you don’t want some really bad actor playing the parts, but some of you just have to chill ok? Take a deep breath. In and out. It is not the end of the world. Plus if really like this book you wouldn’t be complaning and just be happy there are making the best book in the world into a movie. okay? So be happy. Plus those people that are chossen the actors have been doing this for years.

  10. Edward Cullen says:

    woo-hoo!!! go stephanie! but seriously guys, i am kinda sick of everyone being mad about Kristen getting the part. nobody is going to force you to see the movie, and if you dont like who they cast as Bella or myself, stick to the books!

  11. I really hope they will do great casting job like all those Harry Potter movies.Gary Oldman as Sirius Black..Alan Rickman as Snape..(only exception is 2nd Dumbledore.Totally miscast)
    Everyone has their own image of Edward,so no actors can be a perfect Edward.Simple as that.
    I like Kristen Stewart since I went to see her “Zathura” with my kids.
    (yes,I’m a mother of two and still cry for Jacob when he is begging Bella not to go away from him)
    She was very funny in the movie,especially when she threw a piano at alien lizards,shouting “Lisa (her character) is upstairs!!”
    She can express Bella’s great sense of humor and strong will to protect the people she loves.

  12. Edward Cullen says:

    Yeah, That’s what i thought, i mean, like i said before, keep it positive and open minded!!!

  13. i completely agree.

    after all, if they chose kristen to play the part, they must have good reason for doing so and i’m not gonna argue about it. ^^

  14. I honestly hope they get the closest thing to Edward they can find and of course the best actor. But i think they did a good job on Bella andd hopefully on Edward.

  15. vampirelvr says:

    stephenie, i now realize that you, as well as pel and everyone else, is completely right. i was one of those people who said “UGH she cannot be bella!” and i am now very embarassed that i did that. i would just like to apologize right now. i will try to keep my mind as open as possible for the reast of the cast

  16. i think kristen stewart will be a perfect bella! good casting! great book!

  17. Dude Colton Haynes is perfect. Thankx a lot krista now im gunna be mad if anyone else gets the part. arg

  18. coldplayfan says:

    Bravo, Summit. Two thumbs way up for Kristen Stewart. I wish her the best!

    As for the others, Emme Rossum would be a superb Esme and Colton Haynes does have the Edward vibe goin on. I really don’t think Rachel Leigh Cook is the best choice for Alice but it really doesn’t matter what I think.

    Whoever is cast, perfect or not, the books are still the same wonderful pieces of literature we all feel in love with.

    Thank you Stephenie for your voice of reason.

  19. Kristina Cullen says:

    Kristen Stwart is perfect for Bella. When i just heard that Twilight would be a movie i was think that Kristen Stwart would be perfect. and honestly i’m just happy that twilight is going to be a movie.

  20. vampirelover(literally) says:

    stephenie meyer, you can give one hell of a speech, and to Kristina Cullen, i couldnt agree more about twilight being a movie. and to all those who have issues with kristen stewart, then please dont complain about it to the rest of us poor souls. THANKS…

  21. It took me a while to get the end but I think I read the book too early because by the time you finish the next book I will probably forget and have to read it again but it is a really good book and kept me reading even though i hate to read it is a really interesting book and i can’t wait until the next book comes out and the suspense is overwhelming

  22. i wish i could.
    sadly i can never find your actual my space account.

  23. After seeing Speak this weekend I can totally see Kristen as Bella!

  24. can anyone give me the link to Stephanie Meyer’s acutal myspace page.
    i had it.
    lost it.
    and i would really like to see what she has to say on her page.

  25. “Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn’t. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner.”
    AMEN!! lol, yeah stephenie is amazing..thanks!

  26. natalie_13 says:

    stephenie meyer you make one hell of a good point. and i completely agree with every word you said.

    and also, i’m tired of people bitching about kristen. i absolutely adore her. and stop saying she doesn’t look like bella. nobody looks like her, because she doesn’t exist! we all have different images that come to mind when we read the books. so shut the hell up. ugh. thank you.

    haha sorry.

  27. Stephanie Meyer, I absolutely love your books and I have to tell you that Edward is the best aspect of the Twilight series. Obvious right? Well, I know that I have a preconcieved notion as to how Edward should look, but I should tell you that whomever gets casted as him should be as close to perfect as one can get to Edward! I keep having images of Gerard Way, but according to your website, you don’t want him. Sad, but Gerard is bout as perfect as you can get. May I suggest Jared Leto? It wouldn’t be too hard to give him the copper hair…and he is beautiful. He’s pretty awesome in independant films, as well. Or how about Zac Efron! He’s gorgeous!!! Just some suggestions! Thank you

  28. or think of someone close to river pheonix!

  29. even though everybody is tired of hearing suggestions. jeremy sumpter would be perfect for edward… in my point of view. now it’s off my chest i feel better now.

  30. i love your series and can’t wait for book just a random suggestion i think jeremy sumpter would be a great jasper

  31. hopefully the series will be finished b4 the movie comes out so that that actors don’t ruin our imagination of the characters. \
    ex.: how many of you picture Hermione in Harry Potter as Emma Watson?

    well anyway.
    i think Steven Strait would make a perfect Jacob Black. I honestly think he’s perfect. One problem: he’s 21. And looks it. So i DOUBT thatll work but one can dream right?
    But he IS the very image i’ve always imagined as Jake when he went thro that damn sexy growth spurt as a werewolf ;]]

  32. How long exactaly does it take a movie to be made? Estimate: when do you think the movie will come out? i am just so dang anxious!!!

  33. Well, not to be a bitch or anything, But you sort of had this coming, Stephenie.

    You really shouldn’t have posted a casting list who you see the characters as. No other author who has had a successful book has done such a thing (to my knowladge).

    Back on track. Since you’ve posted your ideas of who the characters should be, you have millions of people picturing this because YOU wrote the book so therefor YOUR choices are best.

    In my opinion, you shouldn’t have even gone down that path to post your own casting list. Now that the movie is finally being cast, OF COURSE people are going to go ape shit over this. They want who you wanted.

    I love your novels, and your a brilliant writer. Your book is my bible, to be honest. I’m not bashing you or putting you down as a person. If I came here to do that i’d be typing out something very different.

    But you can’t blame your fans for acting this way. You fueled the fire.

  34. I agree Stephenie. You should be happy they are even having a movie at that. I was a little mad about the Bella in the movie, but when I tought about it no one would have been the PERFECT Bella for the story. I am looking forward to the movie, I am sure I will enjoy it! :]

  35. I agree, lets give this Edward a chance, but in my heart Edward will never look like the way any human being would, so just like Stephenie said. Edward is so amazingly good looking only a true vampire could fit his description, which is impossible because vampires do not exsist (sad to say.)

  36. i definately think that William Moseley would make a killer edward.

  37. Hey Stephenie,You Rox My Sox

    Yes any one will have thier own opinion
    Yes Any one can imgaine the characters in their own way
    Yes Edward is the most hardest character to cast but

    stephenie is such a great writer that she made him so beutiful and gerouis no one can be him,

    Much love


  38. Sorry, i was in a BIG hurry and i spelled beautiful and gorgeous wrong … you see i am never gonna be good as Stephenie if i keep missing those words. 😀




  39. I sent you a message on myspace, but since I’m just really understanding this, I guess you have no control. But I still believe Oliver Goodwill should be Edward.
    Maybe you can make that suggestion to Summit.
    But I do think Kristen Stewart will make a good Bella.
    But what you said is right.
    But I’m still rooting for Oliver Goodwill!


  41. .

  42. If I could marry Edward,I would! I wish all GUY’S are a GENTLEMAN Like Edward. He is so sweet!By the way I totally agree with Stephanie ( aka the genious who created the best books on the PLANET!)


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