Clearwater, Seth

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Seth Clearwater

Status: Werewolf

Date of Birth: 1992

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color:


Physical Description: Bella described him as having a “huge, happy grin” and a “long, gangly build” (EC11 p. 241) and resembled a younger Jacob (NM6 p. 149, EC11 p. 241). As a werewolf he is also gangly and has sand-colored fur (EC18 p 399).

Occupation: Protector of La Push, high school student

Family Members: Harry, father (deceased); Sue, mother; Leah, sister; Emily Young, second cousin

Nick Names:


Personal History: Seth was the youngest of the Clearwater family. Bella met him at a spaghetti dinner held at Billy’s house and noticed that he hero-worshipped Jacob (NM6 p. 150). Bella didn’t see Seth again until the Council meeting on the beach in June (EC11 p. 241) and noted his growth spurt. This growth spurt was due to his recent transformation into a werewolf. Seth and his sister both changed and it was such a shock to their father Harry that it gave him a heart attack (PC11).

Seth was too young to participate in the battle with the newborn vampires, so he was asked to stay near Bella to act as a liaison. (EC18 p. 408) Seth ended up playing a significant role in the fight when Victoria and Riley found Bella’s hideout. Seth dueled with Riley, faked injury to lure Riley into a false of security, and ripped Riley to pieces. (EC24 p. 552, EC25 p. 559)

Seth’s tag-team effort with Edward to defeat Victoria cemented their relationship, and Seth became a good friend of Edward’s. (BD1 p. 12) Seth attended Bella’s wedding (BD3 p. 50, BD4 p. 52-53) and was genuinely happy for Bella and Edward. Seth hugged Edward at the wedding, which slightly disturbed his mother. Seth also hugged Jacob at the wedding but this was to restrain Jacob before he lost control and phased due to the news that Bella would have a regular honeymoon. (BD4 p. 66)

Seth was the pack member that learned that Bella was still alive after her honeymoon but that there was something mysteriously wrong with her. (BD8 p. 158) Seth argued against attacking the Cullens, both before they learn of the baby-to-be (BD8 p. 160), and afterwards. (BD10 p. 202) Seth had to be forced by Sam’s alpha command to obey (BD11 p. 207) and when Jacob broke away from the pack, Seth almost immediately joined him. (BD11 p. 213) Seth figured out that two separate packs had formed with Jacob’s defection and went with Jacob to warn the Cullens of the impending attack. Both the werewolves and vampires mocked Seth for being “just a kid” and a “toddler” (BD11 p. 217, 221) but Seth’s efforts were also appreciated. Leah joined their small pack and Seth was disappointed that his big sister had joined the team. (BD12 p. 226) Leah wanted to protect Seth and Seth felt bad that Leah’s appearance bothered his idol. Seth told Jacob “I belong here. I DO like vampires. Cullens, anyway. They’re people to me, and I’m going to protect them, ‘cause that’s what we’re supposed to do.” (BD12 p. 229) The two packs met and Seth struggled to keep his emotions in check and his comments to himself. (BD13 p. 257) Seth felt comfortable with the Cullens and even ate at their house beside them (BD14 p. 279)

Seth was likeable by all who knew him. Jacob said Seth was “a good kid. Better company than some.” (BD4 p. 61) Edward considered him to have “one of the purest, sincerest, kindest minds I’ve ever heard.” (BD17 p. 343) Seth’s main character attribute was his unwavering loyalty. He even dove in front of Jacob to protect his head of pack from being pulverized by new vampire Bella, earning a broken shoulder and collarbone for his efforts. (BD23 p. 452)

Portrayed in the films by: Boo Boo Stewart

Prepared by: Lady Di