Chapter Ten – Scent

Chapter Number: 10

Chapter Name: Scent

Page Numbers: 214 – 238

Date of Chapter:  June 3, 2006

The Chapter starts with Edward leaving, because Jacob is on his way over. When Jacob gets there, Bella finds him wearing only his cut off jeans, and she is slightly put off by the fact that he always seems half naked. Jacob tells her that he has to carry his clothes around with him using a strap that is wrapped around his calf. Jacob decides to get to work and asks Bella where the intruder’s scent was the strongest. When she replies her bedroom, his response is similar to what Edward’s had been.  But Jacob goes up and inspects the area like he was asked to. When Jacob returns he says that he caught the scent.

As Bella washes the dishes, Jacob begins to ask her questions about her and Edward’s relationship, centering on how she feels about him being a vampire and when she is planning on being changed. The anger and sadness of her answer, and the fact that it will be so soon after graduation, causes Jacob to clench down on a knife in his hand and cut himself badly. Bella witnesses his ability to heal quickly and it leaves her astonished. Jacob invites Bella to the reservation for a bonfire party, and Bella tells him she would ask if it was ok. With that Jacob leaves and Edward returns from where he was waiting just outside the house.

Edward asks about the bloody knife Bella accidentally left on the counter after her bleach-filled cleaning frenzy from when Jacob cut himself, and she tells him what happened. Edward takes out a large envelope that he retrieved from her mail and hands it to her. Bella’s application from Dartmouth was accepted without Bella’s knowledge that Edward had even sent it in. Edward tries to persuade her to spend a year at school in an effort to put off her change for as long as possible, but Bella remains unmoved. Her mind is made up – and even waiting until graduation seemed too risky to her.

Bella mentions to Edward about the missing clothes and pillows from her room and asks him to ask Alice where she put them, but he is completely confused. He says that Alice hadn’t taken her things. That’s when the pieces click into place and he realizes that the same intruder that was in her room had taken things that contained her scent to bring back as proof that she had been found. When Edward’s phone rings, it is Carlisle and before Edward can tell him about the new development, Carlisle informs him that the situation in Seattle is getting worse – truthfully it is way out of control. Something needs to be done.   
Edward brings up the bonfire party, and Bella says that she wasn’t going to go because of everything that was happening.  Edward suggests that she go anyway because he knows she wants to. Before heading up to the rendezvous point in-between territories to meet up with Jacob, Edward and Bella go back to the Cullen’s garage to pick up her motorcycle so she can bring it back to La Push, where it belongs. She sees that Edward had bought a bike so he could ride with her. The comparison between the new, pristine bike that Edward bought and her beat up rebuilt bike serves as a comparison of her and Edward which makes her sad. Edward realizes that riding was something special between her and Jacob and plays it off as no big deal. His only request is that she wear the protective equipment that he bought her to keep her safe while she is riding. Edward takes Bella to the boundary armed with a cell phone so she can call him when she is ready to come home. Edward leaves her with a deep kiss for Jacob’s benefit and then drives off – but not before Jacob returns the favor by wrapping his arms tightly around Bella so Edward could see. And Bella is not pleased.   
Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black

Character Mentioned: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Emily Young, Kim, Quil Ateara, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, The Volturi

Places Visited: The Swan Home, The Cullen’s Garage, La Push

Memorable Quotes:
“Does my being half-naked bother you?” Jacob page 216

“We’re a bit sensitive to blood around here. I’m sure you can understand that.” Bella page 222

“Be honest, how hideous do I look?…That bad, huh?” Bella page 235

“No, no, Bella. Actually…You look…Sexy.” Edward page 235

Important Information learned:
Bella was accepted to Dartmouth, but she is bound and determined to send her savings to Alaska and be done with it.

The “visitor” took pieces of Bella’s possessions that contained her scent as proof he had found her.

Jasper has experience with Newborn vampires. 

Chapter Prepared By: Ambereyes