Chapter Eleven – Legends

Chapter Number: 11

Chapter Name:  Legends

Page Numbers:  239-266

Date of Chapter: Sunday June 3rd and Monday June 4th


Bella accompanies Jacob to a council meeting of the elders of the tribe, where she sees the rest of the pack, who welcome her as a friend. She is surprised to find Sue Clearwater and her two children, Seth and Leah, at the bonfire as well, and surmises that they must now also be in on the secret. After a lighthearted meal, Bella realizes it’s getting late and she needs to go home, but Jacob quickly lets her know the night is for more than fun.

The elders then tell the stories of the pack’s origins and legends that have been passed down for generations. While Emily takes notes, Billy tells the story of how the Quileutes came to be werewolves. They were originally spirit warriors, able to leave their bodies to defend their tribe, but when the last great chief, Taha Aki, merged his spirit with that of a wolf after Utlapa, a traitorous warrior, stole his body, the werewolves were created. They discovered that as long as a warrior chose to continue changing into his wolf form he would not age.

As Billy’s tale ends, Old Quil begins the tale of the third wife’s sacrifice. Taha Aki saw his third wife as his true mate and gave up his wolf form so that he could grow old with her.  After he had grown old, women in the neighboring Makah tribe began to disappear. The Makahs suspected the Quileutes because of their magic, so Taha Aki charged his eldest wolf-son, Taha Wi, to find the culprit. Taha Wi took five other wolves with him to search the mountains, but sent half the pack home when the trail they followed led them too far north. Tahi Wi and his two brothers never returned. Taha Aki went to the chief of the Makahs in mourning, and enmity between the tribes ceased. A year later, the disappearances started again. The wolves agreed to help the Makahs, and this time they found a male cold one feeding from a maiden. Only one wolf survived the attack, Yaha Uta, the oldest son of Taha Aki’s third wife. The cold one was hard as stone, fast, and deadly, and Yaha Uta lost his two brothers in the fight. He brought the Cold One’s corpse back to the village for the elders to see. The corpse tried to reassemble itself, so they set fire to it and separated the ashes into small bags, one of which Billy still possesses. The Cold One’s mate came to the village seeking revenge and killed the last wolf protector, Yaha Uta, as well as many of the tribe. Taha Aki turned into a wolf again in order to fight her, but he was old and she was too strong. The third wife saw his struggle and stabbed herself in front of the Cold Woman to distract her with her blood. The third wife died, but thanks to her sacrifice, Taha Aki was able to destroy the female. Afterwards, Taha Aki stayed with the body of his wife for one day, as a wolf, then and then ran to the forest and never returned. Over time, the warriors only changed into wolves if Cold Ones came to the area. As long as there were only one or two, the pack stayed small.

Old Quil tells of the coming of the Cullens and the pact made with Ephraim Black, saying that the number of wolves is greater due to their being more Cold Ones around than ever before. Bella feels an affinity towards the third wife and falls asleep thinking of her. Jacob calls Edward and Charlie for her, both to keep her out of trouble as well as ensure additional time with her as a reward for “playing nice.” Jacob takes Bella to meet Edward, who is pacing while he waits for her. Edward takes Bella home and stays with her.  Bella has a bad dream in which Rosalie is fighting Billy Black in his wolf form and sees the Third Wife’s knife in her own hand. She wakes to find Edward reading Wuthering Heights, a novel he previously claimed to dislike. As he lulls her back to sleep, he tells her that she is awakening human emotions in him, and that he can now relate to Heathcliff as he couldn’t before. The next morning, Bella remembers what Edward said, and finds her book open to Heathcliff’s declaration that he could never hurt Catherine by killing her husband, though he longs to do so. She talks herself into discounting the passage as being indicative of the change in Edward’s feelings.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Emily Young, Paul, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Jared, Kim, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Sue Clearwater, Billy Black, and Old Quil.

Character Mentioned:  Kaheleha, Taha Aki, Utlapa, Yut, The Third Wife, Taha Wi, Yaha Uta, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale

Places Visited: La Push and Bella’s house

Memorable Quotes:

“I guess. I’m so full I’m about to puke, but I think I can force it down. I won’t enjoy it at all, though.” –Jacob in response to Paul’s asking if he was going to eat the last hot dog

“Hey, vampire girl!”  –Embry to Bella

“What’s the best part? You swallowing an entire cow whole?” –Bella to Jacob

“So that’s why Sam is all black. Black heart, black fur.”  –Quil

“And your chocolate fur reflects what? How sweet you are?” –Sam in response to Quil

“Yeah, he’s not so patient, is he?” –Jacob about Edward

Important Information learned:

The Quileutes were originally spirit warriors.

Taha Aki was the first Quileute to merge his spirit warrior with a wolf and thus begin the werewolf line.

The appearance of the wolf reflects the man they are inside.

As long as the wolves continue to transform they will not age.

The third wife’s tale is the tale of Taha Aki’s wife and how she sacrificed herself so that Taha Aki could kill the Cold Woman.

The sweet scent of a Cold One burns the noses of the wolves to the point of pain.

The Cold Ones must be torn apart and burned in order to ensure that they are dead.

Billy Black wears the ashes of the first Cold One burned by the Quileutes.

Bella identifies greatly with the third wife.

Edward identifies greatly with Heathcliff.

Chapter Prepared By: Echo 1 and Spooncha