Chapter One – Ultimatum

Chapter Number:  1

Chapter Name:  Ultimatum

Page Numbers: 3-34

Date of Chapter: May 14, 2006

After receiving a heart wrenching note from best friend and werewolf Jacob Black, Bella seems more determined than ever to mend their broken friendship.  Charlie has decided to release Bella from her punishment under the condition that she not neglect her other friendships, particularly that of Jacob Black’s.  Bella agrees, grateful for the freedoms this will give her to both spend time with Edward, and attempt to visit Jacob.  Her freedom doesn’t include a visit to the nearby city of Seattle Washington, which is currently the setting for a rash of serial killings that  are Edward claims are the work of a vampire.
After Edward arrives for his typical evening visit the two spend time filling out college applications and revealing, much to Charlie’s dismay, that both have been accepted to Alaska University.   While pondering the wildlife populations of both Alaska and Antarctica, Bella gently broaches the subject of a visit to La Push.  A visit which Edward adamantly opposes. 
The two are left at yet another impasse as Bella is resigned to see her best friend and Edward has vowed to stop her.
Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen

Character Mentioned: Renee Dwyer, Jacob Black, Billy BlackAngela Weber, Ben Cheney, Alice Cullen, Victoria, the Volturi, Lauren Mallory, Jessica Stanley

Places VisitedThe Swan house
Memorable Quotes: 
"Doesn’t change a thing. Sorry" –Jacob Black
"Isn’t Edward up for a little healthy competition?" –Charlie Swan
"You and Billy gossip like old women." –Bella Swan
"Go away." –Charlie Swan
"I want to be a monster, too." –Bella Swan
"Well, I’ll live in Antarctica." –Bella Swan
"Penguins, lovely." Edward Cullen
"It’s a story about ghastly people who ruin each other’s lives." –Edward Cullen
"You have some serious issues with the classics…" –Bella Swan
"Is that what they think?" –Edward Cullen
"You compare one small tree to an entire forest." –Edward Cullen
Important Information learned:
Jacob misses Bella, and vice versa, but they struggle with the divide between them.
Edward fears for Bella’s safety around the werewolves.
Charlie doesn’t like Edward.
Bella and Edward were accepted to Alaska University.
Bella is paroled off of her grounding from the motorcycles, with the condition she not neglect her other friends, especially Jacob.
Charlie can’t cook.
Bella still longs to be a vampire.
It’s possible that a vampire is the Seattle serial killer.
Chapter Prepared By: Cocoa