Chapter discussion updates

I’ve added Chapter 20 to the discussion section.  You can participate in the discussion over at the message boards.

I’ve also added the character bio for Sam Uley as well as updated Billy Black’s information.



  1. Dawn whelpley says
  2. Dawn whelpley says
  3. Dawn whelpley says
  4. CandyCandyLee says
  5. Eclipse is going to be awesome!!!!

  6. I just got info on MTV studios making Twilight a movie the only problem is Stephenie doesn’t want any fan mail right now so if anyone has any way of caontacting her PLEASE let know the website is I need held. This Rest in our hands I think. Just get it to her some how okay please! That’s all.

    I have no idea what you are trying to say here exactly. Any info about the Twilight movie will come dirextly from Stephenie on her website. There is no new info on killer movies.


  7. Dawn Whelpley says

    I can’t wait for eclipse to come out. I just know it’s going to be great!

  8. Seriously!!!!!It is Dawn you rox my soxs

  9. AHHHH! TOTALLY freaking out. i cant wait until eclipse comes out. I keep on visiting Stephenie’s site for an eclipse excerpt but i can never find one. Does anyone know were i can?

    ~~There are no Eclipse excerpts to read yet.  Stephenie hasn’t posted any, nor will she post any until next year when the book is about to come out.  Even then, the only thing she will probably give out is whatever Little Brown picks to go on the jacket of the book.  You’re just going to have to wait.  Believe me, if there were anything for you to read, we would have a link posted here in the news section.


  10. Well…….akward silence…….Crickets!

  11. Crickets were? I am so excited I soooooo can’t wait I have it preorderd

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