More bio updates

I’ve updated the bios for Jacob, Alice, Carlisle, and Laurent to include information learned in New Moon.  Obviously, some characters have less to update than others.  I’ll probably do one major character change and a few minor ones every few days.



  1. I’m just saying that today’s my birthday xD I’m being really random, but yea……so I’m like new here and I’m really obssesed with Twilight and New Moon xD I find it strange that Bella’s birthday is only one day before mine….eh…o well….yes I’m being really random _-_x

  2. That is creepy, but VERY cool. If my birthday was right around Bella’s I would be like totally flipping outt!!! I love being random!!! It’s fun!!!!

  3. Awesome. Maybe on Carlisle’s you should include that he promised to change Bella after graduation? It seems kind of important, but I suppose you know what is most important in retrospect to the upcoming books.

  4. YAY! Bio updates!!
    Shouldn’t Jake’s bio say he is 6’5″ now??

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