Chapter Six open for discussion

Sorry for the slow delay on getting information posted.  Vacation and summer fun have been distracting me!  Bad admin!  Bad!  I promise to get back to work and keep the information rolling.

I’ve added the information on chapter six in the discussion area of the lexicon.  You can participate in our discussion over at the message boards.  We’re getting to the really good stuff now!  And I feel that I need to remind some of you that the lexicon is a spoiler free site, so those of you that have read New Moon and/or any of the spoilers for New Moon should be cautious when answering the questions from now on. 

And speaking of New Moon, I’m wanting to get a head start on the information that will be posted here once New Moon is released.  Before I can do that, I need you help in making sure I have the characters from Twilight covered.  Put your tracking skills into work and help me find all those minor characters in Twilight that don’t yet have a bio posted.  I plan on making a master list of the teaching staff at the high school, so you don’t need to give me the names of anyone at the high school.  Anyone else, however, is open for grabs.  If  it’s a very minor character with only one or two mentions in the whole book, please tell me what page you found their name on.  It will make my job that much simpler!  Feel free to post it here in a comment or e-mail the lexicon.





  1. I’m not sure this was what you were looking for but these were some of the minor characters of New Moon.  Let me know if you ever need an extra hand!


    Edited by Alphie – Thanks for that list, but I’m looking for TWILIGHT information right now to finish things off before I move into New Moon.  Sorry that wasn’t clear.  I’ll edit the entry to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  I took your list down becasue I consider some of those names potential spoilers. 


  2. alphie! when are you going to update your fan fic??? and by minor characters could that include Ben Cheney? i think he was angela’s date at the prom in the epilogue.

    Edit – I worked on Lion and Lamb today!  Two pages down…

    Ben is a great one to add!  Thanks!

  3. Alphie, I am soo sorry! I honestly thought you meant New Moon characters. EEK! I feel bad. Harry Clearwater though is mentioned in passing during Twilight though, so maybe you could use him. Once again, really sorry! Freesia

    EDIT – Don’t worry about it!  It was my fault for not wording it properly.  I fixed it and moved on.  Really – don’t stress.


  4. hmmm…you could also add jacob’s two sisters. and maybe the samoan surfer one of them married?

  5. Maybe that waitress from when Edward and Bella went out to dinner. Amber or something like that…

  6. Bella wannabe says

    you know what… i find it very disturbing that i cant think of anything off the top of my head, having read the book more times than healthy… but after skimming through pages that ive found to have random characters in i found these: ben and conor from the la push first beach trip on page 113, lee stephens on page 100 who also fainted in blood typing. ill re read it…again… and see if i missed lots of people. I LOVE EDWARD

  7. Hi!!!!!!

  8. jt_story says

    Er…what about the one geeky kid from the beginning, the one who tried to show Bella around…over-friendly person?? Heh, I tried to help, most likely failed =)

  9. jt_story says

    Okay I have a question and I don’t know where else to ask it.
    Anyway! How did some people already get to read New Moon? I really really really want to know seeing as I haven’t read it. So grr. Please answer, don’t be mad because I asked here, um…
    JT out 😀

  10. Alphie:
    You could always put down the teachers, like Mr. banner,Mr. Mason, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Cope, Ect. Oh yeah ILOVE YOUR FANFIC! It’s sweet.Keep working on it chat with you later.

  11. jt_story, they get ARCs, which are advanced readers copies. they’re mainly used for publishers and libraries to read beforehand to make the comments you usually see on the backs of books when they’re published

  12. Andrew-Loyde-Webber-junkie says

    I also have nowhere else to put this …so if I upset anyone sorry!

    – Ok Our beloved Edward’s 105th birthday is merely 14 days away and I see nothing about it posted anywhere on the Lextion or Stephenie Meyer’s Official Site! IF
    NOT FOR THIS DATE IN HISTORY WE WOULD BE FORCED TO LIVE WITHOUT HIM! (sort of… I think! I am not sure how charectors in a book apply with birthdates and existence!) Any ways it should be celebrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am done ranting now, I promise

  13. I’ll try my best to find some info, I’ll get on it right now!!!! Twilight forever!!!!

  14. jt_story says

    Thanks prosper, now I’m not so ajitated xD

  15. Anyone know roughly how long ago the meeting with Ephraim Black happened?