Full Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

Some very cool footage in this one folks! Let us know what you think in the comments. Tell us your favorite part and which scenes stood out the most to you.


  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    This looks absolutely AMAZING!! Once again, Bill Condon has outdone himself. Can’t wait for November! :D

  2. I liked it well enough, but I don’t think it’s the best trailer I’ve ever seen. There’s nothin in particular that bothers me, but it didn’t excite me the way other trailers have.

    My favorite part was actually Jacob saying, “Lots of red eyes around here.”

  3. I liked it well enough, but I don’t think it’s the best trailer I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing in particular that bothers me, but it didn’t excite me the way other trailers have.

    My favorite part was actually Jacob saying, “Lots of red eyes around here.”

  4. Wait, they’re going to battle the volturi?? In the book they prevented a fight.

    But I guess we should be used to them straying from the books. Oh well though, still looks like it’s going to be amazing.

  5. Yes, fighting!! No more standing around talking and debating like in the book. Action!

  6. Kristen looks so beautiful when she’s running in the last clip. Trailor looks great!

  7. jennifer says:

    QUESTION: At 1:04, after Demitri slams the guy into the wall and before the wolves walk out of the forest, there is a shot of a guy (?) in a black leather jacket & tall black leather boots climbing a tree, turning & launching himself off the tree at another person in another tree. Any ideas what that’s about? I tried pausing but it’s too blurry. The first guy is very light haired – one of the Romanians, maybe? But in what context?

    • very excited says:

      maybe it is a training scene

      • i wonder if its Edward hunting? it might not b, but as we see Bella at the start jumping etc on her first hunt it made me think that they may show Edward doing it as well, he is hunting in the book with her in the forest. its prob not but it is a possibility?

  8. very excited says:

    i don’t think the running towards eachother part is one of alice’s vision because if you look at the above shot at 1:10, it is clear that there are more people on the cullen side then just the wolves and the cullen family. if alice had seen that other vampires were coming to help, then she would have known there would be no fighting involved since it would no longer be necessary with the recruits. i could be wrong but it’s just a thought.

    also, is it just me or during 0:12 when they show a close up of bella’s red eye, does anyone else see the reflection in her eye as a figure of somebody standing in a doorway?

    • Yes I saw that. That could be Jacob. You know in the beginning of part two she attacks him for imprinting on her daughter.

    • jennifer says:

      My thought on the reflected person in her eye was Edward when she “wakes up” after her transformation is complete. My finger isn’t fast enough on the pause button to catch it. (:

  9. charlotte says:

    Vampire Bella WOW so excited now:)

  10. Best 1 minute and 19 seconds of my life…..

  11. the trailer is always the most exciting part and then 2nd is reading all the comments and how excited other ppl are and what their thoughts are about it :D

  12. OMG Vampire Bella Edward Renesmee Jacob more Vampire OMG

  13. Is there a 1080p version of this available?

  14. It went by too fast :( i need more than 1 minute!!!!!!! i think i need a slow mo version to keep up cos so much amazing stuff just happened n i want to soak it all in :P i don’t no how many times I’ve watched it now :P noticing different things each time….

    oooooooooooooo i soooooooooooooo want it to be November now so i can see more, or even just comic con or September when the next lot of stuff is going to be released, whenever that will b. they’ve really made us wait to long for this :S why did they have 2 make us wait a year??? they should have released it in July, not release it in November, its just cruelty plain cruelty :P if it was a July release we would only have 2 wait another month but no we hav 2 wait another 5 months :( (cries to self) …

  15. CullenCoven says:

    One thing is wrong with this.


    Like seriously, did he borrow that from some high school marching band that he murdered? C’mon! I was expecting suits and nice, nondescript clothing like in the other movies, not Black Parade outfits.

  16. Chills!! Can’t wait!! This just may be the best yet!! Kristen looks AMAZING!!!

  17. The more I watch this trailer, the better I like it. I understand the focus on the “action” aspect of it. The suspense of the Volturi situation is what alot of the movie is about, so it makes sense that is what was shown. I love the look of the whole end showdown scene and really enjoyed seeing all of the new vampires. All in all, great teaser! Can’t wait to see the full out trailer!

  18. Aileen Leon says:

    AHHHHHHH. Saw till today because I had no internet, but this awesome !!!!!!!!! Sort confused becuase of the ending, it looks they will fight but I hope thats when alice comes in.

  19. All I can say is YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! LOVE IT!

    Cannot wait till November! My heart’s beating so fast!!!!!!!

  20. I totally love the trailer, can’t wait for the movie. BUT, I just can’t see Renesmee looking as old as she does. They place her in her crib to lay down, they show here in a bed because she looks about 8 years old or older. It just takes it away from the book. There really wasn’t a reason why they had to do that. I wonder why Stephanie allowed that. I just can’t get through that. Everything else looks great.

  21. I wish people would stop bellyaching about the fight at the end. It was leaked months ago that the battle is actually a vision that Alice has. She and Jasper show up with Huilen and Nahuel to stop it. She lets Aro read her thoughts where sees the vision [in which he's one of the first to die] and it leaves him distressed, so he calls it off.

    Even if this weren’t the case though, I think it was needed for the movies sake. I, for one, was HIGHLY disappointed that there wasn’t a fight at the end of Breaking Dawn, the novel. There should have been. It was so anti-climactic the way it played out and a huge let down. Also, Bella got it too easy as a vampire. She should’ve struggled the way the others had to. It wasn’t fair that she magically got to be this perfect superhero type for the family when she hasn’t once thanked them for anything they’ve done for her.

  22. Morgan Gregg says:

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! im in love with the trailers and im excited to see this side of Bella she looks amazing!!!! Although I heard their was going to be a different ending, thats its supposed to be the ending this saga deserves, but i really hope they dont make it so Alice and jasper dont come back. they probably wont but i do hope they give them a big part because they are two of my favorite characters and they are absent for most of the film. ill just have to wait and see. GO BREAKING DAWN……….PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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