Full Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

Some very cool footage in this one folks! Let us know what you think in the comments. Tell us your favorite part and which scenes stood out the most to you.


  1. First! OMG!!! I’m gonna be late to school cause I’m watching this! Totally worth it. This looks AWESOME!!! Vampire Bella=badass! I LOVE BILL CONDON!!!

  2. Awesome! So psyched!

  3. I love it..its awesome better than I hoped it to be.

  4. Ah! Can’t wait for November! Love vampire Bella!

  5. That was one cool trailer!!! I predict a huge opening weekend for this one. Bella rocks as a vampire wife and mom!

  6. I am sooo watching the midnight showing…why does november have to be sooo far away?

  7. Bella is the best! The first hunt looks amazing!
    Irina reporting to the Volturi!
    J Jenks giving Bella the documents!
    Jane and an immortal child (flashback!! Yay!
    Aro trying to find reasons to attack
    What’s this at 0:41?
    The Volturi approaching the clearing!
    Alek’s special power: fog!
    Eard driving to Denali — We can see the Romanians in the back! (squee!)
    The Egyptians, Alistair, The Amazon coven
    Jacob — lol
    Benjamin’s power <3
    The Cullens and their witnesses!
    Demetri punching Toshiro! (ran out of female secretaries? lol)
    Bella hunting: YEAH!!
    Bella giving Aro her bitch stare
    Bella & Renesmee: aww
    Cullens & Witnesses VS The Volturi guard
    Bella running = win!

  8. Ok I just watched the trailer and every hair on my body just stood up. Now I’m going to go watch it a hundred more times.

  9. That was amazing!! Absolutely loved it… watching at work on the sly, really trying not to squeal like a pig! I wonder whether at the end them running into battle is Alice’s vision or have they changed it from the book to make it more visually exciting?? I’m a bit torn, in a way the ending at the book when they don’t fight said so much about the Volturi… but then again it would be good to see them getting their butts kicked!!

  10. I love Aro, how sinister did he look!!! Am SO excited now, and know I will be watching this about a million more times. 1 question though, who do we see at about 0.39, after bella is walking through the lights? Is it Jane?

  11. Love, love, love this trailer! The part where the Volturi line up against the Cullens (&crew) looks amazing! Nice imagery. I especially like hearing Edward telling Bella “They’re the same temperature now.” I know that’s been out for awhile… But, I still love those two!!! So excited for November!!!!

  12. rhiannon says

    omg i think i stopped breathing!! EPICALLY AWESOME!!

  13. AWSOME!!!! The makeup and costumes look great. I love the cloaks of all the Volturi and their witnesses. The look on Bella’s face as she is running at the end. The contrast of all the characters and costume colors against the stark white snow. The glimpse of the new vampires fits how I imaged them when I read the book with the quick glances that we got. I think with Bill Condon’s directing, the growth of the actors through the filming process and espeically Stephenie Meyer being a producer on the last two films – – fans are going to get the epic conculsion that the movie series deserves.

    Patiently waiting for November . . .

  14. jennifer says

    EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my fave part is Bella running across the field at the end (even tho this doens’t happen in the book). She just looks soooo awesome!

  15. AWESOME!! Just noticed I had some spelling errors before I hit post, but I’m sure you get what I was saying.

    Too excited mixed with not enough coffee yet this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Rockstar9009 says

    This trailer was fantastic! Breaking Dawn is my favorite novel in the series, so I have high expectations for this one. If the trailer is any indication, this film lives up to the book! I am glad I stayed up until 5 to watch this.

  17. Bella’s looking awesome!!!

    Hell, it’s all looking awesome.

  18. I love it ! Is it me or does this movie look very very different from the rest ? Very excited !

  19. Meredith says

    Not a fan of the “water bending” vampire, whatever hell kind of power THAT was. Its not canon. But other than that they did a good job. I look forward to the movie.

  20. mihika bala says

    what is the name of the soundtrack???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Joshua Roberts says

    OMG! Kristen smiled…not once… but TWICE! She does have more than one emotion… I think a prophecy of the end times has just been fullfilled. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great trailer… Now I can’t wait to see the actual FULL trailer… We should start seeing them around comic con, and then more in August/ September.

  22. Wow So cant wait for the movie to come out !!!!!!!!

  23. So it seems we won’t have a “tribunal finale” in the movie, but a “fight finale”, which isn’t bad, depending on how they do it. I loved all the scenes in the trailer. I think the movie may be really fun to watch. Thanks for posting it!

  24. Joygasm!!!


  26. Faye massenroe says

    Oh my gosh. That final battle scene with Bella running with that fierce look on her face…EPIC. And not too much Jacob. OK people we gotta put some other movies in their place. Lets break some box office records come November. Twi-Hards unite!

  27. Aussietwihard says

    OH MY F’ING GOD HOW EXCITING! I can not wait that was awesome and that was only a minutr something! Thats fantastic! Im so pumped and now to watch it a million more times! Cant wait to see which music they put with it!

  28. Faye massenroe says

    Oh yeah last but definitely not least…..Edward looking EXTREMELY hot standing in the snow in front of the car…..Looking good for 111 years!

  29. Hellohoudini says

    Chills chills chills chills!

  30. I just watched the full trailer for Part 2 and I am a little worried. It show at the end that they are all running toward the big fight. They could not have stressed in the books that no fighting could happen or they all would die. I am really hoping that they have not put the “big fight ” in there.

    • It’s a Alice dream sequence.

    • Well Shannon, yeah there was no “epic battle”, and I think that is what dissapointed so many fans about the end of the book, and Bill Condon knows that, so during the making of the film, a ‘epic battle’ of sorts was shot, and is put into the film is some sort of manner such as Alice’s vision, or maybe some other way, but it is not supposed to be out of context, or an alternate ending, if you catch my drift =) Fans wanted to see a fight, so Bill made it happen.

      • Not all fans want to see a fight: Stay true to the book or don’t make the movie. So, I hope you are wrong about “Bill Condon making it happen.”

      • It’s entirely possible, as Sita says, that it’s an Alice-vision of what will happen if they aren’t prepared and haven’t thought through every possible angle of attack. This way, we see a fight, but it doesn’t alter the actual ending. Or…it could be, to add a little drama, the confrontation begins this way and then things are brought to a halt when Alice and Jasper arrive to save the day…

    • Uh, no disrespect but have you watched the other movies? They’re playing to the hollywood audience the same as in New Moon and Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. There wasn’t suppose to be a fight with the Volturi in NM and there was no fight with the wolves in BD books. While dissappointed, I expected this. I’m hoping Alice will arrive in time to stop it before it actually starts, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Catwhit I did watch the other movies Over and over in this last book it was drilled into our heads that any fight with the Voltori and they all would die. The fight with the wolves and in NM were minor changes. To me, adding a fight is completely disregarding the original story.

  31. And I think I messed up my earlier post or maybe my potty mouth got it deleted but, lol….

    I AM SO STOKED!!!!! It looks so so….PERFECT! Bella, leaping through the forest, made my breath catch, and goose pimples rise! It’s ALL how I always envisioned it, so much so I want to cry, lol. Those first moments of her Vampire life, are filled with such wonder, joy, and utter happiness for our Heroine, and SO IMPORTANT, each moment is in my head…opening her eyes, backflipping off the table, her voice, her vision, her skin temp, her hightened senses, her thirst, her ability to control it, her yearning for Edward, her ache to see her daughter, her stretching those muscles….she is just so HAPPY! It’s the culmination of what she has been living and fighting for, and she finally gets her HEA, and every moment is so important to see, and Bill Condon understood that…and shit…crying, ugh. I just wish I could hug him and thank him for this <3

  32. ? “I’m so excited I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose controla and think I like it.”?

    I am so EXCITED! I have a test to be studying for and all I can think about is watching this a hundred times over. Its so sad this is the final movie. It looks amazing! EVERYONE better join together and see this film! I will be seeing each night of that weekend. AHHH!

  33. Priscilla says

    Love it.. Can’t wait till November

  34. OMG been waiting for this trailer forever. The battle scene looks incredible. love, love, Bella as a vampire and of course rob looks handsome as ever. Now please someone put up the clock countdown. I am counting the days

  35. It is all awesome! VAMPIRE BELLA made me squeal! There is no way Stephenie and Bill would make the ending a physical fight because that would be so different from the book. The part with them running towards each other is surely an Alice dream sequence. She sees what Aaron has decided to do. They all have to find a way to change that future. Its cool because it gives fans more action but stays true to the book if that’s what they did. LOVE IT!

  36. It’s apparent just from the trailer that Kristen Stewart has shifted her portrayal of Bella to convey that she is now super-confident and graceful.

    The trailer also makes it clear why Breaking Dawn had to be split into two movies.

    Totally cool.

    • And TOTALLY IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!. I would be interested though to know the runtime for the movie because there are so many new characters and storylines to convey?

    • It also makes it evident that, contrary to many fan complaints, Kristen CAN act and knew what she was doing in portraying Bella all along.

  37. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    This looks absolutely AMAZING!! Once again, Bill Condon has outdone himself. Can’t wait for November! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. I liked it well enough, but I don’t think it’s the best trailer I’ve ever seen. There’s nothin in particular that bothers me, but it didn’t excite me the way other trailers have.

    My favorite part was actually Jacob saying, “Lots of red eyes around here.”

  39. I liked it well enough, but I don’t think it’s the best trailer I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing in particular that bothers me, but it didn’t excite me the way other trailers have.

    My favorite part was actually Jacob saying, “Lots of red eyes around here.”

  40. Wait, they’re going to battle the volturi?? In the book they prevented a fight.

    But I guess we should be used to them straying from the books. Oh well though, still looks like it’s going to be amazing.

  41. Yes, fighting!! No more standing around talking and debating like in the book. Action!

  42. Kristen looks so beautiful when she’s running in the last clip. Trailor looks great!

  43. jennifer says

    QUESTION: At 1:04, after Demitri slams the guy into the wall and before the wolves walk out of the forest, there is a shot of a guy (?) in a black leather jacket & tall black leather boots climbing a tree, turning & launching himself off the tree at another person in another tree. Any ideas what that’s about? I tried pausing but it’s too blurry. The first guy is very light haired – one of the Romanians, maybe? But in what context?

    • very excited says

      maybe it is a training scene

      • i wonder if its Edward hunting? it might not b, but as we see Bella at the start jumping etc on her first hunt it made me think that they may show Edward doing it as well, he is hunting in the book with her in the forest. its prob not but it is a possibility?

  44. very excited says

    i don’t think the running towards eachother part is one of alice’s vision because if you look at the above shot at 1:10, it is clear that there are more people on the cullen side then just the wolves and the cullen family. if alice had seen that other vampires were coming to help, then she would have known there would be no fighting involved since it would no longer be necessary with the recruits. i could be wrong but it’s just a thought.

    also, is it just me or during 0:12 when they show a close up of bella’s red eye, does anyone else see the reflection in her eye as a figure of somebody standing in a doorway?

    • Yes I saw that. That could be Jacob. You know in the beginning of part two she attacks him for imprinting on her daughter.

    • jennifer says

      My thought on the reflected person in her eye was Edward when she “wakes up” after her transformation is complete. My finger isn’t fast enough on the pause button to catch it. (:

  45. charlotte says

    Vampire Bella WOW so excited now:)

  46. Best 1 minute and 19 seconds of my life…..

  47. the trailer is always the most exciting part and then 2nd is reading all the comments and how excited other ppl are and what their thoughts are about it ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. OMG Vampire Bella Edward Renesmee Jacob more Vampire OMG

  49. Is there a 1080p version of this available?

  50. It went by too fast ๐Ÿ™ i need more than 1 minute!!!!!!! i think i need a slow mo version to keep up cos so much amazing stuff just happened n i want to soak it all in ๐Ÿ˜› i don’t no how many times I’ve watched it now ๐Ÿ˜› noticing different things each time….

    oooooooooooooo i soooooooooooooo want it to be November now so i can see more, or even just comic con or September when the next lot of stuff is going to be released, whenever that will b. they’ve really made us wait to long for this :S why did they have 2 make us wait a year??? they should have released it in July, not release it in November, its just cruelty plain cruelty ๐Ÿ˜› if it was a July release we would only have 2 wait another month but no we hav 2 wait another 5 months ๐Ÿ™ (cries to self) …

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