Stephenie Meyer to Start Writing Again InMay

It’s easy to miss this tidbit in the update that Stephenie Meyer did to her website. However this is probably a pretty important detail!


On the page where she talks about The Host Movie, Stephenie wrote, “So the busyness will not be ending anytime soon with all three projects currently ongoing. I’m hoping to get a little writing done at the same time, but writing on set has proved an elusive goal for me in the past year. I’m looking forward to this May, when I will officially be home for good and back here at my computer where I like to be best.”

This is huge as the last full-length novels that Stephenie wrote came out back in 2008: Breaking Dawn and The Host. Since then, she has written two other items that were not full-legnth novels: The Bree Tanner novella and the Official Illustrated Twilight Guide.

There was no mention of what universe this writing is going to take place in: Twilight, The Host, or something new entirely, but the good news is that there will be more of something!


  1. She has a book in the works about a whole mythical mermaid world. So complex harts and maps are needed to understand it all. … Yes…. I would love to see her complete Midnight Sun as well, but I do t think that will happen… At least for quite sometime.

  2. She did an interview some time ago and she said she was going to finish Midnight Sun cuz her mom was pushing for it and she was going to get her way. She said she wanted to do two more for the Host series first and get off of vampires for a while. I read Lionsgate is pushing for another book to make into a movie. I guess we will all see when her next one comes out.

  3. Meyer had said in a previous interview her next writing project will probably be to continue the Host series. It’s suppose to be a trilogy. She also mentioned that Midnight Sun should be out within the next 2 years (from now, it was 5 years when she first said it), though with all the time spent making movies I expect that to be moved back some.

  4. I hope that she does continue writing, hopefully more on the stories of the other Twilight Saga characters like the Cullens, the Volturi and the other covens or nomads!!!!! But if she writes about something else, I would read it anyway!!!!!

  5. I read somewhere that Kellan Lutz said that she wrote more, but didn’t exactly say it was Twilight, he was asked if he would like to be in another movie, and he said he would love to and said that she’s wrote more so who knows… it sounds interesting.


    Here is the link to the site where I read about that

  7. There are varying opinions posted about people being satisfied with the Twilight saga ending, but personally I can’t believe I’m the only person that would love to read more about Edward, Bella, Jacob, Nessie, and the Cullens. I’ve read each of the Twilight books several times, and each time I’m so sad that the book is over that I end up picking up another one to read again. After you’ve read them all, the characters seem like your friends and you want to spend more time with them. (I know I’m a sad little person – and I don’t even have the excuse of youth to fall back on.)

    Somehow, I feel the same escape when I read The Host. For those above who couldn’t get into it or finish it, just give it about four chapters. Then start again from the beginning, and you’ll be hooked! But somehow I was more satisfied with the ending of the Host. I could let it go and put it down once I read it a couple of times, maybe because I hadn’t spent as much time with the characters.

    Anyway, I’m a firm believer in dancing with the one that brought you and not bititng the hand that feeds you. I hope that there is always the possibility that we will have new material to read in the future about some of our favorite characters that we know and love as well as about new favorites that we haven’t met yet.

  8. I honsetly don’t know what the whole big issue about not writing MIDNIGHT SUN is. Sure, she’s hurt. Anyone would be. But if you know, the Deathly Hallows was leaked a few days before its release too. J K Rowling never let all of it come in the way of giving her fans what they deserved – the book. Why is it SUCH a big deal for her? She honestly cares more about what her haters think than her fans? Says a lot about the insecurity in her. I don’t mean to be rude, I’d want to read the book as much as any other fan, and I respect the storyteller in her. But this way, she’s losing all the respect she had as a person. Why did she get the twilight sequels published if she was so insecure? And if she wasn’t then, why is she now?
    She just wants to throw a four year long tantrums, show all her tears to the world about how she’s been wronged, garner all the sympathy and then not end up writing what her fans have literally BEGGED her to write. I mean, seriously. Her fans have made her what she is, has she no respect for them as well? Where does all the I’m-God attitude come from anyway? She’s shown what a small person she is inside that story-teller. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. Who cares about petty little fans if you’re already playing with millions at home, huh?

  9. I hope it’s something new. I loved twilight and the Host was awesome!! but I want something new from her. I had thought she had stopped writing and was all mad because of it!!

  10. i love Stephenie Meyer she is a great author . But most of all i love twilight hope there is more to come i really do.

  11. i love stephenie meyer she is a great author. But i do love twilight amazin charcters really big fan xxx


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