Pat Robertson “Twilight Opens the Door to the Demomic”

Normally we try not to editorialize too much around here, but we have very little patience for this. Get a grip, it’s fantasy as are Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle (shameless plug for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle Podcast some of out staff do for Hypable), Snow White, Game of Thrones, Hansel and Gretel…the list goes on. Being demon involved from watching/reading Twilight is about as likely as becoming the next big supermodel from wearing a bikini. Simply put the direct cause and effect isn’t there, there’s a lot more in play.

What’s your feeling on these warnings that Twilight (or any sci-fi/fantasy) leads to the occult?


  1. SM is Mormon. I doubt she’d infect us with demons…

  2. thephantomcat says:

    I never thought about Twilight promoting Christian values. I just thought of Edward as being old fashioned versus Bella being a modern woman with Jacob’s sorta primal sensibilities. But all your thoughts about the Genesis quote, no sex before marriage, sacrifice, etc. have really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. Now I want to reread the series through the eyes of a Christian scholar. High fives to the person who posted this article and everyone who gave so many insightful comments!

    • There are lots of ways to look at Twilight, of course, all valid. But from a spiritual point of view, Twilight is usually described something like this:

      You have immortal beings, who look like people but not exactly, each with supernatural, god-like powers (prophecy, knowing the hearts and minds of men, strength, beauty, destructive abilities, compassion, etc.), who are overtly preoccupied with the fate of preserving human life, as well as the eternal fate of the souls of mankind. They have in-depth conversations about issues like chastity, and it’s effect on the fate of one’s immortal soul. They watch over humans under their care, especially at night. And, they shine with a supernal, unearthly light.

      The narrator describes them — outright — as “angelic” and “god-like.” In a wide variety of ways. Over and over. And over. (It’s worth noting that Mormons don’t believe that angels literally have wings.)

      But since they live here on a grim world, the angelic Cullen family wonder if they are really just demons or “monsters.” That’s what people say about vampires, after all… even though everything *else* people say about vampires is completely and utterly wrong. (Hint. Hint.)

      So, Bella, a very “human” human who is literally stumbling through life, recognizes their divine potential (realizing her own as well), and through her sacrificial love redeems them. For herself, she goes through several religious gateway experiences — baptism of water (la push), baptism of fire (transformation), the grand tour of the creation experience (sacred fire ceremony), etc. — and resists temptation in a variety of ways. She “saves” everyone she loves by helping them to see their real potential (they aren’t just monsters or animals) as she has come to see her own “immortal” potential. Proven to be pure, she gains immortality.

      She and Edward, joined in love, create life — the ultimate god-like power — and thereby overcome evil society, proving that the falsehoods others say about who they “really” are as false, creating a new world (also a god-like thing to do), based upon love and the value of one’s immortal soul.

      The moral is, people need heroes. You do, too. So, become that hero. By discovering the infinite potential within you, you can. And so forth.

      So, lot’s of religious symbolism in there. Whether included purposely or not, it’s all in there. I think whether people can put their fingers on a story’s theme or not, whether they like it or not — whether it resonates for them or is especially memorable — is largely based on whether the underlying themes seem valid or true or helpful to them (or not).

      So, not super thrilled with Robertson’s literary interpretative skills.

      I don’t know if that’s all super obvious to everyone or not?? Sorry if spelling it out seems excessive!!

  3. KellyRPattzLover xx says:

    Is there a video? If there is, then why isn’t it coming up on my netbook, latop, computer, or iPod?!

  4. I’m a proud Christian and has been Baptist all my life. I know how to separate fact from fiction and that’s something Mr. Roberts doesn’t know how to do or want to. I read Twilight for fun,not to think-”wow! I want to be a cool vampire like the Cullen family. LOL! I read fantasy books for fun and like to have discussions with fellow fans about the stories. When you take away the fun element of reading,it becomes a problem. I’m glad I can separate fun reading from trying to find something wrong in the books I like.

  5. Hmmm…should we start picking apart that little book HE likes to read (the Bible)?? Talk about some sordid stories…

    Oh, and there are demons mentioned in that book, too. But they probably weren’t as cute as Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. Hehe

  6. I’m Baptist and has been all my life. I enjoy reading fantasy stories like Twilight and Harry Potter for the entertainment value. It has no bearing on my Christian beliefs and I know how to separate fantasty from fiction. Although Mr. Roberts does have a point that some negative things can open a door to bad behavior,if you let it in. Since I know these are fantasy books,I don’t take them seriously. I just enjoy them at face value.

  7. Is this guy even alive? My God, i didn’t think it was possible, but it looks like we have proof humans really did exist during the time of the dinosaurs. Seriously? There is nothing magic in twilight, besides the shape-shifting, and the psychics powers. I mean, what about paranormal activity? That has more to do with demons and ghosts then twilight. Seriously? This guy needs to take a chill pill and calm down. I watchedHarry Potter, Twilight and all kinds of things, and I ignore the voices inside my head that tell me to commit murder…..just kidding LOL.

  8. This is really unbelievable….


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