Pat Robertson “Twilight Opens the Door to the Demomic”

Normally we try not to editorialize too much around here, but we have very little patience for this. Get a grip, it’s fantasy as are Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle (shameless plug for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle Podcast some of out staff do for Hypable), Snow White, Game of Thrones, Hansel and Gretel…the list goes on. Being demon involved from watching/reading Twilight is about as likely as becoming the next big supermodel from wearing a bikini. Simply put the direct cause and effect isn’t there, there’s a lot more in play.

What’s your feeling on these warnings that Twilight (or any sci-fi/fantasy) leads to the occult?


  1. Aside from the fact that these people are like ignorant book-burners that I have no patience for (I READ BANNED BOOKS, SO I’M SMARTER!!!), Twilight is NOT the first story to have supernatural elements. Good grief.

  2. OMG, its a book, its fiction, THere are no demons, or vampires, its madeup…come on, give us some credit and lets make our own minds…we are not dumb…this is just over the top-

  3. These are the people who make my head explode!! With all the problems in the world, all of the class warfare and religious corruption and political maneuvering, your going to set your sights on a YA romance? Seriously. Seriously??

  4. Well … If his Ignorant words are true … (which they aren’t) I feel a book/movie line coming on … .SINCE I’M GOING TO HELL … let’s read twilight … IM DAMNED BY ALL ACCOUNTS REGUARDLESS … .so why stop now …

    SERIOUSLY??? DUDE chillax!

    P.S. you should see the video a member of my church posted on my facebook for me to try to “save” me since I was “sinning” by “obsessing with the devil’s craft” aka Twilight saga

    • thephantomcat says:

      Once a friend of mine participated in an anti Halloween sketch at his church and before depicting a Satanic sacrifice they prayed for God to forgive them for acting it out. I said to him, really? A) God knows its just a skit. B) There has never been a documented case of ritual human sacrifice on Halloween or any other day. Ignorance is a powerful thing.

    • Sorry about your church friend trying to “save” you from Twilight. My good friend that is obsessed with church is actually the one that introduced me to the Twilight books.

  5. I like the bikini assimilation. Pat needs to step into the 21st century and stop living in ignorance.

  6. They have nothing better to worry about. Let’s get a life Pat Patterson and leave ours alone.

  7. This sort of thing drives me crazy! We know vampires aren’t real; that’s not why we read Twilight. We know magic wands and flying broomsticks aren’t real; that’s not why we read Harry Potter. We read stories because the supernatural elements are fun and exciting to imagine, and add to a good story. Reading Twilight is no more harmful than reading Jane Austen.

  8. Okay, I like Pat and all, but this is just REDICULOUS!! Just because we watch these kinds of movies do not mean that we are going to be possessed by demons!! I am sure that God is not going to hold this (watching Twilight and similar movies/shows) against us. I don’t think that He will find this to be EVIL! If that was the case then I am sure that Stephenie and a lot of other writers would not have wrote the stories.

    I one wants to be evil and Demonic, then they will be that way, no movie or book is going to make it happen.

  9. Lynne Stringer says:

    I certainly think that there are extreme things in literature, movies and TV that it is not wise to watch, but to blanket ban something just because it’s about vampires (which are FICTIONAL) is ridiculous. I do believe in demons and the reality of evil, but something like Twilight, which talks about abstinence and denial of self in order to keep a moral code and to keep from doing evil (killing someone), is not something that is going to encourage the demonic. There’s too much good in it.

  10. Im a christian and have respect for Pat. But in the last few years he has said some wild stuff, starting with that Teletubbies business. I consider my faith to be strong and dont think Twilight has one single ounce of negative impact on my faith and love for God. This is just a senseless statement.

    • thephantomcat says:

      You sound like a good Christian. It’s refreshing to hear a good Christian who can think for themselves. Kudos!

  11. Well of course the message of good conquering evil in Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc etc is demonic. Oh, wait …

  12. thephantomcat says:

    That explains why after seeing New Moon my head rotated 360 decrees and I vomited pea soup……

  13. rosedahlia says:

    I thought I was going to die from laughter. This guy is so stupid.

  14. Pat Robertson on Twilight is just as bad as people bashing it because they have a beef against Mormonism or because they think it’s conservative propaganda. I’m a socially liberal atheist and I like good storytelling, whether paranormal romance, superhero, indie dramedy etc. and regardless of the political or religious views of the creators. Twihards of all stripes, unite against haters of all kinds!

  15. as I told my 8yo niece one day: “yes, all those things —fairies, monsters, vampires, ghosts, elves…— does exist, they live in Fantastica…” then I gave her “The Never Ending Story” and she is happy reading that… Pat and all those people should leave the fear aside and start to read something more than the Bible or another religious book… I’m a Christian, and I love to read fantasy stories and I read knowing that they are that: FANTASY!! and believe you me, I’m not possessed by any demon, I’m only a Rpattz-Twilight obsessed LOL

  16. If there weren’t such an overwhelming abundance of religious metaphor and symbolism throughout the entire series, I wouldn’t find this quite so completely aggravating.

  17. I am a Christian woman. I believe Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross to absolve me (and every person) for my sins; he is my Lord & Savior. I read my Bible daily. BUT, I also love Twilight. I have never, ever felt like I shouldn’t be reading it or anything close to that. It’s a story. I believe that God blessed Stephenie Meyer with the ability to write this wonderful story. Her gift for that is a gift from God. However, there were times when I read my Twilight books & didn’t pick up my Bible for days, maybe even weeks. It was then that I realized I needed to get my priorities straight. But I’ve never felt like it was something I shouldn’t be reading. It’s all how you perceive it. It’s entertainment. God wants us to enjoy life. After all, it is His gift to us.

  18. Amanda Adams says:

    I always like to bring up C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia when I hear this sort of thing. It generally sends them sputtering. I try to be a good strong Christian and I can feel when something is not quite right with a movie or book or song. I listen to that, turn it off, and let it be. I think that it can be different for different people. I’ve never felt that way about the Twilight Series.

    • thephantomcat says:

      So true. If they can get on board with a Christian allegory that includes all the components of the fantasy novels they attack, why can’t they accept that fantasy fiction is harmless.

  19. Did anyone else read the title as “Rob Pattinson”instead of “Pat Robertson”?
    Sorry. 🙂

    • thephantomcat says:

      I did! Lol!

    • Oh yeah 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! I did too. Thanks for mentioning it cause I felt like an idiot after that…LOL! I feel better now that I know had company in that moment:)

    • Me too! I was thinking – oh, no . . .what has RPattz said that’s been misinterpreted now?

    • Brandi Rose says:

      Totally! I only clicked on this story because I thought it was gonna be about some ridiculously random (and usually so funny) thing that Rob has said. Then I had to see Pat Robertson’s face instead. Not a good trade off. (although I can’t say this is the first time I have mistakenly made a twilight connection or misinterpretation. I kind of have a subconscious obsession…)

  20. Pat Robertson needs to stop making these ridiculous statements. He makes all us Christians look like idiots. I’m a Christian, have been my whole life and I could NOT disagree more with how he views these things! He needs to lighten up!

  21. Seems like Mr. Robertson and Carlisle’s dad would get along quite well. 😉

  22. thephantomcat says:

    Just wait. When the Hunger Games comes out, Fox News will accuse it of pushing left wing agendas on impressionable teenage girls.

  23. I personally love the books and the movies, but I am also a believer in the power of the supernatural. I realize I am the minority here, and I know most people are going to call me crazy and that’s fine. But think about this for a moment. If you don’t believe in the supernatural (angels, demons, etc.) then you should have no problem with someone who is making a comment about the supernatural (because in your mind it doesn’t exist anyhow). I didn’t once hear this guy say that NO ONE should watch the movies/read the books. This TV show is directed at people who do believe in this, so I see nothing wrong with them having their opinions. Why must everyone name call those who think differently. People are not ignorant, buffoons simply because they believe something different. What happened to the grand idea of tolerance?

    • I do agree with you there. If you are a believer in Christ then you believe in supernatural things. Yes, Mr. Robertson didn’t directly that we shouldn’t watch Twilight but he said that he believes that certain things can open the door for supernatural things to happen, i.e., you have to open that door. I 100% believe in that because I open the door to Christ in my life every day, it’s just what I believe. But Twilight offers many things that are positive, like no sex before marriage, about being a good person, sacrificing for the good of others, etc. I think he should read the books before passing judgment on Twilight in particular but like I said above, I do agree with his premise that we are in control of what we invite into our lives. As an aside, I recently became a fan of Vampire Diaries and it’s a lot darker than Twilight. However, it’s entertainment for me. I don’t allow it to take priority in my life so it’s not a problem for me.

      I think anything can be a problem in somone’s life if you let it be one. Gambling, sex, food, the internet – anything that you give place to & it begins to affect your life or take you away from your priorities then it’s a problem.

    • thephantomcat says:

      I appreciate your message of tolerance, but just because he has a belief doesn’t mean he isn’t ignorant. Twilight has been seen by over 100 million people easily. If it were a gateway for demonic possession, there would be at least a few cases of Twilight related possession in the news or online. Also to suggest a movie can let a demon into you demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the occult. How can he protect his followers from demons if his grasp of the subject is no greater than that of a six year old?

      I acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if they want to be taken seriously then they should support it with unbiased research and facts. Otherwise, they’re ignorant and just preaching hate because they fear whatever is different from their narrow world view.

      And the reporter saying about the windows being the gateway to the soul means looking at things can make you possessed? It’s hilarious to me she said that with a straight face.

  24. The problem with Mr. Robertson’s views is that he is focusing on the cover and not looking at content. Just because a story is about a vampire doesn’t necessarily mean that it is demonic and or could lure children into occults. Many CHRISTIAN writers, like C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, frequently used witches, werewolves, gods and goddesses to paint rich narratives that inspired both young and old. These characters were simply interesting agents that allowed them to tell very good stories, yet you’d be hard press to find negative writings about either author in a Christian book store. In fact you’ll find their books, along with Christian commentaries…

    Very few Christians realize though, that it is interest in Lord of the Rings that led to the creation of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as modern fantasy.

    The fact is this ANYTHING can open a door. If we, as Christians, ran away from anything that might tempt us to doing something wrong or make a bad decision, then we might as well lock ourselves in our rooms with nothing but our Bibles, and ignore the world by and large. In short, it is simply absurd single out works of fiction as “agents” of the Devil, because they are, after all works of FICTION. At the end of the day, we decide how material that we read and intake will impact our lives.

    Of course Pat’s real problem is that he’s never read the Twilight Saga, nor did he read Harry Potter. I guess he’s too busy calling for the assassinations of foreign leaders, and or praising the death tolls by natural disasters…

  25. Well Mr Robertson, if the fact that people are watching movies about fictional beings is what we should all be concerned about today, then I’m afraid the human race truely is SCREWED.

  26. I am closer to 50 than 40 and staunch Mormon. I haven’t read fiction in over 20 years, but I had a very good experience reading Twilight. It opened a whole new door in my life: inspired fiction. I have now read several classics I would have never read – thanks to Stephenie Meyer. I do not believe Twilight leads to the demonic. It actually led me closer to Christ. Some may call me crazy, but Twilight is full of truth, hope, faith, virtue and charity. You just have to be able to see it. I also think the same is true for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. I’m not really a fan of the last three, but I know they inspire a lot of people. It just depends on where your mind it. This guy’s mind is small and narrow.

  27. Wow! That is absolutely the silliest thing I’ve ever seen or heard! First of all, if Pat Robertson believes he met a girl that was demon possessed and the demon talked to him, it sounds like he is the one that has opened the door to the occult. Secondly, who writes into to a tv personality to ask their permission or opinion on whether they should watch a movie? The whole thing seems like a way for Pat Robertson’s show / website to benefit from mentioning Twilight.

    I agree with everyone above who noted that the Twilight books all have moral / Christian themes. Twilight opens with a quote from the Bible, Genesis 2:17, and Stephenie has always been open about her Christianity and church affiliation.

    Um, does anyone else remember Pat Robertson making the news last year for making racist comments / remarks to or in front of his cohost above? I don’t think Twilight / fantasy / fiction is the only focus of this guy’s intolerance.

  28. SM is Mormon. I doubt she’d infect us with demons…

  29. thephantomcat says:

    I never thought about Twilight promoting Christian values. I just thought of Edward as being old fashioned versus Bella being a modern woman with Jacob’s sorta primal sensibilities. But all your thoughts about the Genesis quote, no sex before marriage, sacrifice, etc. have really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. Now I want to reread the series through the eyes of a Christian scholar. High fives to the person who posted this article and everyone who gave so many insightful comments!

    • There are lots of ways to look at Twilight, of course, all valid. But from a spiritual point of view, Twilight is usually described something like this:

      You have immortal beings, who look like people but not exactly, each with supernatural, god-like powers (prophecy, knowing the hearts and minds of men, strength, beauty, destructive abilities, compassion, etc.), who are overtly preoccupied with the fate of preserving human life, as well as the eternal fate of the souls of mankind. They have in-depth conversations about issues like chastity, and it’s effect on the fate of one’s immortal soul. They watch over humans under their care, especially at night. And, they shine with a supernal, unearthly light.

      The narrator describes them — outright — as “angelic” and “god-like.” In a wide variety of ways. Over and over. And over. (It’s worth noting that Mormons don’t believe that angels literally have wings.)

      But since they live here on a grim world, the angelic Cullen family wonder if they are really just demons or “monsters.” That’s what people say about vampires, after all… even though everything *else* people say about vampires is completely and utterly wrong. (Hint. Hint.)

      So, Bella, a very “human” human who is literally stumbling through life, recognizes their divine potential (realizing her own as well), and through her sacrificial love redeems them. For herself, she goes through several religious gateway experiences — baptism of water (la push), baptism of fire (transformation), the grand tour of the creation experience (sacred fire ceremony), etc. — and resists temptation in a variety of ways. She “saves” everyone she loves by helping them to see their real potential (they aren’t just monsters or animals) as she has come to see her own “immortal” potential. Proven to be pure, she gains immortality.

      She and Edward, joined in love, create life — the ultimate god-like power — and thereby overcome evil society, proving that the falsehoods others say about who they “really” are as false, creating a new world (also a god-like thing to do), based upon love and the value of one’s immortal soul.

      The moral is, people need heroes. You do, too. So, become that hero. By discovering the infinite potential within you, you can. And so forth.

      So, lot’s of religious symbolism in there. Whether included purposely or not, it’s all in there. I think whether people can put their fingers on a story’s theme or not, whether they like it or not — whether it resonates for them or is especially memorable — is largely based on whether the underlying themes seem valid or true or helpful to them (or not).

      So, not super thrilled with Robertson’s literary interpretative skills.

      I don’t know if that’s all super obvious to everyone or not?? Sorry if spelling it out seems excessive!!

  30. KellyRPattzLover xx says:

    Is there a video? If there is, then why isn’t it coming up on my netbook, latop, computer, or iPod?!

  31. I’m a proud Christian and has been Baptist all my life. I know how to separate fact from fiction and that’s something Mr. Roberts doesn’t know how to do or want to. I read Twilight for fun,not to think-“wow! I want to be a cool vampire like the Cullen family. LOL! I read fantasy books for fun and like to have discussions with fellow fans about the stories. When you take away the fun element of reading,it becomes a problem. I’m glad I can separate fun reading from trying to find something wrong in the books I like.

  32. Hmmm…should we start picking apart that little book HE likes to read (the Bible)?? Talk about some sordid stories…

    Oh, and there are demons mentioned in that book, too. But they probably weren’t as cute as Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. Hehe

  33. I’m Baptist and has been all my life. I enjoy reading fantasy stories like Twilight and Harry Potter for the entertainment value. It has no bearing on my Christian beliefs and I know how to separate fantasty from fiction. Although Mr. Roberts does have a point that some negative things can open a door to bad behavior,if you let it in. Since I know these are fantasy books,I don’t take them seriously. I just enjoy them at face value.

  34. Is this guy even alive? My God, i didn’t think it was possible, but it looks like we have proof humans really did exist during the time of the dinosaurs. Seriously? There is nothing magic in twilight, besides the shape-shifting, and the psychics powers. I mean, what about paranormal activity? That has more to do with demons and ghosts then twilight. Seriously? This guy needs to take a chill pill and calm down. I watchedHarry Potter, Twilight and all kinds of things, and I ignore the voices inside my head that tell me to commit murder…..just kidding LOL.

  35. This is really unbelievable….

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