Breaking Dawn Scenes That Didn’t Make The Movie

It happens in every film. The creative team has to get together a teaser months ahead of time. The footage they use may or may not make the final cut due to timing, pacing, any number of things. The Twilight films are no stranger to this. Remember in the first film where Emmett says “She’s not one of us” in the teaser, but it never made it to the final version of the film? Well here is what we’ve spotted in regards to Breaking Dawn part 1.

First let’s take a look at the teaser that aired during the MTV Movie Awards back in early June.

The first 20 seconds or so with the girl in the red dress (Olga Fonda?) in front of the Volturi is an entire scene that never makes it into the movie. Later on in the teaser we see Charlie Bewley throwing the same girl at a wall (see screen cap below roughly the 1:22 mark) To clarify because there is obvious a lot of confusion in our comments and on Twitter: 100% certain that there are 2 Volturi scenes one of which was cut: Girl in the teaser is a brunette with her hair up in a red dress who Charlie Bewley then chucks at a wall. In the actual movie it’s a blonde with her hair down in a black dress that Charlie Bewley and Dan Cudmore just drag off.

Next up is a minor one. The footage in the teaser doesn’t match the brief scene on the screen. Rob and Kristen certainly still dance in the Lapa section of Rio, only it’s not the camera angle seen here in the teaser ( see cap below)

Now speaking of walls, Robert Pattinson throws Taylor Lautner at the wall in the teaser (roughly the 1:28 mark) knocking a painting off the wall in the process. It doesn’t make it to the big screen (see screen cap).

Now aside from the trailer there is the area of still photography. This gets tricky. Sometimes they take a shot in costume just because it looks pretty and will make a good magazine cover. Other times it’s an actual onscreen moment. In looking at the stills and PR shots it’s pretty obvious that the ones of the boat and Kristen Stewart’s arm in the feathers were just of the “looks pretty” type. However, it certainly seems like the ones below have high potential as cutting room floor items.

What’s your take are there any moments that we missed? Are you hoping these items end up on the DVD?


  1. The one thing that bugged me about the movie is that they forgot it was a first person narrative. Bella only narrates the opening quote. We never hear her after that. Also they could improve on the wolf telepathy in the next one. It sounded too comical in this one.

  2. it answers my question i was really confuse why some of the scenes are not in the movie buts its ok at least the important events was put together was funny when it comes on the honeymonn scene then bella woke up in the morning and their room looks like theres a hurricane thats strike..i still love the movie and i cant wait to see the part 2 and yes i hope that in the DVD there will be no cuts..please!!

  3. 140 million in box office. Woo Hoo! Now the critics can shut their pie holes.

  4. When can we Pre-Order the DVD. I hope it has all the stuff that did not make the final cut. I Hope it has the “leak video” footage. (you know the one that would have gotten this movie a R rating.) *wink wink*

  5. 3/4 of the leaked sex scenes didn’t make it. I’m looking forward to those. Hehe!

  6. I have already seen it 3 times and will go back this weekend. Now i am thinking before this weekend. Gah! I got to stop. I am sick. I have 20 people coming over for Thanksgiving and i have not been able to get anything done cause i spent my weekend in the theater. Yep, i need help.

  7. I wanted to see when Edward and Bella tell Charlie about their engagement.

  8. I Think that the clip with Edward throwing Jacob against the wall,will maybe be in BD pt2,when he knows that he has imprinted on Renesemie? Mawbe?

  9. i was wondering why didn’t Edward shimmer and sparkle in the sun when he was in asme island did you guys notice that . and wasn’t in the first book that edward told bella about his past not in the forth ? am not sure

    • You may be right about Edward’s backstory in the first book but I remember Robert saying he wished they would have explained his story earlier and Bill Condon heard that and decided to put it here (I guess in a way for Bella to be sure if that what she wants before she goes thru it, which ultimately leads to her nightmare before her wedding). I noticed that he says ‘look at yourself in the mirror a YEAR from now (coincides with part 2 being released a year from now) and she would be a vampire, how will she as a newborn???….so I tried to see it that way.

  10. i was wondering why didn’t Edward shimmer and sparkle in the sun when he was in asme island did you guys notice that??????????????????????????

  11. Gabriela Santos says:

    THANK YOU! Pretty much cleared a lot of doubts. BUT! What about the scene that Charlie was crying, it was obviously not for Edward. I’m just curious, why?

  12. Hay they didn’t put in the weaned with Alice and and Jacob there the best part in the book that’s the only reason I stopples new moon and I’m. Pissed about it (and yes I’m team Alice/Jacob)

  13. true…but the girl with the red dress dosent show in the movie with demetri throwing her into a statue

  14. now I love the volturi scenehere are some things that are missing

    -demetri throwing her
    -felix eating her

  15. Emily Jane says:

    Why didnt Bella’s training on how to fight make it into the deleted scenes or the movie?

  16. este foarte tare dar eu o plac pe jane


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