Win $100 Amazon Gift Card from Volvo Canada

Along with their amazing sweepstakes where one Canadian fan can win Edward’s Volvo and a trip to Rio, Volvo Canada has provided us with three $100 gift card to give away to three fans.  We will give one gift card away each week for the next three weeks.  All you have to do is answer a question on our blog and we will choose one winner at random each week!  This contest is only open to fans in the US and Canada.

Question Week 1:  What is your favorite scene in any of the Twilight saga books or movie involving a car.

And Canada residents, remember to enter the “Journey to the Wedding” contest as well.

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  1. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    I like the scene In the Eclipse movie when Edward and Bella see Jacob at school with his motorcycle for the first time In the movie, and Edward wants to get out of the car and talk to Jacob alone so he says to Bella ” If I asked you to stay In the car would you?’ Then she doesn’t answer or act like she heard him and just nonchalantly gets out of the car with him and he says,”No, of course not.” In the books the time Edward saves Bella from the swerving van In the school parking lot, In the first “Twilight” book. But really It’s hard to choose, because almost every scene with Edward and Bella In the books or movies, whether they Involve a car or not, are awesome and romantic.

  2. I LOVE the scene from New Moon when Edward arrives at school. That grin ! Close second favorite would be the badass driving scene after “saving” Bella from the drunks in Twilight.

  3. Kim Kelly says:

    Since I love Alice Cullen most of all I have to go with “Are you opposed to grand theft auto?” in New Moon.. It showed Alice’s wild and morally flexible side ;)

  4. Hairproductjunkie says:

    My favorite scene with a car is actually with a truck–Bella’s truck. I love it when Bella is snuggled up to Jacob in her truck when he is driving her home in New Moon.

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