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Along with their amazing sweepstakes where one Canadian fan can win Edward’s Volvo and a trip to Rio, Volvo Canada has provided us with three $100 gift card to give away to three fans.  We will give one gift card away each week for the next three weeks.  All you have to do is answer a question on our blog and we will choose one winner at random each week!  This contest is only open to fans in the US and Canada.

Question Week 1:  What is your favorite scene in any of the Twilight saga books or movie involving a car.

And Canada residents, remember to enter the “Journey to the Wedding” contest as well.

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  1. Corie O'Brien says:

    It will always be that drive back from Port Angeles both in the book and movie of Twilight!

  2. Janine Lieber says:

    Question Week 1: What is your favorite scene in any of the Twilight saga books or movie involving a car?

    – My fave would be the scene from “Twilight” where Bella, Jessica, and Angela are in Port Angeles and Bella almost gets attacked by that up-to-no-good group of guys. Edward shows up, pissed, and restrains himself from ripping the guys apart. He saves the day in his shiny silver Volvo!

  3. Ridgeback says:

    One of my favorites is the “Stupid shiny Volvo owner!” scene. ha ha! So great!

  4. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    My favorite car scene is when Bella is almost crushed by Tyler’s van in Twilight. Edward’s by his shiny Volvo, Bella is getting teary over the chains that Charlie put on her old Chevy truck tires, and Tyler’s van comes sliding in. It’s such an important scene for the story and the film really did a great job with this (I especially love Bella’s “flashbacks” when she’s thinking of how Edward saved her from getting squished).

  5. The scene in Twilight (the book) when Edward rescues Bella from the creepers in Port Angeles and takes her to dinner, and their drive home, is wonderfully romantic. By comparison the same scene in the movie was a travesty.

    I also love the scene in Breaking Dawn where Bella gets to drive the Volvo. It just shows how much a part of his life she really is by that point.

  6. Hands down my favorite scene with a car has to be in Twilight when Edwards “roars’ in to save Bella from the men in the “alley”. I love how he guns it right up to them and they drop their beer and run and then Edward swings in reverse and speeds away! AWESOME!

  7. Liza Sanchez says:

    favorite car scene is in breaking dawn when jaboc takes edward’s astin martin for a drive, looking for his true love…

  8. Sarah Lynn says:

    My favorite scene is from Twilight when Edward was driving Bella back from Port Angeles.
    Or in Breaking Dawn when Edward lets Jacob take any car he wants and just drive away.

  9. Tearra Leger says:

    My favorite car moment was the ride back from Port Angeles in the book. My favorite movie car moment is when Edward flies up behind Jacob when he is bringing her back home after she hurts her hand.

  10. Shannon Jones says:

    Twilight- When Edward spins his Volvo sideways to a stop to save Bella! 🙂

  11. Cynthia Duffy says:

    My fav car scene is when Bella goes to her window in Twilight and Edward is leaning up against his “shiny silver volvo” to drive her to school. “sigh”
    and then you see them pulling into school and he opens her door and everyone one is watching and Edward looks sooo happy!

  12. My favorite scene involving a car: Twilight’s epilogue when they are on the way to prom in Edward’s car. Bell says, “I’ll probablyy break my other leg. Look at this shoe! It’s a death trap!” Then Edward says, “Remind me to thank Alice for that tonight.”

    Too funny.. such a Bella moment. Everytime I imagine her face in this moment I can’t help but to giggle.

  13. Bernie Orona says:

    Favorite car scene in the book is: There are too many!! Love this though, in Twilight, when Edward is doing his interrogations, and wants to know everything about Bella!

    Favorite car scene in the movie’s: In Twilight, when they first arrive at school together when Edward first picks up Bella to take her to school!! Edward was looking mmm-mmm-good, with his shades and his arm around Bella!!

  14. My favorite moment including a car is the beginning of Breaking Dawn when Bella has her before car and is approached by the two men wanting to take pictures. This made me laugh so much!

  15. It’s definitely that scene in Twilight where Edward zooms away after saving Bella.

  16. samantha quezada says:

    MY favorite volvo scene was where they finally admit they’re dating and edward takes bella to school and he says “i’m going to hell anyways” or “i’m breaking all the rules anyways” or something along that line <3

  17. like most people’s fave scene on this blog goes back to the 1st Twilight. The scene where Edward saves Bella from the drunken men in the alley and then he revvs the engine and the guys dropped their beer in fear.

  18. Patty Carlie Presley says:

    My favorite scene involving a car in the saga is in Breaking Dawn and it’s right as it opens. I love how Bella isn’t used to the Guardian and the reactions of the two hikers to her car.

  19. Tough choice. One of my favorites has got to be the one where Tyler almost runs Bella over with his van and Edward saves the day.

    Another favorite, just for sheer silliness, really, is in the beginning of Breaking Dawn when Bella’s getting gas in her “before” car.

    Or Jacob, driving Edward’s Vanquish.

  20. three favorites: the ride to Volterra with Alice and yellow porche, Edward saving Bella from the drunken men, riding in her truck to/from the meadow.

  21. It’s always going to be when Bella get’s mixed up in that group of no-good guys and Edward just swoops on in there with his car and scares them off and saves Bella. It’s like the modern day Knight on his horse to comes save the damsel in distress type thing. 🙂

  22. Either when Alice and Bella are driving the stolen Yellow Porche on their way to Volterra, or when Bella first sets eyes on her crappy truck. 🙂 I know the truck is a piece of crap, but I’d love to drive it, haha!

  23. Definitely when Edward pulls up to the school on Bella’s birthday in New Moon.

  24. My favourite scene involving a car would be the scene where Edward and Bella go to school together and everyone stops and stares in shock in Twilight. “Since I’m going to hell.” as everyone knows. 🙂

  25. I love in Twilight the first time Bella is in Edward’s car & she’s freaking out because he’s going so fast.

  26. I love when Charlie gives Bella her truck.

  27. My favourite moment in a car during the movies is probably the part of Eclipse when Bella brings Jake the bikes. 🙂 It’s so good because even though Jake knows how reckless it is he does it to make Bella happy and to spend time with her. 🙂 <3

  28. Stephanie Rickey says:

    In Twilight when Edward asks Bella to distract him and she tells him that he should put his seat belt on 🙂

  29. Jennifer S. says:

    My favorite car scene is from the beginning of Breaking Dawn, When Bella is driving through Forks to get gas trying to be unseen in her bullet proof “before” car. I just hope that scene made it into the movie 🙂

  30. Tiffany McLawhorn Bonilla says:

    Fav scene is with Alice in New Moon in Italy in the hot Yellow Porche. When Bella says “i,m guess that you didin’t rent this car?’ and Alice replies ” I didn’t think you would be oppossed to Grand Theft Auto” classic!

  31. Sounds like I like the same scene as everybody else – Edward saving Bella from the bad guys in Port A.

    Runner up would have to be in Twiligh when Edward drives Bella to school, they pull into the parking lot, he gets out and does the smirk – sigh.

  32. My favorite car scene is the high-speed ride to Volterra in the stolen Porsche in New Moon.

  33. My favorite car scene is in Twilight, when Bella almost sucumbs to temptation to rear-end Edward’s Volvo.

  34. When Alice steals the Porsche.

  35. My favorite scene involving a car is when Edward comes to save Bella from the bad guys in Port Angeles in Twilight. I love the way he drives that Volvo. Amazing.

  36. In Twilight, when Bella is lost in Port Angeles and is being followed and Edward shows up in his Volvo to save her.

  37. When Bella is confronted by the guys in Port Angeles and Edward comes to the rescue in his Volvo!!!

  38. “Put your seatbelt on!” Oh Bella trying to protect an indestructible vampire, gets me every time.

  39. Manuel Vallellanes says:

    Favorite car scene is in the movie, when Edward stops the car from killing Bella.

  40. Debi Pitcock says:

    The seen where Edward does the turn about and edges upon the guys, in “Twilight” “those guys that were hedging Bella”

  41. Jackie N. says:

    It will always be the last dancing prom scene in the first Twilight movie. Catherine Hardwicke made it look completely gorgeous! EDWARD <3 BELLA!

  42. Books-Twilight, drive home from Port Angeles.
    Movie-First time Edward drives Bella to school. “Since I’m going to hell anyway” Love it!

  43. Angela W. says:

    Love when Edward drived Bella to the Cullen house for the first time… When he parks the Volvo and in a flash is opening the door for her because he doesn’t have to hide his speed any longer.

  44. My favorite car scene in the books is when Bella is gassing up the replacement car in Breaking Dawn. She’s so uncomfortable in it, it’s so fun to read.

  45. SarahFever says:

    Port Angeles when Edward also does the dount to save Bella from the guys! I actually love it haha

  46. I love the first time Bella is in the car w/Edward & he’s driving so fast & she’s freaking out.

  47. My favorite car scene is when Alice steals the Porsche.

  48. Denise Griffin says:

    When Bella is in her pre marriage car and is driving through town and stops for gas and the comments from the guys about the car and taking pictures. She don’t know what to think

  49. One of my favorite movie car scenes is in Eclipse when Edward is dropping Bella off to Jacob, and he says “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”. Then Edward takes off revving up the engin because he can’t stand leaving Bella with Jacob. 🙂

  50. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    I like the scene In the Eclipse movie when Edward and Bella see Jacob at school with his motorcycle for the first time In the movie, and Edward wants to get out of the car and talk to Jacob alone so he says to Bella ” If I asked you to stay In the car would you?’ Then she doesn’t answer or act like she heard him and just nonchalantly gets out of the car with him and he says,”No, of course not.” In the books the time Edward saves Bella from the swerving van In the school parking lot, In the first “Twilight” book. But really It’s hard to choose, because almost every scene with Edward and Bella In the books or movies, whether they Involve a car or not, are awesome and romantic.

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