What is your Favorite Item on the Eclipse DVD

There are a lot of extra features and commentaries on the Eclipse DVD. As a fan, what is your favorite item, and which Eclipse DVD did you buy? Also did you get the new Destination Fork DVD, if so what did you think?


  1. I need bloopers!! I want to see them screwing up and enjoying their job!!

  2. Okay. I must be going crazy. I bought the Target DVD/Blu-ray Collector’s Gift Set and it says I have the extended/deleted scenes and all that other stuff but the only thing I can find on special features is the commentaries. Is there supposed to be another DVD? I have looked all over in the box and everything but all I can find is the collector cards. Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. Like the “Jump to Edward”

  4. I got mine at best buy, but I bought he 2 disc edition. So if you bougth the 2 disc edition it should have 2 discs. 😉

  5. If it’s the same as the blue ray/dvd combo I got, the dvd is on one side and the blue ray is on the other. So you have to flip it over to see the other features.

  6. I agree that the little bit after Jacob and Bella’s kiss should have been left in. I was surprised when I saw the film in the theater that it wasn’t there, I think it would have helped people understand better. I did hear people in the theater commenting on why he wasn’t more mad about it.

  7. I had the same problem, everything other then the commentaries are on the blue ray side. Luckily I have blue ray on my computer or I would have been pissed. I hope you have the same luck. They really should have added a second disk with the other extras in DVD format.

  8. sounds like you bought the single disc and not the 2 disc.

  9. Jan Copeland says:

    I also got the Blu-Ray special edition set from Target and I have everything on it. I haven’t watched the regular dvd–just the blu-ray disc.

  10. wolfgirl28 says:

    You need to have the two dis special edtion to have the scenes and other fun stuff because this is movie is so much better than TWILIGHT AND NEW MOON together.


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