What is your Favorite Item on the Eclipse DVD

There are a lot of extra features and commentaries on the Eclipse DVD. As a fan, what is your favorite item, and which Eclipse DVD did you buy? Also did you get the new Destination Fork DVD, if so what did you think?


  1. Here in the UK we have to wait until the 6th…….not fair!!

    • I ordered mine from play.com in the uk and got it last week, and if you know someone from a dvd store, you can get it even earlier lol. x

      • I’m not happy, am dying to watch Eclipse again and all the extra’s – ordered mine from play.com uk weeks ago and not received it even thought it was released in uk today – could’ve walked into tesco for it myself!!!

        Can’t wait to see it – when it arrives! I love all the scenes with Edward – looking forward to Breaking Dawn and the wedding!!

      • I ordered mine months ago from Amazon.com USA and still haven’t gotten mine. SUCKS! I thought it would have been here today. :*(

    • Im from the UK and of course its not out over here yet, but I got it early renting last week (blu-ray) and was hugly dissapointed by the extended scenes & deleted scenes.

      I dont know if there was supposed to be so few of them or why there was so little features on it. or maybe it was because it was the rent version?

      First, what happened to the scene where Edward and Alice are in the Volturi (we all saw pictures of that scene being shot) and also the fan who did the fan review said something about Rosalie holding a child.

      Im just waiting for my 2 disc version to come.

      But i did watch the commentry and oh god, did i laugh.

      “Eh…BOOBOO… what do you think of Bella BOOBOO”

      Bella (on screen): no dont leave…
      Robert: yes just leave…
      Jacob (on screen): give me a reason…
      Robert: you dont have a reason…
      Bella (on screen): because…
      Robert cuts in: Im a young naive girl and I want EVERYTHING!

      haha – that was soo funny, I nearly wet myself laughing.

      • Where is the commentary between Rob and Kristen located. I thought I went through all the special features and don’t recall that.

      • Nicole~ There is a extended scene on the dvd (on mine at least) with Rosalie telling her backstory and she is holding baby Henry.

    • We in Germany we have to wait until 10th dezember. My favourite szenes are the kissing-szenes between Jacob an Bella. Both of them. An the Wedding application. The whole movie is so amazing. I love it <33 *_*

  2. Well,we watched the commentary with Rob & Kristen first last night. Rob is so silly, sometimes it’s hard to tell when he’s serious or joking 😉 I loved that he kept saying how Jacob got on his nerves. 🙂 But I really loved it overall.

    I was a bit disappointed in how few deleted scenes there were. There were two I thought should have been left in. First, the scene with Angela would have been better left it. Secondly, the scene after the kiss when Edward acknowledges that what he did by leaving was the direct cause of Bella’s situation I think really needed to be left in. That was important.

    I just love this movie, it’s definitely my favorite.

    • I agree, those were the two i thought needed to be left in as well. The others I didn’t think needed to be there. The one where Edward said that he left her bleeding melted my heart. DEF should have made the final cut.

    • I think that both the deleted and extended footage should have been added back. They added more clarity (like the additional footage to Avatar), and besides, it’s the DVD…we have all the time we need to watch it!

  3. Hi! I am a HUGE fan of your site and was wondering if you had a ipod or iphone app?

  4. Hi all-just wanted to share my bad experience with Target.com regarding Eclipse, and warn you for future.

    I ordered the special edition form Target.com. on Nov 16th. Their site said it was only available on-line, otherwise, I would have gotten it at the store. Who wants to wait for it to deliver?

    Last Sunday, when the latest Target circular came, I saw the same dvd set, but at a lower price, available in stores on release day! Target lied!

    I called Target.com to cancel my order (no link to do it on line) and they told me I can’t cancel it because it’s in the ‘shipping soon’ status. They also couldn’t do a price adjustment!

    Today, my order should have shipped, but instead I got an email that said it will ship between the 9th and the 15th!!! Let’s face it, I ordered three week ago-they knew they were sold out and didn’t bother to tell me in advance because they thought they would lose my sale (and they would be right!).

    So I called today to cancel my order, because certainly it’s not in the ‘shipping soon’ status, and was told that it was still in that status and that I still couldn’t cancel it. My only recourse is to refuse the order when it delivers and wait around for the refund.

    I am so frustrated with Target.com. I guess I am just spoiled by good service and pricing from Amazon.com and other retailer sites that are more accommodating. But I am certain I won’t take a risk by ordering from Target.com for anything ever again.

    • That happened with me last year with target and the New Moon dvd/blu ray.

    • I agree Susie, I only get mine from Amazon.com. They have been great with all 3 of the Twilight movies that I have pre-ordered.

    • That happened to me last year. I went to the store and bought it so I didn’t have to wait and then when it came in the mail I just returned that one to Target. You also still get the cheaper price if it was cheaper online. Last year I got a $5 refund from Target.com .

    • I wanted to make sure that the Collector’s Edition would be available in-store so my local store and they said it would only be available online. I called the 800 customer number for Target and they said it would only be available online. I called my local store again and I was told it would be available in-store but it would cost 34.99 instead of the online price of 29.99. I called them yesterday and then I was told it would be available in-store and the price would be 29.99.

      Target needs to get their facts straight. I hate getting conflicting information.

      So, I feel your pain…ALOT!

    • I had a similar terrible experience with Target when ordering Bella’s bedspread 🙁 Definitely wouldn’t recommend them.

  5. Coming from another HUGE fan I have a couple of versions of the first two. This is before I did the research b/c I didn’t know there was different versions when Twilight first came out. I bought just a regular cheap Twilight blu ray then a month later I found the Borders edition which I love because of the pictures (but I wished I owned the Target 3 disc collector’s featuring everything as well). NM I bought the Target blu ray 2 disc and also the Borders regular collector’s edition since I loved their packaging. This time thank goodness I bought the Target collector’s edition. I love that one because it features the beautiful packaging that Borders did of the first two. I don’t have to by a second one and it contained gorgeous picture cards. I hope Target does that last two films as well with the same package.

    • My complaint is with the collectors edition from Target is you have to own blu ray to even watch the special features so I would not recommend the collectors edition of Eclipse from Target unless you own a blu ray player. I now have to go buy another copy. They should have also included the digital download!!!

  6. My favorite thing always was the deleted and extended scenes because they have to leave so much out of the movie and a lot of it just HAPPENS to be some of my favorite parts of the books! (Hmm, just thought of that, wonder if there’s a conspiracy here against me… ;))

  7. Two things on the deleted/extended scenes: first being the extended scene where CNN is on and they’re talking about the newborn army and Emmett says right at the end, “we still get to kick some a$@ right?”

    I also liked the extended mountaintop scene, right after the Bella/Jacob kiss, where Edward talks about Jacob mending Bella up after he left in NM and how that left them with an unbreakable bond. I def thought that should’ve been left in. Would’ve helped people who hadn’t read the books to understand better.

  8. So far I’m saying the commentary with Stephanie Meyer is my fav. Not so thrilled with the Stewart/Pattinson commentary. Looking forward to seeing the deleted scenes still.

    • I have to say the pattison and stewart commentary wasn’t my favorite, it was hard to tell if they were talking about the movie, or other things, and they just went off on a lot of tangents. HOwever, i won’t say it was all bad. I defintely liked the deleted scenes, and the mountain top scene should have been left, and the belle/angela scene as well. I just love this movie, as I said on twitter yesterday, it is still epic. I got mine from target.

  9. I haven’t watched with the commentary yet (waiting for when kids are in bed), but I enjoyed the 6 part documentary. I especially loved all the “Taylor Time” moments and the vampire training 😉 I agree that the scene on the mountaintop after the Bella/Jacob kiss should have stayed in–the rest I don’t think made that much of a difference.
    I did buy the Forks documentary and am looking forward to watching that tonight also.

  10. I liked the deleted scenes

  11. I honestly loved the Twilight Destination video. It reminds me of why I love this series so much. I also loved the documentary but I thought the New Moon was better and loved the commentaries.

  12. Well, so far I’ve watched:
    Rob & Kristen commentary
    Extended/deleted scenes
    6 part making-of documentary
    and music videos.
    I got Destination Forks, but I haven’t watched it yet. I’m overall very pleased with all of it. I love hearing Rob & Kristen’s opinions on the scenes and their random rambling. 🙂

  13. I’m watching Stephenie and Wyck’s commentary and think it’s great! A lot of insight from Stephenie’s end on book stuff and mythology errors.

    For those of you who have bought the Target Exclusive dvd, does yours freeze/skip during Jasper’s flashback?

  14. My favorite feature was the making of doc. It was really interesting to see all of the behind the sceens and all the technical work that goes into the movies.

    I still missed the Flash-Forward moment between Jacob and Bello. I thought FOR SURE it would be in deleted sceens! Oh well! Love the books and movies! 🙂 Cant wait for the next installment!

  15. I have watched the Destination Forks. I really liked the first part but turned it off after about 5 minutes of the part about the “real rain forest”. All of their focus shifts and jumping back and forth got old after a very short time to me.

    I watched the extended/deleted scenes and agree with everyone that the mountain top one (after Jacob’s kiss) should have been left in there. But I can kind of see where the rest went to the dead end that David Slade spoke of.

    Will watch the movie this afternoon…already know how good it is!

  16. The Rob/Kristen commentary is priceless. Amazing but disarmingly intimate. I felt like I should be able to look to the side and see Rob sitting next to me and add my own comments. I think they forgot that they are doing this for the fan audience: so many times they made a comment that referred to a private story or joke and then stopped themselves.

    The other fun part was in the documentary when Bryce talks about having completed the Victoria death scene and having had Rob’s lips on her neck. She was all flustered and giggling and reminded herself she’s a married woman. She was such an endearing fangirl.

  17. I also think they should have left the scene with Rosalie and wanting a baby. That would really help out with the last movie for people who haven’t read the books and why Rose and Bella get closer.

  18. I loved the audio commentary! rob and kristen are hilarious! especially rob… 🙂

  19. my sister and I got the 2 disc edition with Destination Forks. So far, I love watching the commentary with Kristen and Rob. Some of the deleted/extended scenes are awesome, too. I haven’t had the chance to watch Destination Forks yet, but I look forward to watching it. I really enjoyed Twilight in Forks, so it should be interesting!

  20. I always love the deleted and extended scenes but the bonus was the pictures cards and all the extras they packed into it.

  21. I especially liked the deleted/extended scenes. The ones with Emmett and Bella/Angela really should have been left in. They were pretty good.

    Haven’t heard the commentaries. I enjoyed the commentary from the first Twilight movie. I’m hoping I will like this one as well.

    Since purchasing Eclipse, I have watched the three movies again. Overall, while I like all of the Twilight movies and am a staunch supporter of Twilight (love the books), in all honesty, I am not sure these last two movies are on the same level as the first one.

  22. I bought the disc set with Destination Twilight. My favorite extras are the commentary with Rob & Kristen & the 6 part documentary. I’m having Eclipse withdrawls right now since I had to go to work and can’t watch it all day like I have been all weekend!!

  23. Bought the Target DVD Saturday morning. Watched the extended scenes and deleted scenes. Unlike New Moon, I really thought most of what was left out, should have been left in the movie! The “Close the Window” scene is a fan favorite from the book. It was less than a minute long, could have been left in. The extended scene on the mountaintop… should have been left in. Scene with Angela… should have been left in. But I LOVED the commentary with Kristen and Rob. Honestly, it didn’t really matter what they said, just love them both 🙂 So grateful that Breaking Dawn is split. I always felt that Eclipse moved too fast and lost some of the spark that was in the book. Still my favorite out of the three, but could have and should have been a little bit longer.

  24. I wish that they had put Jacob’s line in the movie:
    Does my being half naked bother you?

  25. Wats not too love , !

  26. I bought the Blue Ray/DVD- my favorite feature is the extended scenes because they explain things a lot better and the commentary with Kristen and Rob- they are so funny!!

  27. My favorite item on the DVD is definitely the audio commentary with Robert and Kristen. I’d say this feature was my first motivation in buying the dvd and I sure don’t regret it. They’re hilarious together.

  28. I love how they film the cullen running and all the taining it amazing to see the work the actor need to do for a movie us fan we didnt see this when we watch the movie but it really cool thank to show us that

    It seems there isn’t in any version of extended or deleted scenes.. but in the commentary they talk about it!!!
    Please at least give us a still of that scene!!!!

  30. got them both and loved it can’t wait till Breaking Dawn 1 and 2

  31. mariano paramore twilight says:

    hey i have eclipse (2 discs) but here in guatemala dont came the dvd of forks D: i guess im gonna fifure out how get it :’)

  32. my favorite is where Jacob had to keep Bella warm in the tent Edward was so jealous it was great!!!

  33. Got the two-disk set. Did not get the Forks DVD (and don’t intend to). Special feature? Hard to tell, really — close call — but I’d probably have to say the making of sextuplet. Closely followed by Rob’s commentary, which might have made #1 except for too much giggling and not enough talk. ;P~

  34. The commentary is by far the best. I was disappointed in the lack of deleted and extended scenes, something that also happened in the NM DVD. Maybe Hardwicke just spoiled us with some amazing extra scenes so I am being picky. I did like the Angela and Bella one and thought two of the extended scenes should have been kept for the movie because they helped understand what was going on. Edward and Bella’s talk after she kissed Jacob shouldnt have been cut, it looked abrupt in the film. The window closed extended scene should have been kept too. Overall the commentary is the best part.

  35. Jan Copeland says:

    I really loved the commentary with Ron and Kristen. It’s very comical! I love the movie—I see something new everyntime I watch it!

  36. my favorite park was when edward and bella almost have sex. but edward stop her

  37. i love when edward and bella have sex but edward made her stop lol

  38. I loveeeeee the skip to edward feature! I mean what is the point of watching if edward isn’t in the scene?

  39. kp-twilighter699870 says:

    i havn’t bought it yet but i hope to soon! and i can’t wait till breaking dawn comes out!!!!!!!

  40. Michelle B says:

    My favorate so far is the jump to Edward sceanes feature …loved it on New Moon too. The deleted and extended scenes were good , but I agree with many comments here . There weren’t enough of them and a few (like Rosalie and the baby, Edward and Bella’s talk after Jacob and Bella Kiss and the Angela and Bella scene) should have been left in the movie. The 6 part making of documantary was interesting and the Taylor Time moments in it were cute. We saw a bit of Taylor goofing off during breaks in the the NM DVD Eclipse sneek peek so it was good to see . I got the Eclipse 2 disk /Destination Forks combo pack .

  41. Definitely Rob and Kristen’s commentary…hilarious!

  42. I loved the jump to feature for Edward. I also really enjoyed the commentary by Wyck and Stephanie.

  43. I loved the Robert and Kristen commentary!


  45. I watched Eclipse for the first time last night, and I have to say I was disappointed that the tenor of many of my favorite scenes in the book just didn’t translate to the film.

    I especially missed Bella’s first interaction with Jacob in his wolf form: the disbelief and wonder she felt at the sight of him sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth; the connection and mutual affection they felt as they sat with each other, completely oblivious to the incredulity of those around them.

    I also missed Bella’s bewilderment – and later panic – as Edward managed to subvert her efforts to seduce him and got her to agree to his marriage proposal. The book version of the bedroom proposal is the scene where, in my opinion, Edward truly shows his vulnerability for the first time; I was utterly charmed by his reluctance to admit that he was protecting his own virtue as much as Bella’s.

    There are other scenes that I could site, but these were the ones that were most important to me.

  46. wolfgirl28 says:

    OMG!!! Got it friday night at midnight in the US. But I got it and I just cant stop watching it and it just gets better every time. Plus people say I watch it to much but I just say that I am a true fan and that I wont forget the best movie of my life. But Harry Potter is cool too but ECLIPSE is better.

  47. my favorite item on twilight is t-shirt………
    because it is comfortable to wear.
    and i like it……. too……..

  48. I think the movie should have been longer. I was just a tiny bit disappointed. I have read all the books twice and I guess I thought there could have been more in the Eclipse movie. I am a die hard fan of Twilight and I would not mind a long movie. I really hope they put way more of breaking Dawn in, then they did with Eclipse. There is so much I want to see. The books and the Movies are all excelent.

  49. Okay. I must be going crazy. I bought the Target DVD/Blu-ray Collector’s Gift Set and it says I have the extended/deleted scenes and all that other stuff but the only thing I can find on special features is the commentaries. Is there supposed to be another DVD? I have looked all over in the box and everything but all I can find is the collector cards. Has anyone else had this problem?

  50. Like the “Jump to Edward”

  51. I got mine at best buy, but I bought he 2 disc edition. So if you bougth the 2 disc edition it should have 2 discs. 😉

  52. If it’s the same as the blue ray/dvd combo I got, the dvd is on one side and the blue ray is on the other. So you have to flip it over to see the other features.

  53. I agree that the little bit after Jacob and Bella’s kiss should have been left in. I was surprised when I saw the film in the theater that it wasn’t there, I think it would have helped people understand better. I did hear people in the theater commenting on why he wasn’t more mad about it.

  54. I had the same problem, everything other then the commentaries are on the blue ray side. Luckily I have blue ray on my computer or I would have been pissed. I hope you have the same luck. They really should have added a second disk with the other extras in DVD format.

  55. sounds like you bought the single disc and not the 2 disc.

  56. Jan Copeland says:

    I also got the Blu-Ray special edition set from Target and I have everything on it. I haven’t watched the regular dvd–just the blu-ray disc.

  57. wolfgirl28 says:

    You need to have the two dis special edtion to have the scenes and other fun stuff because this is movie is so much better than TWILIGHT AND NEW MOON together.


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