Signed Kellan Lutz Poster Giveaway

MESKADA, co-starring Kellan Lutz,  opens in theaters and premieres on Video On Demand TODAY December 3, 2010.

To celebrate the release, we are giving away full sized signed Meskada posters signed by Kellan to two lucky fans. Just reply in the comments with what you love about Kellan, and we’ll pick two random people Saturday night at 11:59pm est.

MESKADA follows a small-town detective named Noah Cordin as he struggles to solve the brutal murder of a boy in the peaceful, affluent town of Hilliard. The killers left behind no clues at the crime scene, with the exception of a scrap of paper leading Cordin back to his hometown of Caswell. Here, Cordin and county detective Leslie Spencer consult with Cordin’s old friends, all of whom are suffering from the economic troubles that have plunged Caswell into near-destitution. As their search fails to turn up a suspect, feverish tensions rise between the towns of Hilliard and Caswell, until the film reaches its shocking climax.

Meskada captures a snapshot of quintessential American small-town life. The story calls to mind our nation’s history, the brutal clashes over land and territory, the class-divides and the improbable victories for equal opportunity. Meskada portrays a vivid picture of the rift between characters in two towns, people bound by loyalty, family, community, and a battle born of circumstances beyond their control.

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  1. Jamie Hundley says:

    I love how sexy he is. But what I love the most is how good of a heart he has.

  2. Paige Trocchia says:

    I loove that Kellan’s acting looks like he’s not even thinking and he’s not Kellan anymore. He is down to Earth which makes him sweet and kind-hearted.

  3. Julie Christensen says:

    I love Kellan’s amazing acting talent, he always plays the role 100%!
    And then he is a sweet looking guy.

  4. I love Kellan because he gives the best hugs in the world.

  5. I love how he cares for animals and even has 2 adopted dogs, Kola and Kevin. Not only that but he cares so much about his fans and to see how he started from being a model for Abercrombie and how far he’s gotten, it gives others hope to make dreams come true.

  6. I love Kellan in his Calvins :) HOT,HOT,HOT!!!!!

  7. I love Kellan because he’s a genuine person and believes in helping others. His charity work is amazing and he the epitome of what someone can do with their celebrity. Along with that, he’s a great actor with a promising career outside of the Twilight Saga.

  8. I love that he has a rescue dog. I love his down to earth personality. I love that he never seems to care about the spotlight and really likes to connect with his fans. I really love his blonde hair (and I love his dark hair too).

  9. I love everything about Kellan!

  10. twilight dreamers says:

    I love Kellan because he has a lot of good attributes about him, he is a amazing actor friendly and down to earth. He cares about his family and fans. He loves dogs and was named #1 pet owner by j-14. He’s such a wonderful guy that I’m so happy my little brother looks up to him for a mans influence (I’m 13 he’s 9, we both love twilight me the romance him the fights) the fact that he’s hot is just icing on the cake. Love you kellan!

  11. Why do I love about Kellan? for starters, is a person that cares about what happens around I admire his work in the social charities. is a great actor, can play any role and put his personal touch without losing the essence of the character.seems to have a fun and impulsive personality without losing his head. and last but not least has a body to die for and a smile that melts. <3
    that why i love Kellan.

  12. Abdon Gomez says:

    I think kellan is completely epic!why?because hes always doing good things/he cares about animals and how their treated/he cares about his family even if hes famous/he knows who he is and is never rude to paparazzi nor fans/also just because hes kellan and hes an epic actor with an epic personalty that anyone and everyone would love to meet him hope i win itd be really epic to have something signed from someone like kellan :)

  13. What I love most about Kellan is his infectious smile. When he smiles, you smile. It’s as simple as that :)

  14. What I love about Kellan is how down-to-earth he is, how he loves animals and the fact that he’s from Arizona (my home state!) Most of all, I love Kellan because he plays Emmett, the funnest vampire ever!

  15. Rachel P. says:

    What I love about Kellan is that the only things he loves more than his fans, are his rescued dogs and his family.

  16. Beautiful smile!!

  17. I love him just because he’s him.

  18. I love Kellan because it seems like he’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s a talented actor. Of course, Kellan’s insanely good looking. ripped…but, the dimples , they just KILL me.

  19. I absolutely adore Kellens easy going best friend attitude. I fell for the puppy dog eyes watching him in Generation Kill. He continues to amaze me!

  20. Kellan is a sweet guy with a big heart!

  21. Aryana Azari says:

    Besides how undeniably handsome kellan is, I love how he involved he gets in charities/volunteer work/community service :)

  22. Aryana Azari says:

    Besides how undeniably handsome kellan is, I love how he involved he gets in charities/volunteer work/community service & how much he loves animals :)

  23. I love that Kellan is so dedicated to animal rescues. As a huge animal lover myself, I think that’s awesome. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a great actor, adorable, and funny :)

  24. leslie clark says:

    I love those eyes and that smile! Also that he loves animals and supports charities that do too!

  25. Cynthia Clay says:

    I love Kellan because anytime fans are around he makes the most generous choice to always come over to the fans and talk and give autographs. He also is put together like no other.

  26. all of him :D he is soo awesome :D!!!!! His personality, abs and then he is just sooo sweet :D

  27. Hi!

    All I want to say about Kellan is that besides he’s gorgeous and so attractive, he has a great personality! He’s so sensitive and loves animals and is against animal abuse, I think that one and only gives away a great person!

  28. Danielle A says:

    I just love Kellen as a whole in general but he is just so sincere and good looking how could you not? :)

    He just seems like the kind of guy it would be so much fun to hang out with and relax. His great smile and eyes never hurt either, lol.

  29. Any man who is a lover of animals(especially dogs) knows the way to my heart! He is such a great guy though more should take after him.

  30. Kellan, mmm a smile that would melt butter, a heart that is caring & kind, a body that would put Adonis to shame. What is there to not LOVE about Kellan Lutz.

  31. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I love Kellan because he is gorgeous, amazingly talented, he is kind caring and has a great body lmao.

  32. He just seems so sweet and down to earth. Kellan is gorgeous and has a hot body too…the whole package!

  33. His kindness and devotion to his fans :)

  34. I personally love Kellan because he is so kind and giving. He donates much of his time to charity and still works hard to make amazing films and stay healthy. He is a wonderful role model because he is kind and giving, but still human. I cannot wait to see Kellan in all his future endeavors!

  35. Jessica Wood says:

    I love Kellan for all the obvious reasons his personality,looks,humor etc but then again I love him for so much more. My best friend lives in UK and I in USA and we meet over our love for him lol! I will always be thankful for him and our “obsession” for bringing us together. She is my very best friend :) <3

  36. I love Kellan because of his talent ! I don’t mind about his body, his charm, his smile,… I just think he’s a good actor who deserves to have a good career and to be known as an accomplished actor not only as Emmett Cullen !

    I hope Belgians can participate ;)

  37. What do I love about Kellan Lutz ?
    He is a great actor and not to forget to mention that he’s handsome and lovely. And also very down to earth. I knew him from Hillary Duff’s music video then I started stalking everything about him. When I saw him on Twilight, I was like “this guy is just amazing, he needs more line in this movie”. I mean he’s one of those main characters. Kellan Lutz is an amazing actor and he deserves more roles. And I love that he uses his Twitter for charity.

    I believe Kellan is a wonderful person, even though I haven’t met him. And of course, I’m looking forward to meet him someday. That is all :)

  38. I love his love for his fans and animals. I love his personality also.. He is super sweet and kind and super involved in charities.

  39. I love kellan becausehe is kind hearted, awesome to his fans, actually gives a damn, isn’t looking for fame, has a great smile and lastly because he us just one big huggable Teddy bear!!!!!

  40. My favorite things about Kellen are #1 his big generous heart and his abs! Whooo

  41. Anne Sofie Klit Jensen says:

    I love Kellan because he is such a brilliant tolemodel for young kids. He does a great job with social charities, and that i something kids who is watching his movies kopies.
    And Kellan is an amazing actor and a good man. Thats not something you find everyday now a days! :)
    That is why I love Kellan! :D

  42. I love Kellan because he has a great attitude. He doesn’t mind stopping to talk to fans and take pictures. Plus, he is always helping charities and people. And he’s got a great body of course. I absolutely love his blue eyes and dimples. His blue eyes are just amazing =)

  43. Saintsnurse says:

    I love Kellan because he has such a positive attitude, he is always looking for ways to help people and better our world. He is also such a cutie!

  44. His EYES and his kind personality that shines, even when he growls as Emmett, tho Emmett has a fun side to him too. Perfect match of character with actor.

  45. I love Kellan because he is real and is so comfortable with himself and his surrounding. Which is awesome in his line of work in the fishbowl.

  46. He speaks Spanish

  47. Megan McAndrew says:

    i love just how amazingly sweet and down-to-earth he is. :)

  48. I like Kellan because, apart from the fact that he is a great actor, he’s wonderful and sensitive too. He has been one of the biggest advocates of animal rights and has a big and warm heart. Of course, we can’t leave out the fact that he is extremely sexy and good-looking, but his inner beauty is what magnifies his external appeal to a high degree.

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