Vampires Suck: Fan Opinion

So far the critics are all panning the Vampires Suck movie that spoofs Twilight. One sample review from the Washington Post reads:

“Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — the writer-directors who have participated in a parade of movie-genre parodies, including “Scary Movie,” “Date Movie” and “Meet the Spartans” — have set their comedic crosshairs on the most obvious of targets: the hugely successful film franchise based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, all of which have already been dissected, debated and, yes, satirized ad nauseam. Before it even makes its first Team Edward/Team Jacob joke — a gag that involves a bunch of tween girls bashing one another in the head with shovels — “Vampires Suck” already feels burdened by the weight of the numerous “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and MTV Movie Awards sendups that have preceded it.”

Now in general, critics have never liked the Twilight movies, but they have been enjoyable to fans. So, did you see Vampires Suck? As a Twilight fan do you agree with what the critics had to say or not?


  1. I was dissapointed with the film, I Couldn’t finish it, Some parrt were funny others just sucked

  2. So I actually liked the movie. I thought it was entertaining and I thought it was ironic that Edward drove the right car in Twilight Sucks and Edward in the actual movies is not driving the right car.

    • I noticed the car thing too!! Funny how Summit couldn’t get that car for New Moon and Eclipse, but these film makers somehow managed to get it for their parody!

      • my guess is the marketing thing they had going with Volvo. I think I heard somewhere that the car in the first one was no longer being sold and I think they replaced it so they could sell Edward’s car to the public.

    • They got so much wrong in the Twilight movies I’m not surprised that they got car wrong. Do you remember the house? Totally wrong, the whole thing was wrong. I see the Twilight movies as spoofs of the books in themselves, I refuse to watch them. I think it’s am insult to even call them Twilight.

  3. I’m Twilight obsessed, but I think Vampires Suck is absolutely hilarious!! One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Agreed. Loved the actually movies. Just saw Vampires Suck a couple hours ago. Best parody movie I have seen ^_^ Funniest movie out right now!

    • HUGE twilight fan plus I have a decent sense of humor. I was worried at first, but it was so hilarious. Probably one of the better parodies I have seen ^_^
      Also, for the people that called this movie crappy, you need a messed up sense of humor to really understand.
      NOT a movie I would take my 10 year old brother to see (even though he wants to see it -_-)

    • totally agree! i thought the movie was HILARIOUS and i’m a diehard fan of the books and movies. i think any twilight fan that has a good sense of humor would enjoy it. there were so many little things that only people who’ve seen the movies a bunch of times would really appreciate too, like when she stepped out of the car arriving in “sporks” and was carrying that giant cactus-that KILLED me. it’s a silly movie but it’s all in good fun!

  4. I thought the film was really funny, i laughed loads watching it, but it was really annoying at the same time cos it was taking the mick out of twilight. The worst part was when Jacob turned into a chiahuahua (SPOILER) that was funny but i felt really sorry for jacob in twilight :)

  5. I saw the movie last night and I thought it was hilarious! However, if you haven’t seen Twilight or New Moon, you won’t get any of the jokes or catch any of the little nuances that are there. There are parts of the movie where the camera shots/angles are pretty much exact to the ones in the originals! I think most Twi fans will love the movie, but non-fans won’t.

    • Was the movie very vulgar, that’s all I want to know. I probably will wait until it comes out on pay-per-view, but if it’s very dirty I won’t see it at all.

      • It is actually pretty vulgar.

      • LoveMeSomeRob says:

        Yes, I agree, it was quite vulgar. I didn’t expect that and took my 11 year old daughter!! There were many, many awkward moments. Not sure she picked up on them all (or at least I’m hoping LOL).

  6. So for those of you that have seen it, was it worth going to see it in the theater?

    • I would honestly wait until it is in the bargain theater or on DVD. I thought it had its funny moments but overall I wish I had waited to rent it on DVD.

    • Just wait till it is on payperview or dvd, its not worth waisting a ton of money on, It did have some funny moments but over all it wasnt that good.

    • Yea there are a few laughable points in this movie. But all in all it just plain sucked! Dont waist ur money save it for when it is out on redbox or payperview. I have to say the funniest part for me was probably when Jacob mentioned his fleas. But honestly I cant believe how bad it was, I was expecting it to be at least a little better than that. I truly think that all of the twihaters out there who went and saw this would then change their mind about the real movies!

  7. I can’t wait to see it. Haven’t gotten to the theater yet. I’m a big Twilight fan, but I can also take a joke. The Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon/MTV mini spoofs were a corny waste of time to me, but I feel like to make a movie, there was some hard effort put into it. I feel THAT is more worthy of a ‘reward’ of my money and time. As is anything by The Hillywood Show! ;)

  8. I saw the movie last night and was disappointed. The previews made it appear to be much better than it actually was. It did have some funny moments but I wish I had waited for it to be released on dvd. Not at all how I expected it to be.

  9. There are seriously no words to describe how bad this movie is. I couldn’t even watch ten minutes.

  10. PixieCullen36 says:

    Some parts were funny, but overall, I have seen much better Twi parodies on youtube. My favorite parts were little things that they put in that only Twi-hards would get. “Hardwicke 101.” LOL

  11. This film was absolutely dire. The gags were pathetic. Not to sound condescending but unless you’re a young girl/boy (age 11 under) then people getting hit with shovels isn’t going to inspire humor in you. It makes the Twilight films appear Oscar worthy (don’t get me wrong, I love ‘em only I know there not exactly up there with the likes of The Hurt Locker etc). It just pains me that crap like this gets funded in Hollywood. I s’pose it’s down to the fact that a lot of American audiences are still gonna pay to see this and propel it into the top ten box office.

    To quote the LA weekly review: “If you’ve ever read a single book — we’ll include Stephenie Meyer — you’re probably better than this.”

  12. I have just seen the trailor. it was alright. not into watching it though.

  13. Haven’t seen it but plan to. The commercials look funny and while many of the parodies and comedies seem to take cheap shots at the Twilight series, this seems to present the funny aspect of it all without being condescending. Its something we as fans can laugh at too without feeling like we are being put down.

    (Notice how the critics found a way to put Meyer down in a review for a movie she had nothing to do with?)

  14. The only funny parts were the ones I’d already seen in the film’s trailer. Everything else was ‘meh’.

    Also, did the music bother anyone else? In the version of the movie I saw (didn’t see it in the theater…) it would use the NM score with Twi-esque scenes and vice versa. IDK. That got on my nerves.

  15. kdenn2011 says:

    Just got home from watching the movie. Can’t believe I paid money to watch it. Nothing like what I expected. The previews portrayed it much differently than it actually was. Overall bad movie.

  16. I just saw it today with my eleven year old brother… We both laughed our butts off and we love twilight. I just not recommend anyone my brothers age or younger to watch. Some parts are inappropriate and language. Could of been better but it was good.

  17. well, based on the comments above, i think i’m going to wait until this movie is either online or dvd to watch it. I know they have a history of being incredibly bad and with my funds being extremely limited lately, I think I’ll just wait.

  18. I am so looking forward to watching this, the trailer had us in stitches x

  19. I honestly wouldn’t waste a dime on that movie. My boyfriend even thinks it looks stupid.

  20. I haven’t seen the film. I found the trailer funny, but annoying at the same time because I am a huge fan of the saga. I’ll probably end up seeing it for the laughs.

  21. I think the filmmakers are expecting to make all their money from the Twifans who would go see anything at all Twilight related. Talk about milking it for what it’s worth! Pretty lame…like this film. And I’m being generous. And no, I haven’t seen anything other than the trailer, and have no intention on funding (and encouraging)this type of thing. The Hillywood Show does a much better job. For those of you who saw it and enjoyed it, fine. I’m not making any judgement calls on ya. “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor”, as they say.

  22. i will so wait for this movie to come out on the redbox….$1….looks super funny though

  23. Let me just say I will never get those 2 hours of my life back.

    I was hoping that it would be really good, since twilight is such an easy thing to spoof ( I love love love twilight but lets face it- its true), but this movie was just horrible. So glad I didnt go to the theatre to see it, I would have hated to waste my money.

  24. ShannyKay says:

    I was really hoping to see it and so I read the parental advisory content on imdb to see if it was worth my money. But I hear these sorts of movies can have some not-so-good parts. So are the not-so-good parts very trashy? :)

  25. I just got back from seeing it. It’s good parody if you can get past some of the offensive jokes. It’s Monty Python humor for the 21st century and it’s worth seeing. My favorite scene was when (SPOILER) Becca and Jennifer goes to the movies and sees a certain fourth film that’s going to begin production this fall. There were several obvious wink,wink jokes that Twilight fans would notice. On a scale of see it,rent it or skip it-I’d say rent it,just for the laughs.

  26. jasperhaleyes says:


  27. Is anyone really surprised that it was horrible? I mean, look at their last several movies. They all suck. >.>

  28. I thought the movie was really funny. Glad I saw iy

  29. Im a huge Twilight Fan, and i want to see this but since everyone says it sucks I’m just ganna rent it. :)

  30. i tthought the movie sucked. no pun intended…. i laughed a few times but it was mainly a “why in the world would they do that?” laugh. i’m glad i didn’t pay for it(i work at a theatre so i can see movies for free i didn’t sneak in)

  31. If you are a Twilight Fan, this movie is worth seeing. Yes, it’s a lot of slapstick comedy, and at parts I remember thinking, “This isn’t funny, I’m not five years old….” But they do an excellent job of coordinating with the other movies. Some parts are an exact shot by shot remake of some scenes. The actress who plays Becca (Bella) has Kristen Stewart’s mannerisms down perfectly, and they throw in a few jokes that only the true twihards would know. If you’ve got a bunch of Twilight nerd friends, go see this movie. It’s worth it for the fun, and it’s hilarious to compare it to the movies. As a movie by itself, it’s not that good, but when you place it next to the Twilight movies, it’s comedic gold.

    Edward on the Segway Scooter after he leaves Becca… I just about peed my pants….

  32. Twilight Nymph says:

    I watched it and I did think it was hilarious, but some parts did leave me like, “what the heck this makes no sense”. Yet, there some very funny parts,(spoiler) like Edward with the hair curlers. I almost peed myself. Oh, and the bio class with the protection suit. LMAO. Matt Latner sounded like Darth Vader breathing, which is ironic since he does do the voice for Anakin in the clone wars.

  33. I just saw this movie. Some parts were funny and I agree with other posts that there are parts of the movie that are inappropriate for kids under 13. I also fell asleep.. Another movie goer said they shouldn’t have made this at all. Overall… wait for the DVD.

  34. I saw this the other night with my sister. Both of us love Twilight, but we also both love parodies — and Twilight has inspired some hilarious ones. :P However, this was one of the worst movies I have honestly EVER seen. We nearly left to ask for our money back. It wasn’t even so much a parody of Twilight itself as it was “insert random pop culture references here… here… here… here… here and here and here and here and…”, etc., combined with random snippets of Twilight sendup that has already been done to death (Jacob turning into a chihuahua, for example — how many times have we seen that on YouTube, LONG before this movie was ever thought of?), or blatantly ripped off from other (superior) sources — both the town name “Sporks” AND the “Sullen” family idea were both from the hilarious Twilight parody novel “Twilite” by Stephen Jenner. Aside from these bits that would have been funny had they not been stolen from somewhere else, the entire thing was just one stupid slapstick gag after another.
    I honestly could not BELIEVE how terrible this movie was. Ugh.
    The end. :P

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