Vampires Suck Trailer

We really didn’t know anything about this until a Lexiconer notified us on Twitter. We’ve seen a ton of parodies from the amateur to professional  and even though people put a lot of work into them, it’s hard to be consistently funny. This on the other hand was different. This is the IMDB page and the official page.

Vampires Suck Exclusive Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

So what do you think?


  1. ow, this one is really funny!!!

  2. Okay, I had doubts when I heard the name but that was one of the funniest parodies I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve seen lots of good (!) Lord of the Rings parodies (‘Sagan om Ändringen’ in Swedish for example)

  3. la_petite_femme says:

    OMG I actually laughed reallly HARd i’m holding my belly

  4. This would be fun to watch. The Black Eyed Peas thing is great. Laurent looked so familiar :D
    Raining men are great, too.

  5. Teemeah says:

    I was actually laughing hard but I didn’t see anything new in it that the youtube spoofs wouldn’t cover already, like jake turning into a chihuahua (the guinea pig was funnier) and I honestly thin the Hillywood parodies are better than this one but I can’t deny I burts out laughing at the shovel scene and when Edward is powdering his face :)

  6. Vampire-girl says:

    Hmm not for me am not in2 spoofs like this like scary movie I just don’t find them funny they’re stupid so I won’t watch. I like the hillywood show though. The bit with the tanning beds in the cullens house was cool though and the guy meant 2b James he was good

  7. Stephanie says:

    Totally seeing it with my boyfriend for our 5 months :) When I saw Ken Jeong, it was a happy-happy-joy-joy moment for sure.

    • haha yes, Ken Jeong is what sold it for me! Like, OH it’s an actual movie, not just a you-tube spoof.

  8. AWESOME!!! My daughter and I watched it about four times. Thumbs up!

  9. So wait, this is actually a trailer?? For a real movie?? haha

  10. It’s going to be terrible if their previous movies are any indication. The previews always look funny, but once you get into the movie, it’s all poo and boner jokes. Really made for 14 year old boys…

  11. I wont see it, simply because I dont want it to compromise how I see Twilight, I didnt even watch the trailer for this. In fact I havent seen the Eclipse trailer so it doesnt ruin anything for me. Its the same reason Im not watching any of the vampire tv shows.

  12. I saw it yeaterday online and it was pretty funny :)

  13. Vulpini says:

    I actually watched this entire movie… a friend of mine found it on the internet and we watched it not knowing what it was. (we thought it was just an amatuer thing…)

    It is REALLY REALLY funny…but really really vulgar too, haha! If anyone is sensitive to that stuff, stay away from this movie…

    But there are really funny parodies. (Bella’s name is Becca Crane.) :P

    Edward Sullen, and Jacob White, these are just a few of the silly things about this movie.

  14. That was pretty funny. Loved it when the Team Jacob girl clocked the Team Edward girl with the shovel.
    “Black Eyed Peas” LOL!!

  15. Love twilight but if this is actually a movie im going to go see it

  16. I thought it was hilarious and I love Twilight! They are however trying to suck in Twilight fans and if you don’t like it, don’t go see it, but I liked it so I’ll either go see it or wait to rent it. I think people who truly don’t like Twilight are not going to go see it because for one it’s still centered around Twilight. Of course the people who made the movie are doing it for money and they’ll probably get it. Props!!

  17. dragon620026 says:

    Lol, this is pretty good. I look forward to it xD

  18. hehehehe
    thats actually quite good. i would probably go see this.
    and i agree , i hope the team edward girl fights back :P

  19. Kayla Griffith says:

    I LOVE this idea!! This will be an EPIC film, by all accounts.

  20. Fergie is still the hottest member and probably the most talented member of Black Eyed Peas.,~’

  21. I love this I showed my sister who’s a fellow twilight fan and she thought it was funny to I love the part when Bella asks Jacob why he had his shirt off and he said he was contracted to do that lol priceless

  22. Fergie is still the hottest member and probably the most talented member of Black Eyed Peas.:.`

  23. I don’t like it. They’re exagerated too much in this kind of spoofs; it’s funny a while but then they ruined everything with overacting.

    It’s not only for Twilight, it’s for every parodies they have made.

    I will see the movie, just for curiosity, anything else…


  24. The black eyed peas!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  25. is a real movie? like in theaters?

  26. Hey, just because I’m a Twihard, doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at histerical parodies!! I am still laughing at “the Black Eyed Peas”….HeHeHeHeHeHeHe


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