Eclipse Trailers Put Together

A fan has combined the various Eclipse Trailers in this Mashup.

Via His Golden Eyes


  1. Mimi Cullen says:

    Nicely done, Thanks

  2. Well Done! Loved the trailer.

  3. That was awesome! Thanks!

  4. Job well done. Can’t wait till June.

  5. Wow what a great job! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. Well done! Thanks, whoever did this, and thanks to you guys for posting it.

  7. Very well done…thanks for the fresh set of goosebumps!! ;0)

  8. Wow, that was spliced really well. Good Job!

  9. Fantastic! Very well done!

  10. Nicely done, thanks for putting that together!

  11. Saga Devotee says:

    Wow! PERFECT!!! Excellent job, thank you!!

  12. Of course it took a true fan to pull out emotion and suspence. I’ve seen all three seperate trailers. All three produced no bubble of emotion, only satisfaction that key points were upheld. Now I can very exictedly says I’M SO HYPED FOR THIS FILM. YAYAY!!!!

  13. Wow that was awesome!

  14. I actually wasn’t a fan of the second trailer, but in combination with the first….GREAT JOB! THIS makes me more excited for the movie.

  15. wow! cool!!!

  16. That was awesome!! Thank you!!
    And on a side note…it’s nice for them to actually make Edward look strong for once…with him shoving that tree over. It seems like the last time they made him seem tough was in Twilight, and not even so much then. I hope that they give credit where it’s due in this movie. Because in the book he doesn’t even have a scratch on him when the fight is over…. :-)

    • I agree. They really need to give Edward some credit. They make him look like a whiny oversensitive wuss sometimes. Unfortunately, I see a scene in there where Victoria and Riley have Edward on the ground, holding out his arm like they are ready to break it off and there is snow in the background. Of course, they have to add action, but we all know that Victoria retreats and doesn’t even touch Edward. Plus, isn’t Seth supposed to be fighting Riley? How did Riley get to Edward? Hmmmm….

      • I’m really hoping that scene is a thought that Edward picks out of Victoria’s head.

      • I’m totally confused. I went through that trailer twice and couldn’t find the scene you’re talking about (with Edward, Victoria and Riley). Am I missing something or did you see it somewhere else?

        • MrsW is referring to one of the stills that was “leaked” about a month or so ago.

          • I saw that still as well. I am kind of afraid of that scene. I have a horrible suspicion that they are going to make Riley “sneak” up on Edward while he is fighting Victoria, and Seth (or Bella, by trying to cut herself or something….) is going to have to come to the rescue. That is the best idea that I could come up with. I was originally hoping that it was a nightmare that Bella has, and it helps her to talk Edward into staying with her….???

          • Thanks. I can’t believe a shred of Twilight information got past me!

          • Ok, found the picture. I have to agree with Mariah. That scene looks so completely fake that it has to be a dream sequence.

          • Sorry for the confusion guys. I’ve seen so much Eclipse stuff in the past few days, I couldn’t remember WHERE I saw it. I sure hope you are right and it is just a dream or vision. It’s like I said earlier…I know they have to add action to the movie, thus changing the storyline a bit, but I think that they should definitely keep with the book on this scene to show the strength of Edward and to play up the strength of the allied Edward and Seth team.

  17. WOW!!! that was great that you guys so much for posting this it was awesome cant wait till June :)

  18. Gabrielle says:

    this combined one was the best it gave me the most goose bumps and has me lookin forward to the movie most….best trailer ever…gotta thank whoever did this u did a fab job

  19. alice-mybff says:

    nice job ! luv it

  20. I can’t wait!!

  21. A huge THANK YOU , looks like who ever put these trailers together caused the fans too “FALL IN LOVE” all over again… Thanks again we really needed it. I am starting to feel the excitement and anticipation (the way I felt the first time I read Stephenie’s series on Twilight) and cant wait for June. This could be a good sign for us fans. ;) ;) :)

    • That’s so true! It always seems to die down, the excitement, but the fan that put the trailer together bravo!! It made chills go through me and I was definitely feeling like the first time I read the books. Which literally was the best feeling i’ve had so far :)

      • Cullen wanna be says:

        If there is one thing that I dont want to loose with the Twilight Saga: Its the anticipation and the Love for the “story” that Stephenie has created. Summit needs to give credit to this individual who put together this trailer. Thanks and keep up the good work, we needed this.

  22. WOW great job!!!!!

  23. I can’t wait!

  24. Noah Brighten says:

    I think Summit should hire whoever did this trailer to do their trailers. It is clear that the individual KNOWS how to edit a trailer, providing all the right elements in all the right places to boost the suspense with both the Edward/Jacob conflict and the werewolf/vampire final battle sequence. Bravo!

  25. This is absolutely amazing… I love it!!!! Can’t wait till June… It is going to be so good… !!!!

  26. First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who made this come true. When I saw the second trailer, I was shivering! It’s everything I expected and much more! Can’t wait ’til June!

  27. danacullen says:

    WOW! And I thought I was excited for the movie BEFORE I saw this! OME! June 30th can not get here quick enough!!

  28. Charlotte says:

    This is seamless it took me a minute to realise which parts were from which trailer so well done to whoever made it. On a side note I..CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  29. Looks really good cant wait!!! Just saw that on the mountain scene It looks like Bella dosn’t have a brace on :( That was one of my fav parts. How will they introduce the bet with Emmett & Jasper. They have to some how because thats what gets Bella thinking of being a newborn first.

    • When threads of the storyline get missed out I also worry about how it’s going to affect the rest of the movies. My major concern is that the Delaneys haven’t even been mentioned yet. How are they going to explain who alerted the Volturi to Renesmee’s existence?

      They are going to have to invent a vampire old enough to know of the Volturi and of the law against child vampires. But why would someone that old just be wandering around the forests of Forks?

      Plus how is Victoria going to get around Alice if she apparently knows nothing of her abilities? (Remember in the book all that knowledge came from Laurent staying with the Delaneys.)

    • That’s very true! One of my favorite parts of the book is when she gets home after punching Jacob in the face and she is talking to Edward on the phone. I forget the exact words, but the part where Bella tells Edward that Jacob kissed her and all she could hear was the roar of his engine and then his breaks squealing out front. I think that scene would be classic!

  30. very cool :)

  31. Awesome Job! Whoever made this is very talented! It was really well thought out. Thank you

  32. Good work! Loved it.

  33. WOW…

    Goosebumps from my scalp to my toes…

    Wow wee!!! I CANNOT wait for June 30th:)

  34. DaniBrook says:

    goood job! But you left “From the Worldwide Best Seller” In there twice….. just letting you know…. but otherwise, trailer was AWESOME. XDDD

  35. Oh my god! That was really good can’t wait!!!!
    Seeing it in IMAX!!!

  36. I would kill to watch-not really-I frikking love all tha books n i cant wait to see the movie

  37. MeyaRose says:

    OK, I like those trailers much better combined than on their own, it pissed me off how crappy they were on their own, but together is geting me excited.

  38. Twilibrarian says:

    Thank you so much to the person(s) who edited the trailers into one and to Twilight Lexicon for posting it. It really gave the true fans a sense of what is in store for us come June 30th.

    Next up: snippets from the score and soundtrack???

    Any news on whether the theaters will be showing New Moon prior to the Eclipse premiere? Sure would make a great Twilight fundraiser, don’t you think?

  39. Juanita Shoulders says:

    Love the trailer. They combined just right to tell the story. It just makes me want to see the movie so much more.

  40. Bravo! This person should do this professionally!

  41. DUDE, Rob LOOKSSS so hot pushing that tree down!!!!

  42. PLEASE READ!!!!!!

    hear are the NEGATIVES about twilight saga
    BELLA is an idiot seriously who would date a vampire whats with the sparkly no killin human thing its weird edward shouldve just killed bella in the first place an jacob NEEDS to get OVER bella hes such a freak i wish stephanie meyers made someone die or at least a fight in breaking dawn i dont like renesseme cause shes like a little performer an bella needs to get a life

    here are the POSITIVES
    edward an jacob are pretty hot in the movies the trailers look real cool for eclipse when they go out to fight eclipse is my favorite i like the wolf pack there cool even leah an seth i like them alot

    Feel free to comment on my comments

    • LOL…got to love a pot stirrer! However, I am confused…you say that that you would like to see people fighting and dying, yet you then say that you are happy to see fighting in this movie…which means that people are going to die, so I don’t get it.

    • What have you been smoking tonight? Did you not notice that this is a FANSITE for those of us who LOVE the Saga? Take your pot stirring someplace else!

    • Jennifer says:

      I have a request: Moderators, can you please remove this comment which was obviously made just to get a rise out of the true fans?

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