Twilight Saga Twitter Round Up

From the Twitter of David Slade, we have another Taylor Lautner picture.

David also Tweeted that “Rehearsals with Kristen, Billy Burke and Rob yesterday. Third week of shooting just hours away. Preparation, preparation preparation.”
Peter Facinelli was also busy on Twitter. Peter talked about his experience raising money for a children’s hospital,

“Yesterday… I visited the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon yesterday morning. The courage I saw in the faces of these sick children is something I will never forget. Their smiles were stronger than any disease. Even the sickest of the group I met were determined that yesterday be a good day. I spent the morning with them in awe of their strength. Not only their strength but the strength of their family members supporting them. It made me very aware how much health is taken for granted. I pray they win their fight and can return home again soon.”  Read the rest here

Nikki Reed also guest Tweeted on Peter’s Account, “Hi Nikki Reed here… Sitting with Fach. Just searched and found dozens of posers. I don’t have Twitter. Please don’t follow them!!! Scary! I don’t have Myspace either.”


  1. really?
    nikki dosent have a myspace?
    lol i guess i added a fake
    who else does and dosent have a myspace?

  2. fdajsfjasdl says:

    this picture makes meh laugh.

  3. Taylor is CRAZY talented in the gymnastics field!! Wow!

  4. KAPOW!!!haha. lovely position, taylor! 😉
    and also, he has a HELL of an amazing torso.
    LUV U <3

  5. I wanna toucH! Sorry perv moment over. Kinda… Hehe

  6. It’s very nice what PF is doing this kind of stuff… & (plz don’t attack me… this is not offensive) I think Nikki & some of the cast should do the same…

    • M.P. !! FEEL the same way its so important for the actors to give back. Im so happy that pete gets involved with charaties as well as some of the other actors. I think thats great and only hope that the whole cast get involved in something since they are all cast mates.have a great day twifriend!!!!

      • Hey twifriend :) ,Thanks Goodness I’m not the only one to feel this way… TY to agree with me… have a wonderful day 😉 !!!!!!

  7. WOW! He’s amazing

  8. David takes great candid and action photo’s!

  9. Molly McGee says:

    Great pic!!! How does he do that? Taylor is very talented

  10. TwilightFreak says:

    Awwww i love Peter! He is truly amazing.
    He’s the perfect Daddy C!!!


  12. Awesomly wicked Taylor here!

  13. silver-swallow says:

    carlisle and jacob, my two favourite characters (and actors incidentally!!!) gotta love em both!


  15. thats an awesome pic of taylor randomly fipping in the forest…?? what is with the random flip in the middle of a forest??? lol :)

  16. Wow, that’s a little weird. Why is he flipping in his human form in the middle of the forest?

  17. How does this guy take pictures like that? I mean he is using a cell to do this right?
    All I know is that I will never be able to afford a phone that takes an action picture that good! :)
    Great picture!

  18. I love taylor He is so HOT I WOULD LICK HIS ABS>

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