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Twilight is one of Yahoo’s Top Ten Trailers of 2008.  Now doubt there will be more lists like this coming out as the year winds down.

Ted Casablanca who a week ago was loving the Twilight craze seems to have watched a different movie than the rest of us.

Not to pick on Ted, but he’s like the tenth person this week to make this mistake. NOTE TO NEWS MEDIA: YOU’RE GETTING IT WRONG. EDWARD SAYING "I CAN’T LOSE CONTROL AROUND YOU" DOESN’T MEAN SEXUAL CONTROL. IT MEANS HIS CONCENTRATION, which granted when you’re kissing or beyond you don’t tend to have a lot of focus! The thing is Edward can’t get too close for too long to inhale Bella’s scent especially possible when they are right under each others’ noses in a lip lock, or she will end up as his dinner…AKA "if things end badly". In Twilight Edward is not used to being in this close proximity with a human, Bella’s in eminent danger of being sucked dry faster than a marathoner can down a bottle of water than she is in danger of being ravished on the floor!

 The same is eluded to in the Cullen’s kitchen when Alice says "Oh you do smell good." and in the baseball field when Rosalie says, "I could smell her across the field." And unless it gets cut in the next film (pardon the pun) Jasper is going to be having the same CONTROL problem. They’re not looking to bed Bella, they’re resisting making her the best Thanksgiving dinner they ever had!

Also a side note here, what’s with the Mormon author’s values things?  Isn’t this getting a little old? As opposed to all the other religions out there that are gung ho about the idea of teenage pre-marital sex???

Last year the Twilight movie got lucky since the script was largely written before the writers’ strike, and then the strike was settled just as filming began.  Here’s to hoping there isn’t a SAG strike!

ATLANTIC  Atlantic Monthly takes the time to analyze the different themes in the book and movie in more than just a cursory way. TY to Evedawn for the heads up.


  1. KikiPotter says:

    Hahaaa, yeah don’t you just love the media they have sex on the brains. And thanks, they just hate that Mormons (like myself) have values unlike the news media and Hollywood as a whole. Does not suprise me in the slightest. Lol. No worries, they just don’t like it when Teen Movies that have more plot than the latest James Bond Movie with a blonde idiot. Heehee, they’ll eat thier pens soon enough.

  2. Siempre mio says:

    Is it really that difficult to understand?
    Seriously, some people can be such morons.

  3. Edwardbitespillow says:

    OMG! are they serious! they should jst read the books to actually understand it.

  4. Ted has NO brains.

  5. It is hard to read some of the things that were written by people who obviously didn’t read the books. When I was watching the movie I even thought to myself that they didn’t make it clear that his thirst and strength were the reasons he couldn’t lose control. There were several points in the movie that I thought maybe needed to be elaborated or explained to non-readers. We take for granted all the background knowledge we have but some of the nuances in the movie get overlooked by the people that haven’t read. They should just pick up the book before they open mouth and we wouldn’t have to call them out on their ignorance :o)

  6. Why are we giving this Casablancas dude any of our time??? He’s a bad writer, and an even worse movie critic.

  7. When will people who judge the movie before the book, just READ the book, and then judge! Yes, please Pick on Ted.

  8. I completely agree about the aggravating things in the media about “Twilight”. They make such a big deal about Stephenie being a Mormom. What does that matter? She wasn’t trying to push her beliefs onto her readers. I also don’t get why the media is so sex obsessed. Why do Edward & Bella have to have sex in the movie? They don’t get that he’s a freaking vampire & might kill her. People also complain about the lack of blood & violence in the movie. Just because the characters are vampires doesn’t mean it has to be a horror movie. One of the reasons I liked the movie so much was that it was so different from other teen or vampire movies. Bella & Edward were sexy w/o actually having sex.

  9. sleepingfear says:


  10. this just shows how poorly the movie portray the book..sigh….

  11. I can’t believe those stupid news people!!!!!! what kind of idiots are they!!!!! And who cares if Stephanie’s a Mormon???!!!!
    Reporters like that are stupid and don’t deserve anyones precious time!
    And whats sad is that people who haven’t grasped all of what twilight is might believe that and then that just gets annoying!!!! People are always saying that all twilight is about is vampire sex!!! I know like 50 people who say that!!! It gets really annoying after a while!!!! I wish there was some way to set them right without getting in major trouble!!!!!

  12. I just left him a little note…

  13. ObsessingOverEdward says:

    This Ted guy is disturbing. I clicked on the video and throughout the video he was bashing LDS people because of the defeat of Prop 8, in a round about way. The sign that he had in the video is a popular LDS hymn and his hatred was just sick.

    I find it amusing that someone who wants so desperately for others to have tolerance doesn’t have any themselves for others with different beliefs.

    Would this religious bigotry go unnoticed if he was talking about another faith? Or is it just that the mormon church is an easy target?

    And when it came to his opinion on the Twilight movie, he doesn’t have a clue. Sheesh!

  14. edward4evR says:

    The Atlantic Monthly piece is a triumph which makes up for every other piece of trash media opinion and crackpot review of both the books and movie I have yet read. I read the whole thing and then printed it off (how old school) to paste into my journal as a well written momento of what Twilight means to me (very old school, as I am 28). Ms. Flanagan is a gem – a gem who gets it beginning to end. I am a child of divorce as well and she has laid bare the reasons I and so many like me love these books as adults. The film did something even the book did not for me – in that moment at the hospital where Bella freaks out about being told to go to Jacksonville, I saw myself when I was trying to convince my (now) husband that he must leave his solid girlfriend and stay with me. Pure hysteria. Pure longing and pain. That almost unbreathing feeling of, God no, this cannnot be happening. He HAS to stay with me. That’s why I love Edward. He’s my husband. He’s what Ms. Flanagan speaks of, that one person for whom you wish you could erase college and all the men and the mistakes and start over, star fresh, start forever. Beautiful. Finally, someone who gets it! Give that woman a raise, NOW!

  15. I totally agree with edward4evR. That article was amazingly written and so true. The author totally got the undercurrents and depth that Twilight has and why it’s so popular.

  16. The Atlantic piece was excellent (nothing unusual- the Atlantic is consistantly a great magazine), a nice breath of fresh air after all the “Twilight is bad yadda yadda yadda” from most mainstream media outlets.

    And, Ted of E!, how do you define “sexist?” Bella isn’t a wilting flower: she doesn’t put up with Edward lying to her about the van incident; she doesn’t just swoon and stay dazzled like so many Disney characters do; she puts the people she loves (Renee, Charlie, Edward) first, even willing to sacrifice herself so save her mom. If that’s being sexist, then, sweet. Sign me up!

    Edward and Bella’s chastity, while maybe a consequnce of Stephenie’s Mormon religion, isn’t prudish or reactionary; rather, they’re practicing self-control for each others’ good and their mutual good as a couple. I’m Catholic and I happen to agree with Stephenie’s views on this issue; if I were to write a novel in which characters don’t have premaritial sex, would every article written about me begin with “Catholic author Maggie….”? Probably not.

    Highlighting her Mormon religion, and most often speakinf of it as a pejoritive, is no more than religious elistism and stereotyping. It’s easy and convinient to write mean things about Mormons to score cheap points; that’s hardly what’s I would consider good journalism. Good grief.

  17. I just finished reading th article in the atlantic and i just want to write that it litterally made me feel warm inside. I am a senior in college…and what she wrote about twilight and the stickers on the youn girls door and the need to have your childhood things around you while also adulthood is exactly how i feel. I am 22 years old, and I think i have never related to an article about anything so much as i just did.

  18. Wow. i just can’t believe some people.. I left him a note too. His whole article was horrible, uncalled for and just plain jerkish. I was speechless for the first few minutes. How anyone could write something like that is beyond me.

  19. What angers me is that they always bring in Stephenies religious beliefs into the mix of these bad reviews. I rather my child read Twilight than read half of the garbage they call books like Gossip Girl and such. The shallowest things ever! So what if it promote abstinence? What’s wrong with that?

  20. edward4evR says:

    What is amazing to me is how for so many of these reviewers being a 21st century woman, in charge of herself and empowered and all, seems to also mean that you must be a sl**. WHY? How is that empowering? I don’t see it as empowering. I think it’s a bit sad. I always thought those girls who felt that way were a bit misplaced, trying to catch real love with their knees open – which almost never works. Again, I vote for the Altantic piece. It’s what we want b/c it’s pure and it shows us – whether adults or 14 year olds, that we are worth something more than a bullshi* “I love you” to get us in the sack. We’re all worth an Edward – someone who is loving and respectful and trustworthy.

  21. You know, I never understood why many people kept thinking there was sexual tension, but now that you explained their misunderstanding for Edward’s “self-control issue” I get it. Well, unfortunately, some things can’t be understood unless you read the books such as the eye color.

  22. Edwardbitespillow says:

    Carrie…i totaly agree with you!

  23. OMG!!! That ticks me off so much!!! Ted is SO dumb, he got it totally wrong!!! It’s not about sex, it’s about forbidden love! & it’s not sexist, Alice and Rosalie are also beautiful and hot! Ted, you are just plain wrong, and in the future, don’t write about movies that you know nothing about.

  24. Of course there is sexual tension – vampires are a literary metaphor for sex, no matter how you look at it.

    And I think that Ted Casablanca’s main issue is the overt sexism present in the movie and the books. Everything about Edward highlights her insecurities: his looks, his intelligence, his wealth, his strength. Her entire world revolves around him.

    I am a fan of the books, but I’m also a feminist, and the misogyny present in the books is at times mind-boggling.

  25. omg...seriously? says:

    K, seriously, could this person be more of an idiot? read the damn book,and you’ll see it’s not sexist…it’s a FREAKING LOVE STORY!! I am sooooo tired of all the damn media constantly calling this sexist. it’s like, does noone care about LOVE anymore? remember that old value? or romance? how about chivalry? Twilight is all about ALL of those! That’s what makes me love it soo much! it has all the old-fashioned values that our society doesn’t seem to put much emphasis on anymore. Why does EVERYTHING have to be about women empowerment? Bella IS a strong girl! Strong in knowledge and self want. She takes care of her freakin mother and father for god’s sake! Why shouldn’t she have a guy that wants to protect her and make sure he keeps himself in mental control around her? I’m just sick and tired of these kind of reviews. Read the damn book and remember what VALUES used to be. I feel sorry for our society. But I love Stephanie Meyer for this gift she has given us.

  26. ๐Ÿ˜€
    haha, i love that!
    “bed bella”

  27. I’m very much afraid that Ted is representative of the mainstream media who can’t think beyond the latest soundbyte. If you watch any of the innumerable interviews with any of the cast, you saw the same dumb questions asked over and over. By the way are LDS the only people with values? On the other hand, please read the review in Atlantic. It was a wonderful, thoughtful and intelligent piece which described beautifully my feelings as a reader way past young adult themes.

  28. On a brighter side, I liked the Atlantic article.

  29. Ugh. I know. People like Ted NEED to read the book or at least do some prior research before making coments like that. I adore all the books, Bella is such a likeable person, and she is ordinary and with flaws, so we can all relate. And who doesn’t like Edward?!?! One word: perfection.

  30. Some people can be so annoying.

  31. mindreader says:

    well i totally agree with you, but whose fault is it that the media isn’t understanding half the movie?? i mean maybe if the movie had done a better job at describing… well everything, then the media would stop writing these comments that don’t even make sense.

  32. the link to the article by ted isn’t working for me

  33. Bella Cullen says:

    Wow is it me or is it that people are thinking pervertedly? i mean ppl read the damn book for goodness sake before you make such comments

  34. Caitlin Flanagan is my new hero. That was an amazing article. The problem is that there didn’t seem to be anywhere to post comments on it, so how can we tell her how amazing we found it?

    Ted is… well, he ain’t no Caitlin Flanagan, that’s for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. never mind i found it. what an absolutely awful article. i left him a message…it wasn’t very kind lol


    You can send in feedback here!!! If you liked Flanagan’s article… we should let them know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its funny cause it shows just how OFF Ted is from how Edward REALLY is through out the whole series with Edward being the one to constantly tell Bella to control herself and Edward is the one that is always pushing Bella away and being careful,
    Teds view is just so Opposite than how it really goes. Isnt Bella the one who is always trying to push Edward a little further,ahem,ahem for more loven and Edward is the one restraining and telling her No?

    oh and Kristen Stewart has more talent in the tip of her pinky fingernail than Megan Fox has in her whole body. She sucks and personally i cant help but think that Megan looks like the little boy from that 80’s movie The Flight of the Navigator.hahahah. most of you might not know that movie cause it’s from the 80’s but I’m older so.

  38. Maddie Cullen says:

    Whatd ya mean the movie didnt explaain enuff????? If you paid atention in the movie my dear little eddley clearly says “when we taste human blood its like a frenzy” AND “your scent is like a drug to me ive never wanted another humans blood so much” It’s like come ON ppl! Don’t you listen Don’t you have ears?!?! lol

  39. I loved the Atlantic article. It put into words I could never find to describe what the series means to me and why I love it. I think people that want to write off Twilight as just another religious move to preach abstinence or as anti-feminist have not read the same book as me. Edward is invincible, beautiful, intelligent and just plain perfect. However, Bella – the simple, clumsy, young human – is the one who gives him purpose and brings him to life. She literally (in New Moon) and figuratively saves him. How is that misogynistic? Yes, she cooks and does laundry and needs constant protection, but she is not one-dimensional. She is also strong, willful and quite clever. I think it says a lot that she wants to become a vampire, not just to be with Edward, but to also be able to protect herself. She isn’t the typical damsel in distress.

    As for the whole abstinence thing, I really cannot see anything wrong with that. I consider myself pretty liberal when it comes to sex, but that does not mean everything I read or see needs to have sex in it. I appreciate the romance and tension in Twilight (who didn’t appreciate that kiss scene?). I think that at this point the lack of sex makes Twilight unique, which definitely says something about our current culture.

  40. amen to the lex. i get so sick of people acting like the fact that they don’t have sex is such a big deal. i personally love the fact that they remain abstinent until marriage. why give in to the pressure the media puts on everyone about teenage sex? not everyone does it, so what’s wrong with the people who choose not to? and personally, this story is something that i respect because of the characters’ values. truthfully, i love this series so much BECAUSE they choose to wait to have sex. it just makes it that much more meaningful when they do actually do it in breaking dawn. sorry, not trying to get all analytical or anything, just saying that i think it is appropriate for the true traits of the characters and i appreciate stephenie meyer’s decisions when it comes to this issue.
    furthermore, bella is the one who saves edward from a lifetime of misery and self-hatred. although much of the series is spent on bella’s complaints that she is not equal to edward, a large part of breaking dawn is dedicated to the fact that she finally overcomes this hang-up, even though it was never truly an issue because edward never even saw it that way. sexist, i think not.
    the media needs to do their research before they jump to perverted conclusions. and i personally dislike meagan fox, but that’s just me. that is all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Noah Brighten says:

    Firstly and formostly, you have to take it into consideration that many of the Media heads haven’t read the books. As a screenwriter, I will tell you right now, if the movie is doing the job it is suppose to, you SHOULDN’T have to read the books to understand the motivations and issues with the characters. I’ve read all the books, so I had no problem understanding everything that was going on, but as a writer, I could certainly see where people could find confusion. If I was a non-Twilight fan and went to see the movie, I wouldn’t have ever drawn the conclusion that Edward was a Vampire, until Bella stated it. Stephenie’s version of vampires are so far removed from the normal perception (of which is a good thing mind you) that as a viewer, I’m going to need more than mere dialogue to convince me that Edward is truly dangerous for Bella. In short Edward doesn’t do ANYTHING in the movie…nor the books for that matter, that shows that he really could kill her with a blink of an eye. He tells her repeatedly, but all in all, Edward as a character, prior to meeting Bella has already had his character arc and given up being a “monster” to live a more civilized life. In the movie he tells us about his conflict, but honestly what is more dramatic… him tell us how dangerous he is, or we see him being dangerous. This is the only thing I sorely wished Catherine had added to the story… Seeing Edward hunt (and now that brief and almost undecernable deer hunt at the beginning does not count) a mountain lion or something, to give unknowns to Twilight a true understanding of his power and the danger that power could be to a mere human. You can trash folks who’ve given Twilight the movie bad ratings all you want, and yes some have misunderstood certain things about the movie, but who’s fault is it really? Had those things been clear cut, there would have been less misunderstanding than there was.
    As a final point, Twilight had an astonishing opening…nearing 70 million. I knew it was going to be huge… the first two weeks, but as you can see with a steep decline in sales just within the last two weeks, 29 million was the last estimate, we are seeing that non-fans of the series are having a harder time wrapping their heads around the story. You CAN’T blame people for that. Then again, Twilight was always going to be a hard movie to make no matter what. I have full faith in Catherine though, and I think they won’t make the same mistakes twice. Such is film making folks. Live, learn, grow, and create…

  42. twilightroxz says:

    OMG i couldnt believe wat i read i literly said he was a libral dumba$$ who didnt know squat about the twilight world and just leave it to the media to find a ROMANCE book “sexist” idoit

  43. twilightroxz says:

    but i understand were your coming from Noah Brighten

  44. Noah Brighton… 40 million the second weekend (39, to be technical) is hardly a ‘steep drop’. That is more than they originally thought they’d get the first weekend. Just because the media tells you it was a steep drop doesn’t mean it was. ๐Ÿ™‚ 40 million is still damn good, even for a second weekend.

  45. I read alot of reviews in which the critic thinks that Edward is trying not to have sex with Bella and that is just not the case. In the books Edward is trying not to loose control in the sense that he’s trying not to kill her. His pain is that the human side of him loves her but the vampire wants to have her for lunch. The problem is that the director of the movie didn’t spend enough time on character development, especially Edward. That is why this is not clearly understood. Plus the movie barely touched on the love story between the 2 of them and that is very bad. Because, it is the lovestory that is central to the series and it is a love story and not a teen sex story.

  46. Wow, this article in the Alantic really explains the whole Twilight series. I think this even needs to be sent to the actors that are protraying Edward and Bella. I feel both Rob and Kristen don’t truely get it about their characters and the book.

  47. Thanks for clearing things up, Noah Brighten.

  48. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    Thanks for that..TED..u just made yr self my enemy!!!
    nah..u got it all wrong… is bout th love story..not the sex!!!!!
    Neva mind…u wont get it!!!!

  49. i first read twilight about 2 months ago… I had never heard of the books before that. My sister in law told me to read it. I put her off because a “book for kids about vampires” just did not look very good to me. I finally read it in mid sept. after my neighbor told me how good it was…the catch? we are all in our thirties… we are all married and we all have children. The author of the piece in the Atlantic monthly completely captured the feeling and the sentiment that makes twilight cross generational I thought about high school and my first boyfriend and that feeling of being in love for the very first time. I even looked at my husband differently too…HA! I really believe that she gets it and it was one of the only articles that I have read about twilight that resonated with me so completely. thanks for posting it and i will be buying the magazine and sending it to my sister in law asap

  50. alice and noah brighten, i agree that the movie did not spend as much time on exposition of the characters as it should have spent. this frustrates me, because i know that if i hadn’t read these books, i probably wouldn’t understand much of what was going on, and i wouldn’t understand the complete romance between edward and bella. but that is hard to convey on film, i understand. i just wish more time had been spent on:
    -developing the backgrounds of every major character, not just edward and bella, because these characters will become extremely important in future movies
    -the actual relationship between edward and bella; i too felt that there was not enough dialogue to truly convey their love for each other. one meadow scene where they are confessing to each other is not enough. in fact, that meadow scene was nearly the same length of time that the kissing scene was. and edward’s confession in the restaurant doesn’t count, because he just kind of springs that on her. it would’ve surprised me too.

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