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Twilight is one of Yahoo’s Top Ten Trailers of 2008.  Now doubt there will be more lists like this coming out as the year winds down.

Ted Casablanca who a week ago was loving the Twilight craze seems to have watched a different movie than the rest of us.

Not to pick on Ted, but he’s like the tenth person this week to make this mistake. NOTE TO NEWS MEDIA: YOU’RE GETTING IT WRONG. EDWARD SAYING "I CAN’T LOSE CONTROL AROUND YOU" DOESN’T MEAN SEXUAL CONTROL. IT MEANS HIS CONCENTRATION, which granted when you’re kissing or beyond you don’t tend to have a lot of focus! The thing is Edward can’t get too close for too long to inhale Bella’s scent especially possible when they are right under each others’ noses in a lip lock, or she will end up as his dinner…AKA "if things end badly". In Twilight Edward is not used to being in this close proximity with a human, Bella’s in eminent danger of being sucked dry faster than a marathoner can down a bottle of water than she is in danger of being ravished on the floor!

 The same is eluded to in the Cullen’s kitchen when Alice says "Oh you do smell good." and in the baseball field when Rosalie says, "I could smell her across the field." And unless it gets cut in the next film (pardon the pun) Jasper is going to be having the same CONTROL problem. They’re not looking to bed Bella, they’re resisting making her the best Thanksgiving dinner they ever had!

Also a side note here, what’s with the Mormon author’s values things?  Isn’t this getting a little old? As opposed to all the other religions out there that are gung ho about the idea of teenage pre-marital sex???

Last year the Twilight movie got lucky since the script was largely written before the writers’ strike, and then the strike was settled just as filming began.  Here’s to hoping there isn’t a SAG strike!

ATLANTIC  Atlantic Monthly takes the time to analyze the different themes in the book and movie in more than just a cursory way. TY to Evedawn for the heads up.