Actor Interviews

A number of the actors in the Twilight Movie have granted interviews. Below are links to the contents.

Christian Serratos: Angela Weber
Twilight Lexicon Interview
Twilight Mom’s Interview
BellaandEdward Interview

Sarah Clarke: Renee Dwyer
Twilight Lexicon Interview
Twilight Mom’s Interview

Gil Birmingham: Billy Black
Twilight Lexicon Interview

Melissa Rosenberg: Screen Writer
Twilight Lexicon Interview

Jackson Rathbone: Jasper Hale
Twilight Lexicon Interview
Phases a Twilight Podcast Interview

Rachelle Lefevre: Victoria
Twilight Lexicon Interview 4/08/08
MTV Movie Blog interview 2/28/08

Michael Welch: Mike Newton
Twilight Lexicon Interview
A Twilight Lexicon Exclusive Letter to the Fans

Michael Blogs about Receiving Socks
The Twilight Nexus Speaks with Michael Welch
MTV’s Twilight Tuesday
The Sci-Fi World Interview

Justin Chon: Eric Yorkie
Twilight Lexicon interview(3/7/08) interview (3/2/08)
Twilight Moms Interview 3/11/08
Twilight Starszz Interview
Twilight Portugal Interview
Twilight Teens Interview
Bite of Twilight Interview
Starlitnews Interview

Billy Burke: Chief Swan
The Twilight Lexicon Interview

Peter Facinelli: Carlisle Cullen
Twilight Lexicon Interview 4/4/08
MySpace Q & A

Twilight Moms interview (3/7/08)
Twilight Series Theories PodCast

Edi Gathegi: Laurent
Twilight Lexicon Interview 3/10/08 part one
Twilight Lexicon Interview 3/11/08 part two
Twilight Portugal Interview Translation
Twilightmoms Interview 4/6/08

Solomon Trimble: Sam Uley
Twilight Lexicon Exclusive Pictures
Twilight Lexicon Interview 3/28/08
Twilight Series Theories Interview

Ashley Greene: Alice Cullen
Twilight Moms interview (2/26/08)
MTV Movie Blog Two Interviews 3/19/08
Twilight Latino Interview

Anna Kendrick: Jessica Stanley
MTV Blog Interview3/11/08

Kellan Lutz: Emmett
Kellmett Happens Interview
Twilight Theories Interview 3/23/08
TwilightMoms Interview

Kristen Stewart: Bella Swan
MTV Movie Blog 2/4/08

Robert Pattinson:
Edward Cullen
Dark Horizon’s Set Visit
G4 Interview
MTV’s Twilight Tuesday

Matt Bushell: Phil Dwyer
Twilighters Interview